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World Wrestling Entertainment


Chairman of the Board/Majority Owner/CEO: Vince McMahon

Minority Owner/Board of Directors: Shane McMahon

Minority Owner/Chief Brand Officer/Board of Directors: Stephanie McMahon

Minority Owner/Board of Directors/Executive Vice President: Triple H


"The Phenomonal" AJ Styles

Adam Cole "BAY BAY"
"The Arichitect" Seth Rollins
"The New" Daniel Bryan
John Cena
"The Beast" Brock Lesnar with Paul Heyman
"The One and Only" Ricochet
"The A-Lister" The Miz
"The Show-Off" Dolph Ziggler
Aleister Black
Kenny Omega
Jeff Hardy
Jay Lethal
Bobby Lashley
Zach Ryder
No Way Jose
Heath Slater
Tye Dillinger
Xavier Woods
The Big Show

Tag Teams:
The Undisputed Era (Kyle O'Reilly and Bobby Fish)
The Usos (Jimmy and Jey)
The Good Brothers (Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows)
The Elite (Nick and Matt Jackson)
DIY (Ciampa and Gargano)
The Kingdom (Matt Taven and Mike Bennett) with Marie Bennett
Heavy Machinery (Otis and Tucker)
The Colons (Epico and Primo)
The Vaudevillians (Aiden English and Simon Gotch)
The Ascension (Viktor and Konnor)

The Undisputed Era
Adam Cole, Kyle O'Reilly and Bobby Fish

The Elite
Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks

WWE has the rights to the following superstars
The Undertaker

The Rock
Shawn Michaels
CM Punk
Roman Reigns
Braun Strowman
Kurt Angle



WWE World Heavyweight Championship


WWE Intercontiental Championship


WWE United States Championship


WWE World Tag Team Championship



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Monday Night Raw
Fed Ex Forum
Memphis, Tennessee


Jim Ross: Ladies and Gentlemen! We are live from The Fedex Forum in Memphis Tennessee, and as you can tell I am not Michael Cole, and this to my left is not Corey Graves!

Nigel: You got that right JR. We are the new voices on Monday Night Raw and I have heard that tonight we are going to find out what is going to happen for The World Wrestling Entertainment!

Jim Ross: Well Nigel, we are not strangers to one another we called an event over in the UK together but I have to say that it feels great to be back in home in the WWE, and especially here live on Monday Night Raw!

Nigel: JR, let me speak for everyone in ths back when I say that it's an honor to have you here tonight and for the forseeable future.


{Here comes Vince McMahon! The owner of World Wrestling Entertainment is here tonight and this place is rocking as he plays the crowd.}

Vince McMahon: Now, I am not going to come out here and talk for hours on end cause I know that you people want ACTION! I promise you that you will get everything that you want especially when this Sunday is the upcoming Royal Rumble Event! Now, before we get that far let me start by saying that with this new project going on in the world of wrestling. I have decided that it is time to cut out the mass production on shows that the WWE has been offering. {The Crowd begins booing} Now I am aware that's not a popular decision but it's a decision that I sat down wiht my family and we came up with together. So from here on out the WWE is going to have one weekly show and that will be Monday Night Raw, and it will still continue being the longest running tv show on cable television! So we have that settled but now let's figure out what do with these championships! So Dean Ambrose the reigning IC Champion, Rusev the reiging US Champion along with The Bar and Bobby Roode and Chad Gable were all our champions and they have signed with different rosters! So instead of just deciding to do a played out tournament! I have decided that the following matches will happen at The Royal Rumble this Sunday. The first is going to be for The Tag Team Championships it will be a special fatal-four way elimination Tag Team Match where the last team standing will be crowned the new WWE World Tag Team Champions! The teams are as followed

WWE Tag Team Title Match
The Undisputed Era vs DIY vs The Usos vs THE ELITE!

Vince: Now, I am not finished by a long shot we still have to crown a United States Champion and an IC Champion. These titles will be held with special fatal four way matches. So before I give out these matches. I want each title match to be something special which is why for the IC Title it will between talent that were already apart of the Main Roster, and with the US Title this match will feature talent only featured from nXt! So the matches are as followed!

WWE IC Title
Fatal-Four Way
The Miz vs Seth Rollins vs Jeff Hardy vs Lashley
and not only that we have
WWE United States Championship
Richochet vs Aleister Black vs EC3 vs Adam Cole

 Vince: So we have made a decision on every single title except the big one. The grandest title of them all. The WWE World Heavyweight Championship. A title that has been held by the greatest of greats! Champions like Hulk Hogan, Steve Austin, Bruno Sammartino, The Undertaker, The Rock.......and countless others. Now, the issue we have is we have The Universal Champion in Brock Lesnar and we have a World Heavyweight Champion in Daniel Bryan. Now I could just strip Brock Lesnar of the Universal Title and claim Daniel Bryan as the Undisputed Champion but where is the fun in that. Which is why I have deic.........


