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[2018-09-30-Stardom] Kagetsu vs Momo Watanabe


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This is a match for both the World of Stardom title and the Wonder of Stardom title with the winner taking both belts. This match gets off to a fairly methodical start but it never feels like its killing time as they always seem to keep things moving along. They do manage to slowly, but naturally, increase the pace along the way to point that you don't suddenly notice that they are in the finishing run. A very well laid out title match. ****

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  • paul sosnowski changed the title to [2018-09-30-Stardom] Kagetsu vs Momo Watanabe
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World of Stardom Championship / Wonder of Stardom Championship: Kagetsu (c) vs. Momo Watanabe (c)

Well worked champion vs. champion clash, one of the better 50/50 bouts I've seen this year. Progression felt natural and it breezed through its 20+-min duration. A 50/50 affair that isn't heavily reliant on "big move -> kickout" is always a major plus for me! Could've used a stronger ending, but oh well. ****

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