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[1987-12-25-AWA-St. Paul, MN] Midnight Rockers vs Original Midnight Express

paul sosnowski

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Rockers attack before the bell. The OMX bump and stooge for them. We get Michaels nail Condrey twice with punches. Condrey is great stooging during the opening shine. The stooge spots are really fun. Rockers are owning the OMX early on. Arm wringer and the OMX start on the arm. Michaels punches himself out of trouble and again we get some great stooge spots. Janetty using his speed and a headlock to control. We get some clipping during the Rockers shine. Michaels controlling with a headlock. Rockers just outspeeding them, and having great payoffs to the action. Dangerously causes a distraction and Condrey pulls the top rope down. Condrey puts Michaels head into a table. Now we finally get a heat segment. They start working Shawn's ribs. Michaels makes the hot tag. The action seems really great, but man their is a lot of fast forwarding with clippage to where it's too hard to rate. Its worth watching though.

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