Paul Heyman: Ladies and Gentlemen! My name is Paul Heyman and I am the advocate for the REIGNING, DEFENDING, and UNDISPUTED UNIVERSAL CHAMPION! BRRRRROOOOOOCCCKKKKK LEEEESSSSSNNNNAARRRRR!

Vince: So what do I owe this pleasure?

Paul Heyman: Mr. McMahon, now I know that you are a smart man and I know that you saw what happen at Survivor Series when my client The Universal Champion Brock Lesnar defeated Daniel Bryan in a match. So from the place where I was standing. I don't think that you have that hard of a decision just make my client The one true Undisputed Heavyweight Champion and save Daniel Bryan of a severe beating that he would be put through!

{Paul is inside of the ring and as Vince goes to reply the theme music blasts and here comes Daniel Bryan with his WWE Championship!}


Daniel Bryan: I would usually just disagree with Paul Heyman for accusing that I couldn't beat his client, but let's get one thing clear. The Old Daniel Bryan could not beat Brock but I am NOT the old Daniel Bryan. I am The NEW Daniel Bryan and The New Daniel Bryan will kick Brock Lesnar's ass at the Royal Rumble and prove that The New Daniel Bryan will be the Undisputed WWE Heavyweight Champion! So Mr.McMahon give The New Daniel Bryan the chance! Give him BROCK LESNAR at The Royal Rumble!

Paul: Now let me say somethi........

VINCE: SHUT UP!!!! Now I am already sick and tired of this back and forth crap! Paul Heyman you tell your client that this Sunday at The Royal Rumble he is going to face The New Daniel Bryan and the winner of that match will become the Undisputed WWE World Heavyweight Champion! Now since you are out of here Daniel and I see that you are wearing your gear. How about we have ourselves a little match. Your opponent will be here after the break!


Singles Match
"The New" Daniel Bryan vs Jay Lethal

{The former Ring of Honor Champion is here tonight! Jay Lethal gets a nice reaction from the crowd. He is hyped as he makes his entrance into the ring but as soon as he does he is jumped by Bryan! Lethal is trying to fight back but this match is all Daniel Bryan in the early going. He is pure aggression! This match lasts through a commerical break and when it cuts back Bryan has a side headlock on in the middle of the ring. He wants the tap out but Lethal though is fighting back! Lethal fights back and gets back to his feet and starts unloading with elbows! Lethal gets the upperhand and begins hitting his signature moves! He then catches Bryan with a dropkick across the jaw! Lethal picks up Bryan who is dazed after Lethal almost upset the WWE Champion! Lethal sets up Bryan for Lethal Injection but Bryan with a ROUNDHOUSE KICK TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD! Lethal is laid out as Bryan locks on The Yes Lock! Lethal has nowhere to go and TAPS OUT! Bryan has won this match and he grabs his WWE Title and clings onto it for what could be the final time! This Sunday it will be Bryan and Lesnar to become The Undisputed WWE Champion! We now cut straight to the back where we see Cathy Kelley is standing by with AJ Styles!


Cathy: AJ, This Sunday you were supposed to face The New Daniel Bryan for a chance to become the WWE Champion but with the recent announcement from Mr.McMahon is has put a hold on that match. What are your thoughts?

AJ Styles: To say that I am dissappointed is an understatement! I really wanted that shot but now I can put all that time and effort into winning The Royal Rumble. I am offically joining that match and I will then punch my ticket to Main Event Wrestlemania!


{As AJ goes to speak again. We begin hearing a chorus of claps. Styles looks upset and you can see why when up to the scene comes The Undisputed Era! Adam Cole, Kyle and Fish all come up into the scene. AJ doesn't seem too pleased with having his promo time taken away from him. The Undisputed Era with their leader in Adam Cole doesn't care and let Styles know that since they are here AJ Styles no longer runs the show and that it now belongs to the Undisputed Era! AJ makes a challenge for Cole tonight but he declines and says that he doesn't see the point in the match. Cole replies and tells Styles that when he becomes The US Champion this Sunday at the Rumble he might give Styles a title shot if he is lucky. Before anything else can happen up comes Mr.McMahon! He says that he overheard what happen and he has decided that AJ Styles will face Bobby Fish in the Main Event tonight! Vince walks off with his strut as Styles pats Cole on the back and walks off as we see The Undisputed Era is upset about what just happen!}


Singles Match
Bobby Lashley vs Tye Dillinger

{An interesting contest as we see Bobby Lashley come out and he just dominates Tye! I mean this is just a showcase of Lashley showing why he might just be one of the most dangerous men in WWE! He beats Tye from pillar to post and finally finishes him off with THE DOMINATOR! Lashley gets a three count and the victory. He makes a signal that he was the IC Title at The Rumble! As Lashley is making his way up the ramp we get the interesting scene when XAVIER WOODS is on the top of the ramp and he is wearing a suit and tie with an envelope.


