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    Wonder Women Wrestling

    Wonder Women of Wrestling – Episode No. XXXXXII – 1st of December 1986 – Airing Live! – Las Vegas, Nevada Advertised Match: Debbie Combs & Misty Blue Simmes & Babyface Nellie versus Wendi Richter & Linda Dallas & Kat LeRoux for the WWW Trios Championship This week, the programme starts with a recap of the supercard, focusing primarily on the antics of Wendi Richter. After that, we head to the traditional television title opener, with Velvet McIntyre taking on Candi Devine. Expectations for the heel are low but, with Penny Mitchell in her corner, she puts in an almighty effort to dethrone the champ. Velvet McIntyre takes things slow, clearly now favouring a safer strategy as we draw closer to the end of the year. The challenger doesn’t really have an answer for her opponent’s technical ability beyond cheating and certainly hasn’t come up with a counter for her signature move. Velvet McIntyre defeats Candi Devine in 11:20 by pinfall after a swinging hurricanrana to retain the WWW Television Championship A brief video interlude then takes us to the interviews. They share a similar tone, in each case Candi Devine and Velvet McIntyre use the opportunity to talk up their partner’s chances of winning the subsequent match. A commercial break then takes us through to said bout, as Penny Mitchell challenges Medusa Miceli for her dual titles. The match is harder and dirtier than the previous, with Penny Mitchell possessing a much longer mean streak than her partner and Medusa Miceli more than willing to go back to her old bag of tricks when confronted by someone with no regard for the rules. The pair come just short of getting the whole match thrown out. The finish is chaotic, with Candi Devine trying to pass something to her partner, only to be run down by Velvet McIntyre, and a distracted Penny Mitchell at the ropes is grabbed from behind and practically launched across the ring. Medusa Miceli defeats Penny Mitchell in 14:02 by pinfall after a German suplex to retain the WWW Fighting Spirit Championship and the NWA Texas Women’s Championship A hype package for the main event then plays before the interviews. Penny Mitchell blames her loss on interference from Velvet McIntyre and Candi Devine happily agrees. Medusa Miceli runs down her opponent, calling her a “washed up loser” and demanding a more serious opponent. The second commercial break then takes us to the main event. Emotions are running high from the outset. Misty Blue Simmes and Babyface Nellie hold some animosity towards Wendi Richter for her generally intolerable behaviour, but Debbie Combs cannot even begin to conceal her burning hatred for the woman. Linda Dallas and Kat LeRoux are riding high on their victory at the supercard, and the shiny metal around their waists but they’re not stupid and they don’t trust the new world champ at all. The result is a technically sound, occasionally dirty, occasionally outrageous and at times awkward affair, with each of the faces wanting to get their lumps in on Wendi Richter – often blinding themselves to the finer tactical details of the contest – and the Nasty Girls playing their own game, side-lining her whenever possible. It seems increasingly obvious that the finish is more likely to come from a mistake than any traditional factor. Indeed, Debbie Combs desperation for revenge is her undoing when she launches herself at Wendi Richter – after she’s already been tagged out – and gets rolled up for her trouble. Wendi Richter & Linda Dallas & Kat LeRoux defeat Debbie Combs & Misty Blue Simmes & Babyface Nellie to win the WWW Trios Championship We end on a shot of the heels, covered in championship glory and loving it.
  2. Scarlet-Left

    Continental Championship Wrestling

    Dusty Rhodes versus Bruiser Brody, and a Scaffold Match! Excellent things to tantalise the fans with and get them on board with the company's new trajectory! The encounter between Adrian Street and Chicky Starr was a lot of fun! I'm excited to see how things develop! The Mighty Goliath is getting a great monster build so far! A hard loss to swallow, but the I'm sure the Bullet will adapt! Slick's stable now looks unstoppable! Wendell Cooley gets majorly screwed ... and I don't think things are going to get better for him any time soon!
  3. Scarlet-Left


    It's been fun to watch all of this develop! Let's see where the NWA goes from here!
  4. Scarlet-Left

