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[2018-04-14-Triple W-Total Rumble 8] A-Kid vs Zack Sabre Jr

paul sosnowski

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  • 2 weeks later...

While I disagree with Meltzer's 5 star rating, it's nice that his discussion of this match draws eyes to a small indie that wouldn't normally receive that attention. 

Lots to enjoy here. The opening grappling looks crisp and when Sabre bothers to stick to a hold, it looks damn painful. The strikes all look and sound fantastic and as is the case with many smaller indie companies in lesser known territories, the crowd is eating everything up. Particularly enjoyed the finishing stretch especially everything following the first Splash attempt. Very good stuff.


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  • GSR changed the title to [2018-04-14-Triple W-Total Rumble 8] A-Kid vs Zack Sabre Jr

A match between a guy (a kid?) I'd never heard of before this match and another that this time last year I absolutely despised and yet it might well be challenging for a Top 5 place in my end of year rankings. I can only think that hanging around with Minoru Suzuki has forced ZSJ to improve because he has gone from someone I could barely stand to watch to being someone that I look forward to seeing. There's still the odd niggle with him but he may well be 2018's most improved wrestler and if any match is an example of that, it's this one. Vicious, hard hitting and with enough emotion that I totally forgot I was watching something which was basically unfamiliar to me I can't recommend it enough. If it's not a 5 star match, it's a hairs width away. One of my favourite matches this year. 

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Sabre working with a smaller guy allows him to look believable as both a technical wizard and a total bully. The grappling is the kind I like. Although it's snug and worked like a chess match, what I like about it the most is that it's rife with story-telling. A-Kid can hang with Sabre, and this pisses Sabre right off. Tension flare up and soon they are slapping the taste right out of each other mouths. The crowd are fully behind A-Kid and that feeds right into the incredible go-home stretch. ★★★★¾

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