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[2004-03-18-WWE-Smackdown] Eddie Guerrero vs Rey Mysterio

Superstar Sleeze

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WWE Champion Eddie Guerrero vs Rey Mysterio - Smackdown 3/18/04

Up until 2016, this was probably the greatest match I had ever seen live. Thank you Dad for taking me! 

This was the Smackdown right after Wrestlemania XX and they had a gauntlet match the night of to determine who would face Eddie for the title. My brother always remembers this episode as the show where the APA broke up and the next week Bradshaw would debut the JBL character. Anyways, this match was a doozy in real time, but having grown up, I was only 14 when I saw this, I think actually even appreciate it more now. Eddie was over huge as a babyface at the time, but he works full heel here. It is great. Rey shows him up a little at the beginning. This is some really great chain wrestling and interesting takedowns but it is Eddie who has to powder. Eddie targets the bad shoulder of Mysterio who injured during the gauntlet. Eddie's arm work was great throughout the match. Intense. He was definitely channeling 1997 Eddie. I loved that Hammerlock/Gory Special combo. Mysterio was not just selling like a million bucks, he was also timing his hope spots perfectly. I still remember that top rope Asai Moonsault like yesterday. How cool was that! Throughout the match he was always coming up with interesting counters that made you believe there was hope. I loved the symmetry of each missing their finish. Eddie crashes & burns on Frogsplash and Rey gets up to dropkick Eddie into position for the 619. BANG! But when goes to drop the dime, he seatdrops the mat. Eddie gets the Hell out of Dodge with a La Magistral Cradle. Underrated match that has been forgotten about, but something I will never forget. I got to see Eddie vs Rey live how lucky am I! ****1/4


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Damn, these two just can't have a less than good match, can't they? Well, except for the WrestleMania 21 match, that's not very good. Other than that though, top quality. Eddie getting super frustrated with Rey and getting more and more angry with him not giving up to his brutal arm submissions made for a great story. Eddie is peak face Eddie but he blends that line with Rey super well. Rey’s hope spots was timed perfectly, as is his selling. The mat work by Eddie was great. Vicious and creative, aka his hammerlock variation of the glory bomb. Loved how it paid off with the leverage pin with Rey just crumbling under the weight of his useless arm and Eddie's weight. Great match. ****1/4

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