    Pacific Coast Wrestling

    It's great to see Ron Simmons rack up another win! Barry Windham is such a goof fit for Pacific Champion! Black Tiger versus Al Snow is a match you could put on again and again, and it wouldn't get boring! Getting Brian Pillman versus the Great Muta on already stacked show, is such a treat for the audience! I'm very happy to see Owen Hart hold onto the title!
  5. Scarlet-Left

    Championship Wrestling from Florida

    The encounter between John Tatum and Tom Zenk was built well with that fun confrontation on the previous show! Steve Regal Kazaharu would've been a treat to see! The Glamour Boys and the Highwaymen covered in welts is a great visual! I look forward to seeing how much worse the violence gets in this feud! Bob Backlund is exactly the right answer to Lanny Poffo! The Heart Punch! I loved seeing Texas Red turn his match around! High drama in the main event, I think Jim Duggan deserves a second chance!
  6. Scarlet-Left

    Wonder Women Wrestling

    Wonder Women Wrestling NOVEMBER SUPERCARD 1986 Live from: Las Vegas, Nevada After the traditional light show – with the camera making sure to show off the VIP ticket holders in the front row – we go to the back where Pat Patterson is standing with Lisa Moretti. He says that the scheduled main event is Debbie Combs versus Wendi Richter but, if Lisa Moretti says she’s ready to go, that match can be scrapped in favour of a rerun of the last supercard’s main event. Though she milks the moment for all its worth, Lisa Moretti eventually confirms that she feels up to it. Wendi Richter overhears this and barges into shot, demanding an explanation. Pat Patterson explains that he’s got a replacement match lined up for her – she’ll need to find a partner to take on Peggy Lee Leather and KC Houston. Wendi Richter complains that she won’t be able to find a partner, to which Pat Patterson retorts that she has the option of fighting a handicap match. An apoplectic Wendi Richter then swears she’ll get revenge on Lisa Moretti sooner or later and we cut to the opening match. With the tag team titles on the line, we have a throwback to the early days of the promotion here on its first anniversary, with the Star Girls seeking to defend their belts from the Nasty Girls. The resulting contest is fast-paced and fun, with quick tags in and out and each team trying to show how far they’ve come. The heels just have that one little advantage – they’re willing and able to cheat. Towards the end of the match, the referee is hoarse from screaming at the Nasty Girls for hair pulling and eye poking. Linda Dallas & Kat LeRoux defeat Rockin’ Robin & Jamie West in 15:31 when Kat LeRoux pins Rockin’ Robin with her feet on the ropes to win the NWA World Women’s Tag Team Championship After an all-new photoshoot compilation video – which doubles as an advert for the promotion’s magazine – we get to the first set of interviews. The Star Girls say that their opponents know of the inside who the real winners of the match and demand a rematch with a no disqualification stipulation. Upon being informed of this, the Nasty Girls feign outrage and assert that the Star Girls are wild animals who want an excuse to become unreasonably violent. The next match is an eight-woman tag match between the Monsters and the Giant Slayers. Both factions are desperate for a victory, to prove they’re still a credible part of the roster. To this end, the contest has a nasty undertone throughout, as every participant prioritises inflicting pain over thinking ahead. By the time it’s all said and done, each woman is bruised and exhausted. Whereas the Monsters have strength and size on their side, the babyfaces are far more in-sync with each other, leading to a few elaborate double-team set pieces. Desiree Petersen & Winona Little Heart & Susan Starr & Selina Majors defeat Luna Vachon & Rhonda Singh & Mad Maxine & Reggie Bennett in 14:50 when Winona Little Heart pins Luna Vachon with a victory roll A hype video for Debbie Combs transitions us to the interviews. As the Monsters stumble over each other in search of an explanation for their loss, the tension in the air spikes and the whole interview breaks down as the four women beginning screaming at each other – eventually it’s Mad Maxine who throws the first punch and anarchy descends before we cut to the next interview. The Giant Slayers are chirpy and upbeat and declare themselves ready to take on the next year and have some metal around their waists again. Next up, we have Peggy Lee Leather and KC Houston taking on Wendi Richter – with or without a partner. It becomes apparent that the contest will have a handicap stipulation when Wendi Richter walks to the ring alone. Barely a second after the bell rings, however, she pulls something out of her spandex and clubs her opponents over the head with it, one after another. Once they’re down, she drops the implement and, with the bell ringing all the while, picks up a steel chair from ringside and brings it back. Peggy Lee Leather & KC Houston defeat Wendi Richter in 00:11 by disqualification Wendi Richter wails on the two women until staff come down to lead her away. A music