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[1989-03-18-WWF-Boston, MA] Mr Perfect vs Ron Garvin


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Boston Garden - 3/18/89

I just caught this match on the 04/10/1989 edition of Prime Time on the WWE Network.  This was a really fun match.  Hennig is excellent selling and bumping for Garvin's punches.  This is a really good example of how great Curt Hennig was around this time.  It was a unique finish for Perfect in the WWF, and it's also right before he changed his tights to the classic Perfect look.  It's worth your time.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1989-03-18-WWF-Boston, MA] Mr Perfect vs Ron Garvin

Mr. Perfect vs Ronnie Garvin - Boston 3/18/89

We are just 18 months removed from these two being World Champions in the other two major promotions. Weird and Tony Schiavone is on commentary but he is of course a natural at calling Garvin matches. As you can expect, I really enjoyed this match as I love watching Garvin. The front half of the match was the best part. Garvin just teeing off in a stand up battle and Perfect bumping like crazy for Garvin. There is a great Flair-esque exchange with Perfect chopping in the corner before getting obliterated by Garvin's chops. Some good comedy with Garvin kneeing Perfect in the tailbone and then two fingers right to the eyes Three Stooges style. Perfect works over Garvin's abdomen and then they do a headlock/top wristlock sequence that Perfect wins with hair pulling. Garvin's comeback is great per usual with tons of punches and chops. Garvin stomp! The finish is anti-climatic. They do the head collision. Garvin comes off with a crossbody and Perfect rolls through for the win. Fun match with a natural pairing of the hard hitting Garvin and big bumping Perfect. Their December 89 match from Nashville is supposed to be better, but I cant find it. ***1/4 

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