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  1. ColdStone

    WWE TV 08/31 - 09/06 Real Big Dog Hours

    So what was the real point of Lee being a double champion. Especially if the belt goes back on Cole. The logical booking is Balor becoming champ and holding onto the title till Kross comes back and we see Kross against The Demon.
  2. ColdStone

    WWE TV 08/31 - 09/06 Real Big Dog Hours

    When I read the spoiler. I thought it was terrible and after watching it. I thought it was actually worse then I could imagine. wooooowwwww.........
  3. ColdStone

    Payback 2020 Roman is The Guy

    I was in the Thunderdome for the Main Event and I have to say that the whole experience was very lackluster. The feed you get as a fan is VERY laggy. We get different angles then you get on the network but the ones we got were VERY laggy. The crowd noise is all FAKE. I screamed at the top of my lungs multiple times and you couldn't even hear it on either stream. So it's obvious it's all pipped in noise during the show. The only part that was cool was finding yourself during the stream on the network but I also noticed that my actions didn't match what I was doing in the present. So I am sure that it was under a delay for obvious reasons. I wish they would let the people in Thunderdome give feedback but we didn't get the chance or anything. It's an interesting idea but the execution is lacking TREMENDOUSLY! They need to let the fans know where they are in the crowd. So that way you can show friends and whatever. Also they give you a call time. Mine was 9:15 which was The Main Event. So the fans are changed out every match it seems. I am glad I got the Main Event though. I was afraid I was going to get the divas match. lol I give the experience a 5/10.
  4. ColdStone

    WWE Summerslam 2020 Renee Young is the best

    People are actually excited about Roman......wow the product must REALLY be bad then. lol
  5. I don't know what to say. They are saying Shayna is going to be on Raw Underground tonight. This might have actually meant something years ago but in 2020 with a pandemic going on. I just don't buy it. I think this pandemic proved that WWE has ZERO idea how to book with it going on. I watched last week to see what Underground was and then laughed my head off and watched Shark Tank instead. I mean come on......is anybody really thinking this is getting over in anyway......it's wrestlecrap at best....... AEW was really smart about putting wrestlers around the ring and giving them some kind of atmosphere which doesn't seem as forced but WWE putting these talents around the ring and then piping in forced chants and stuff. It just comes across as trash. I watched The Kross debut and then the "Fall and Pray" chants started and I just rolled my eyes. Even when they control the reactions it still comes across bad. Wrestling is a fun subject because where it's all a work. Everybody has a way to make it better. It's why fantasy booking is such a big hit because you get the power to change things in anyway that you seem would make things better. I roll my eyes anytime Seth tweets or speaks. He comes across as a company man. Which is amusing cause just like real life these big companies don't give a shit about their employees and it's always amusing when those employees defend the big companies and their boneheaded moves. I just laugh it off and take everything he says with a grain of salt.
  6. ColdStone

    R.I.P. Kamala (James Harris)

    I listened to him do an interview on The Dan Le Batard show about a year and it was sooo sad. They wanted him on there because they thought he would be funny and tell funny stories but instead they got a real sad interview with a legend. It's very sad but all that being said. I hope he finally found his peace cause listening to him speak you could easily tell that he did not live a happy life. RIP
  7. ColdStone

    AEW Dynamite - August 5, 2020

    That was another solid episode of Dynamite. I feel they are hitting their stride. I didn't really care for the Matt/Cody tag match. I feel that match went wayyyyyy too long. Also I feel they should have Cody do more selling of going through all these matches every week. Although I'm super stoked to see Sky get a shot at the TNT Title next week. That Main Event was really freakin' good. I honestly thought for whatever reason Darby was going to win it all when MJF came out which is rare when a match gets me like that anymore but boy they did a great job telling a story though. Solid Work! Also these MJF's promos might just be the best promos in wrestling today. I'm still waiting to see Archer do something. I feel he isn't even close to hitting the ceiling that he has.
  8. ColdStone

    The Decline of NXT - When? How? Why?

    So true, even if you listened to Finn on that watch along for SummerSlam '92. He said that when he first got to NXT. That Juice and himself had a Japanese style match at a house show and when they got to the back Terry fucking Taylor told them their match was awful then Finn said their next match the next night together they had the match Terry laid out and was a basic WWE squash match but Finn said that it made him look like a star. That's the problem right there. WWE honestly believes their way is the ONLY way and if they were right then their ratings wouldn't be trash and they would actually have stars that can draw but all they have is just the name. That's all that sells tickets is the brand. Wrestlemania sells out because it's Wrestlemania sure as hell not cause of who is on the card. It's almost laughable at this point that WWE believes their way is the correct way. It's wrestling there is no real correct way. It's all about suspending belief and getting a reaction from the fans if you can do that you are going to be a success. NXT's biggest problem in my own opinion is everything they are doing is just trying to counter program AEW, and just not putting people in the right places. It's just a matter of time before they ruin this Kross storyline. Now they are doing Pat McAfee and Adam Cole feud? Like really....who gives a shit about that. It's just bad......
  9. ColdStone

    Is Impact the best promotion in wrestling history?

    I'm just going to keep it short and sweet. The answer is......NO
  10. ColdStone

    NXT Takeover: Toronto 2019

    Least he didn't mention his bank account like Seth did.
  11. ColdStone

    AEW on TNT

    Enzo is just awful.....Cass isn't that much better. They would be awful and I would find it hard to believe that AEW would even bring them in especially with how many better tag teams they have now.
  12. ColdStone

    WWE TV 07/29 - 08/04 Hey whatever this country is broken

    I HATE Owens using the Stunner as a finisher........so bad....... 205 Live was good though....kinda amuses me that 205 basically ignores everything they do on the Main Shows. I mean Drake is NOTHING like his obsessed with the 24/7 Title gimmick....even the same for Mike Bennett....I refuse to use that other last name for him.
  13. ColdStone

    Grilling JR

    If you are like me and put the speed up on Spotify you can listen to the whole podcast in a little over an hour. I find that helps me actually pay more attention because sometimes they just talk so slow. I can't stand it. So I speed it up so I can finish their weekly show in way to and from work over 2 days. I enjoy the podcast. I have no issues about his tangents or anything of that nature. Ross seems like a straight shooter that doesn't hide stuff and just tells you like it is. Does he get off subject...sure....but that's the joys of talking to older heads.....I don't know many of you have conversations with older people but I do and they constantly tell the same story or they go off subject....joys of the human mind but this isn't scientific though.....I enjoy this podcast but not everyone will like it because of that was the case it would be a boring pod....I like that he can go off subject and do a Jim Barnett impersonation without Conrad asking for it......then again I am a HUGE Ross fan so maybe me being biased changes my opinion....who knows.....
  14. ColdStone

    AEW on TNT

    I'm just happy that we FINALLY have a promotion to watch in Primetime that isn't pushing Jeff F'n Jarrett as their top guy! lol
  15. ColdStone

    NXT TakeOver: XXV

    ADAM COLE BAY BAY! Loved him becoming nXt Champion! Second Grand Slam Champion in nXt! I know some people don't like it but the crowd was hot for him and he is a solid worker through and through. I am kinda bummed Johnny Wrestling dropped the title. I don't know if maybe his "injury" had a play in dropping the belt, but I'm alright with the title change. I enjoyed every match besides the women's wrestling one. I don't care for women's wrestling. Never have and never will it's nothing against them just don't care for it. Very enjoyable show and Takeover yet again shines brighter than any Main Roster PPV especially this dreadful one coming up next week.