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[2019-01-06-IMPACT-Homecoming] LAX (Ortiz & Santana) vs Pentagon Jr & Fenix

paul sosnowski

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If you're going to do a spot fest, do it right. Don't bullshit it with meaningless slow paced limb work that gets no sold later or chain wrestling with no flow. Be like the Lucha Bros who give zero fucks about how a wrestling match is supposed to "be" and only care about putting on insanely exciting matches. LAX were great here too; not as athletic, but their tag chemistry was on point. I didn't realize it till this match that this could be a money drawing feud for lots of promotions around the world, ****1/4.

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Impact World Tag Team Champions LAX (Santana & Ortiz) vs Pentagon Jr & Fenix - Impact Homecoming 2019

I was kinda dreading this, but this match was a lot better than I expected. Besides the insanely awesome Street Fight against Best Friends, LAX has been a dud for me in AEW thus far. They need more performances like this. Lots of urgency and excitement. It ensnared me. Pentagon & Fenix I know the drill by now. They could be greatest of all time contenders, but they either dont know any better or they dont care when it comes to psychology. 

LAX's first offensive run was a thing of beauty. If all spotfests were this good, I would never complain. Hand To God. Immediate urgency. Engrossing. Fenix's body control is sublime. Those two dives to the floor maybe the two greatest dives in history. It was so fast & furious I cant remember the rest but it was really, really good. Yes LAX during their offense was a notch below, but still it is attiude that matters. Their attitude was in it to win it, hit hard & fast and just bring it. Ortiz's Homicide-esque cannonball outside was great, good stuff from Santana. Lets call a spade a spade, after this it went downwhill fast. Out came, the overly elaborate, overly telepgraphed, "lets gets everyone in perfect position" spots. It was too bad. The cutesy shit with the kicks was so fucking lame. A couple good things down the stretch that I loved. Pentagon's Canadian Destroyer was Holy Shit Awesome! It popped the crowd and it popped me! The symmetry of the Double Stomp/Package Piledriver and Street Sweeper both being broken up in a Epic Fashion. Really loved that. I kinda found the finish to be a little anti-climatic. I think I am so used to these things going ad nauseum, way past their expiration date. They hit the chic spots: Ace Crusher and Codebreaker to win. Once I got over my surprise that it ended so quickly, I would say it became more of a pleasant surprise. It was refreshing to be short, sweet. See I dont hate all spotfests, just bad ones. This was one of the good ones, but it take out the overly telegraphed, cutesy shit and this is a best spotfest of all time contender, but even with it in there it is still great. ****

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