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[2018-12-14-ROH-Final Battle] Jonathan Gresham vs Zack Sabre Jr


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This was absolutely awesome. Gresham has done very little for me outside of the ring but when the bell rings, damn is he great. But if you ask me, ZSJ is the one really taking things to the next level here. His bully tactics of shoving and slapping are such excellent spikes in energy to contrast the mat work that it creates a real sense of heat and intensity in a match that had very little personal stakes. All the mat exchanges looked pretty great for the most part, maybe some sloppy moments from Gresham but that plays into ZSJ being just that little bit better than him. Awesome match.


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  • paul sosnowski changed the title to [2018-12-14-ROH-Final Battle] Jonathan Gresham vs Zack Sabre Jr

Excellent stuff right here. I know some hate the grapplefuck/WOS style but I love it and this is how it's done right. Everything was tight, crisp, and intense working at a fast pace. Add another one to the WOTYC year ZSJ has been having. Gresham stepped up his game and seems poised to be elevated in 2019.

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