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[1987-12-25-AWA-St. Paul, MN] Curt Hennig vs Greg Gagne

paul sosnowski

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Verne and the Ax are strapped to each other. We have 3 refs plus the 2nd's. This  screams shenanigans. Gagne on fire early. Hennig bumping big. Gagne has Curt's number early on. Hennig working the leg. Hennig with a toe hold. Gagne with a nasty bump, and Hennig locks on the Indian Death Lock. Gagne reverses. Hennig with kicks and knees, and dead kneeing the leg. A big miss by Hennig. Gagne starts to work the arm. I'm digging Gagne's arm work. Hennig turns the tide and is after the leg. Double noggin knocker. Punch exchange and a huge knee lift by Gagne. Big miss drop kick by Gagne. The seconds have a moment over Greg Gagne. Gagne trying to shake it off on the outside. Gagne fires up. Gagne sleeper. The seconds fight. Curt gets DQ'd in a shit finish. 3* Ring fills up post match. Hopefully their building to a cage match, or a tag team match. 

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