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[1983-12-25-Mid South] Jim Duggan vs Krusher Darsow

paul sosnowski

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Darsow is out with the Russian Flag. They immediately go toe to toe with Darsow taking a powder. Don't kid yourself this should be a straight up hoss fight. Early on Duggan has an answer for all of Darsow's offense.  A low blow by Darsow sets up his heat. We get a bear hug that Duggan tries fighting. Duggan fights out only to get stopped in his tracks. Back to the bear hug. This time Duggan bites his way out of it. Some fighting ensues. So far this has been pretty ho hum aided by a crowd caring. Fuck me a 3rd bear hug. Duggan is bleeding. Both men are struggling to get to their feet. Volkoff is out and we have a 2 on 1 for a bit. Duggan is counted out. 

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