video serves as a transition to the interview – with her opponents rushed to the doctor’s office, Wendi Richter is the only one available. She claims she did what she had to do to get herself out of a bad situation and reiterates her threat towards Lisa Moretti. After that we head to our first singles match of the night, with Misty Blue Simmes taking on Penny Mitchell. With Candi Devine in her corner, Penny Mitchell proves irrepressible for the former world champion. Fighting like she’s demon-possessed, Penny Mitchell stays firmly in control for the first ten minutes of the match, as Misty Blue Simmes slowly acclimatises to the pace of the contest. The middle of the match is far more even, then, with the babyface bringing her full arsenal to bear. The finish is hectic, with fighting on the outside between Candi Devine and Candice Pardue and a few by-and-forth near falls in the ring. In the end, with a handful of tights and a kickout at three, Penny Mitchell just gets it. Penny Mitchell defeats Misty Blue Simmes in 23:23 by pinfall after a swinging neckbreaker A lightning-fast year-in-review style compilation gets us to the interviews. Misty Blue Simmes is in shock and struggles to even describe her loss, meanwhile Candice Pardue promises to make up for her partner’s failure somehow. Penny Mitchell is over the moon and chats excitedly about the prospect of a title match in her future. Some commotion down the hall gets the camera’s attention, however, and we follow it to a violent scene. Lisa Moretti is bleeding from her head and lying prone on the floor, every attempt to get up thwarted by Wendi Richter. Wendi Richter proceeds to stomp on and kick at her victim’s head and neck. By the time staff, and a gang of babyfaces, are able to bring the assault to an end, Lisa Moretti is an absolute mess. We then cut abruptly to the penultimate match, with Velvet McIntyre and Medusa Miceli taking on the Glamour Girls – specifically Leilani Kai and Judy Martin, though the other faction members are milling about at ringside. This match lifts the tone, somewhat, being a far more good-natured and traditional affair. The heels still cheat, of course, but this never gets under the faces’ skin, as they simply compensate with superior technical skill. With a decent pace, we’re able to get plenty of time with each match-up. Each signature move gets to be showed off, culminating in a chaotic finish with all form women in the ring and a double (though only one is officially counted, of course). Towards the end, Pat Patterson shows up on commentary to announce that Lisa Moretti is unable to compete in the main event, so they’ll revert to their previous schedule. Velvet McIntyre & Medusa Miceli defeat Leilani Kai & Judy Martin in 19:47 when Medusa Miceli pins Judy Martin after a German suplex One last promotional video – this time advertising next month’s Christmas-themed supercard – takes us to the interviews. The Glamour Girls are their usual ranting selves, full of invective and allegations, but the faces are relentlessly cheerful. They discuss their potential opponents for their titles and speculate on the outcome of tonight’s main event, Velvet McIntyre is sure Debbie Combs has it in the bag, but Medusa Miceli says Wendi Richter is unhinged and not to be underestimated. Wendi Richter taunts the crowd as she waits for Debbie Combs to make her entrance. The champ catches her off-guard by simply rushing down to the ring and getting into it. The two women wailing on each other in the corner until the referee eventually pulls them apart and persuades them to start over. Wendi Richter goes for a handshake, but Debbie Combs slaps it away and they’re immediately back on each other. At around the ten-minute mark, Wendi Richter manages to pull off a powerbomb. If she’s surprised that Debbie Combs was caught out by it and the tone of the matches dramatically changes. From then on, the champ is on the backfoot, fighting for mere survival as much anything else and the challenger refuses to let up. By the time Debbie Combs is showing signs of regaining an equal position, Wendi Richter resorts to a tried-and-true tactic without hesitation. Getting her opponent on the outside, Wendi Richter delivers a powerbomb to the hard floor, taking practically everything out of the champ. Debbie Combs manages to get a shoulder up at two and three quarters, for the inevitably pin attempt after she’s been dragged into the ring. Her best hope for a turnaround is Wendi Richter getting frustrated at this point, which the heel seems to intuitively know. Instead, the challenger takes the time to catch her breath and let the champ get to her feet and make the first move. Time isn’t on her side, as she visibly aches all over, so Debbie Combs throws her all into a spear attempt, only to be resisted, elbowed across the back and taken up for a third powerbomb. Wendi Richter doesn’t waste a second transitioning into a pin. Wendi Richter defeats Debbie Combs in 28:51 by pinfall after a powerbomb to win the NWA World Women’s Championship We end up a shot of the champion up on the turnbuckle, cackling with glee as the crowd shower her with venom.
  7. Scarlet-Left


