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[1975-07-25-AJPW] Giant Baba vs Fritz von Erich (Texas Death)

paul sosnowski

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Fritz von Erich is one of the grittiest pro wrestlers of all time, and slotting him in a double juice last man standing from 1975 produces a suitably gritty result. Fritz may have the greatest grimace in wrestling, as when he is covered in blood he looks straight out of a horror move and when his claw of doom slowly descends on Babas face you can sense real terror. I enjoyed Baba stomping and chopping away at Fritzs arm and shoulder with his giant mutant hands and feet, altough the hand work didn't prevent him from getting CLAW'd. Baba gasping for air like a fish out of water after Erich put the stomach claw on him was an epic visual. Still I wish I could see Fritz having this match against someone a little more energetic than Baba and I thought Baba decimating Fritz with his trademark weak chops wasn't the greatest finish.

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