He hands the envelope to Lashley who seems kinda confused but he opens it and a HUGE smile comes across his face. He shakes hands with Xavier and the two walk through the curtain to the backstage area! Nigel and Ross are trying to figure out what just happen! From here we head to the back where we see The Elite are in the backstage area. Omega and The Bucks cut a promo on changing the landscape of WWE. The Bucks say that at The Rumble they will become WWE Tag Team Champions and the sky is the limit. That is when the camera cuts to Kenny Omega! He looks at the camera and cuts a promo of being the hottest act in all of Universe. He says that he is hellbent on showing the WWE Universe that this is kingdom now and he will win the Royal Rumble and he will Main Event Wrestlemania!}



{We cut to the back where we see The Usos are standing by they cut a passionate promo on being the tag team to beat in the WWE Universe. While other teams have come and gone. The Usos have always been the ones to hold the torch. They say at the Rumble they are going to win another Tag Team Title and nobody is going to stop them!}

Singles Match
The Miz vs Ricochet

{The Miz comes out first and he gets a ton of heat from this crowd. Before the match begins he takes a microphone and begins just working over Ricochet on the microphone! The Miz is making his point clear that he doesn't see the point in facing a nXt rookie when he should be focusing on the more important task at hand becoming the WWE IC Champion and not only that but then going on to win the Royal Rumble and face whoever the Undisputed WWE Champion may be in the Main Event of Wrestlemania. The Miz starts to speak again but this time he is cut off by the music for "The One and Only" Ricochet comes down the ramp to a THUNDEROUS pop from the crowd! The Miz is not impressed and as Ricochet gets on the buckle. The Miz comes charging into the ring and goes right on the attack on Ricochet! Miz is working him over in the early going but Ricochet uses his World Class speed to get the advantage as The Miz just can't seem to get the momentum back. He throws Ricochet into the corner but he does a flip on the buckle and Miz hits the steel post. Ricochet drops Miz and sets up for the 630 Senton, but as soon as he does Miz bails out of the ring! The Miz wants no part of this match anymore. He gets to the top of the ramp but there is Jeff Hardy and Seth Rollins! Two men in the match with The Miz at The Rumble! They grab Miz and throw him back into the ring! The Miz is arguing with them but when he turns around Ricochet with a Superkick across the jaw! Ricochet climbs the top rope and 630! Ricochet makes the cover 1.....2....3!! Ricochet in his debut has just beat The Miz! Ricochet is playing the crowd as Seth and Hardy are happy about what they accomplished as The Miz is getting checked on the outside of the ring we head to our last commerical break before our Main Event of the evening!}


Main Event
AJ Styles vs Bobby Fish with The Undisputed Era

{The Undisputed Era come out first and they are pumped here. Bobby is ready to go though. He is in the corner waiting for Styles so this Main Event can happen! That is when AJ comes out of the curtain! The fans are rocking as he gets the loudest pop of the night! He enters the ring and here we go! We get a solid main event here in the early going! We go through one commercial break and when we come back we see that Fish is in complete control and that was because of interference by Kyle who grabs the leg of AJ which lead to a big Roundhouse Kick by Fish to AJ! Fish is working Styles over in the corner. Senior Referee Charles Robinson is backing Fish away but when he does we see AJ start getting choked by Cole while getting punched by Kyle! As Fish has the referee distracted he finally just shoves him away before grabbing AJ by his hair and planting him with a Brainbuster! Fish makes a cover 1.....2....shoulder up by AJ! Fish is arguing saying that it should be a "3" Count! Fish grabs AJ off the mat and picks him up but that is when we see AJ fight back with a combo of strikes! He does a spin and goes for a Lariat, but that is when Fish counters and is looking for a Corssface! Styles is trying to fight back and he finally does though and Styles does a flip out of it! Fish is trying to get back to his feet but Styles has him set up though for The Styles Clash! That is when Cole leaps on the ring apron! Styles tosses Fish to the side and goes for a right hand on Cole but he drops down just in time! Styles is distracted as Fish comes from behind and drills him with a GERMAN SUPLEX! 1.......2.....kickout by Styles! Fish is pissed and has seen enough! He leaves the ring and grabs a steel chair. Styles is trying to get to his feet but as he swings the chair Styles ducks and then nails him with a spinning kick to the stomach! Styles gets on the ring apron. He is setting up for the Phenomonal Forearm! Styles though sees Cole and Kyle taunting him but as they are though THE FANS EXPLODE WHEN DIY COMES CHARGING DOWN THE RAMP! GARGANO AND CIAMPA ARE FIGHTING IT OUT WITH KYLE AND COLE! Fish is now distracted by this chaos he never notices that Styles was waiting for him! Fish turns around and PHENOMONAL FOREARM! 1.......2.....3!!! AJ STYLES WITH THE WIN!

