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[1979-06-01-Houston Wrestling] The Spoiler & Mark Lewin vs Jose Lothario & El Halcon


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This is for the Americas tag title. This was a lot of fun laced with some strong psychology. Lothario has the spirit of 76 bandage on from an encouner with Gran Marcus. The 1st fall is mostly all heat. They rip Lothario's bandage off. Both heels are working the cut. Spoiler wins it with the claw. The 2nd fall is more chaos. Again Lothario is selling , Lewin is awesome with the chops to the cut. Spoiler using the ropes in spots was great. Halcon used these nasty thrusts chops to the throat. Lothario catches Spoiler with a punch coming off the top rope with a punch for 3. The 3rd fall was all chaos. The ring was falling apart. Wrestlers were using the ring as weapons. Man Spoiler and Lewin were really great in this match. This was good stuff. 3 1/2*

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