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[2018-12-14-ROH-Final Battle] Jeff Cobb vs Hangman Page


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I expected this to be really good, but damn did they blow my expectations away. This started hot, and remained hot until the last second of the match with the crowd really behind Page to pull off an upset. Cobb was pretty good here too as he finally brought a fire that many of his ROH matches so far have been lacking. Then again, it's not like he had many serious challengers to begin with. The match played to the strengths of both men really well which made for a great sprint of a match, ****1/4.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2018-12-14-ROH-Final Battle] Jeff Cobb vs Hangman Page

An incredibly fun bombfest with the kind of nuclear hot crowd that used to make early 00s ROH so damn special. All out from the jump and they never let up on that pace. Both a strength and a drawback for this match if you ask me. Yes, it was a lot of amazing fun but everything just bled together and there was no real sense of struggle in the transitions. Very PWG-style bombfest. Fun to watch but not likely to leave an impact on me personally.


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