{AJ Styles picks up the big victory! He is in the ring all alone and standing on the buckle while pointing up at the Wrestlemania sign. Will AJ Styles be the man who wins The Royal Rumble! What a night we are going to have in 6 days at The Royal Rumble! Get Pumped!}


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WWE News, Notes and Rumors

- Some people were left with more questions than answers after Monday Night Raw. The draft came at an interesting time cause WWE had most of their main feuds and everything planned for Wrestlemania but the draft put those plans out the window. Vince instead of doing tournaments like other promotions went a different route and decided to have the titles be awarded during The Royal Rumble! Vince views the Rumble as the perfect start because most feuds can be made during the Rumble. So expect to see some fireworks.

- A rumor is going around that John Cena might be suffering from an ankle injury. Will he be in the Rumble with that injury it remains to be seen.

- An interesting segment took place when we saw Xavier Woods sporting a new look and didn't act like his New Day self. The reason being with The New Day being broken up during the draft. The powers that be think that Xavier would be the perfect manager for somebody like Bobby Lashley who has an awesome look but needs somebody to talk for him. So expect the two to be paired up for the time being.

- Raw was rewritten and released a mere couple hours before the show went to air on the USA Network. Vince and HHH butted heads on a lot of the ideas. HHH wanted to see Braun and Brock be the stars of the show, but Vince not knowing the status of Braun's elbow decided to change The Royal Rumble to a unification bout between Brock and Bryan in a Survivor Series Re-Match. As you can tell we see what won out in the end. Braun Strowman is listed as questionable but will he be in the Rumble?

- The nXt call-ups were all about HHH. He is a HUGE fan of The Undisputed Era and wanted to make sure that the WWE took them in the draft. Vince isn't sold yet on Adam Cole but he does see potential in nXt stable. which is why the group was featured in the Main Event with arguably WWE's biggest star at the moment in AJ Styles.

- Don't expect The Bullet Club stable to be in the WWE. Vince is no stranger to putting his own spin on creations. He is not a fan of the name. He sees that Kenny Omega is a great in ring competitor but does Vince see dollar signs in him is a whole different discussion. The Elite do have a HUGE supporter in HHH and Stephanie but can they sway Vince's opinion is going to have to be seen.

- Another questionable move and problem the biggest thing not being talked about is the return of CM Punk to WWE. Rumor going around is that CM Punk wasn't even aware that he was able to be drafted. Vince has been trying to contract his former WWE Heavyweight Champion but from what we have heard CM Punk has never replied back. Will CM Punk show up at The Rumble? Will he even compete in a WWE ring again especially after all the drama that went down after his release it remains to be seen. HHH and Stephanie have agreed to let Vince handle the situation and step away from the situation. HHH and CM Punk will never be friends but the fact remains the WWE needs CM Punk and Vince wants CM Punk with Vince making amends with superstars like Bill Goldberg, The Ultimate Warrior, Hulk Hogan, and countless others. CM Punk is a whole other being though. Money isn't a factor for him he made enough from saving, and UFC plus other paying gigs that he doesn't need the money. CM Punk wants change and with the draft that took place it looks like he got his change but will he show up at The Rumble or even in the WWE we will just have to wait and see.

- Expect The Undertaker's Wrestlemania program to being to take place in the next coming weeks. We have heard a lot of superstars names pop up, but the big question is if The Undertaker is in good enough shape to appear at Wrestlemania! Health is always the big question for The Undertaker but we have heard that The Undertaker wants to be at Wrestlemania and if that is the case he will for sure be there competing.

- The Rock is expected to have an appearance at the upcoming Fastlane Pay Per View. He isn't going to be competing at Wrestlemania but expect The Rock to at the very least be in attendance and have a segment at the grandest stage of them all.

- WWE has decided to completely ignore the past of Ciampa and Gargano. Vince is a fan of their matches they had at NXT but he doesn't want either to be in singles competition yet as he actually views the two as a Tag Team. It will be up to Gargano and Ciampa to change the boss' mind but having their former employer HHH in their corner is a BIG plus.

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