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[2018-11-18-WWE-Survivor Series] Mustafa Ali vs Buddy Murphy


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Those two guys deserve probably the biggest props of the night. The crowd was dead when the match began, and they finished things up with the crowd losing their minds, chanting "this is awesome" for the first time in the PPV.

It's just impossible to not have the crowd react to Mustafa Ali, who's an incredible underdog, die for our sins at least 3 times per match, and to Buddy Murphy, who's just this juggernaut, and one of the guys with the best timing in the roster. Couple this with absolutely batshit insane spots such as the Spanish Fly from the table to the floor, the reverse Rana and that wild superkick/double powerbomb combo, and you get maybe the best match in a while in terms of waking up a dead crowd. 

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The start of the red hot stretch that was the second half of Survivor Series. Second time in a row that Buddy Murphy has come in to completely steal the show. Ali took insane bumps to wake up this crowd and really what more can you ask from a cruiserweight title match. Murphy on offense just looks amazing and like an absolute beast. What an excellent champion for the division.


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Pretty much exactly what you would expect from these two. It felt like a "greatest hits" of all their previous matches but the breakneck speed and sheer insanity of the bumps still kept everything fresh and exciting. These guys are like Hiromu Takahashi and Dragon Lee: I will never get tired of seeing their matches.


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