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[1984-12-25-AWA-St. Paul, MN] Rick Martel vs Jim Garvin

paul sosnowski

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Big shine by Martel early. Martel with drop kicks, and starts to work the arm. Martel drops the knee twice on the shoulder. Martel grinding away on the shoulder and arm. Big arm drag. Hair pull by Garvin and now he's targeting Martel's arm. Martel gets seperation, hits a slam, followed up by a big arm drag. Martel back on the arm. Garvin takes a powder to the outside. G.arvin with a headbutt into the stomach, and gains control. Garvin drops Martel throat 1st on the top rope. Garvin with a side chinlock. Martel tries to power out, but he pulls the hair. Some back and forth and Garvin is back in control. Garvin throws Martel over the top. Garvin with some KOTM spots. Martel firing up on the outside. Matel is a house of fire. Martel Ground and Pounding Garvin. Backbreaker and sling shot splash gets Martel 2. Garvin scores a 3 and reverses the decision. 2 1/2*

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