    I'm really excited to see where this goes! There's so much cool stuff here, and the controversy with Butch Reed and Tully Blanchard is an excellent catalyst for a national expansion!
  8. Scarlet-Left

    AWA Major League Wrestling

    I cannot wait for someone to finally wipe the smile of Greg Gagne's face! New tag champs! Larry Zbyszko and Al Perez are unstoppable! El Canek beating Giant Haystacks is such a great result! What a treat for the audience to see that monster god down! I really dug the drama of teasing a draw between the Fabulous Ones and the Rock 'n' Roll Express! That would've been amazing to see live! I hope this is a sing of things to come for Curt Hennig! It's good to see Nick Bockwinkle get the win here - I hope he can work his way back into the title picture soon enough! I loved that great classic Jerry Lawler bout! The visual of the cable was so visceral! This has to have been Ricky Steamboat's greatest challenge yet! He's such a great champion but ... for a moment I really thought Carlos Colon was going to take him down. I'm very glad it all worked out for the Dragon! Really cool show!
  9. Scarlet-Left

    Pacific Coast Wrestling

    Really fun angle with the Hollywood Knights! I'm glad to see the Black Tiger regaining some momentum, and the show finished strong with a big brawl - the Sheepherders just the kind of violent crazies a heel faction can use to great effect!
  10. Scarlet-Left

    World Wrestling Federation (2.0)

    It's great to see Sting racking up victories! Hulk Hogan versus the Iron Sheik is a neat classic match - perfect fit for a house show main event.
  11. Scarlet-Left

    Continental Championship Wrestling

    Great to see the Bullet pulled out another against Tommy Rich! That War Games match was such a treat! I loved Dusty Rhodes running wild, and Bruiser Brody is such a fitting way to bring him crashing down!
  12. Scarlet-Left

    World Wrestling Federation (2.0)

    It's good to see momentum for the Von Erichs! Virgil is coming across like a serious threat! You do a good job reflecting how hot these 80s crowds were for Hulk Hogan.
  13. Scarlet-Left

    NWA Mega Events

    I loved the turn from Ted DiBiase ... boy, I wouldn't want Steve Williams and Terry Gordy mad at me, though! That War Games was so much fun - and a fireball is really cool way to top it all off! The main event had so much drama! If screwing Butch Reed out of his title wasn't bad enough, getting violent with Baby Doll paints such a great picture of the piece of work we've now got as our world champion! Great show from top to bottom!
  14. Scarlet-Left

    Wonder Women Wrestling

    Wonder Women of Wrestling – Episode No. XXXXXI – 24th of November 1986 – Airing Live! – Las Vegas, Nevada Advertised Match: Babyface Nellie versus Medusa Miceli for the WWW Fighting Spirit Championship and the NWA Texas Women’s Championship We open hot this week with Candice Pardue challenging for the television title. With Misty Blue Simmes at ringside, the challenger is coached to an impressive performance. Velvet McIntyre pays dearly for underestimating her opponent in the early goings of the match, but Candice Pardue starts to become rattled after failing to put the champ away with what seemed like a solid finishing sequence. Velvet McIntyre focuses on maintaining her stamina as she begins chipping away at her opponent’s defences. Eventually, an opportunity to end things comes her way and she latches onto it. Velvet McIntyre defeats Candice Pardue in 12:59 by pinfall after a swinging hurricanrana to retain the WWW Television Championship After a brief video interlude, we get to the interviews. A distraught Candice Pardue is talked around to a more cheerful attitude by her tag partner and Velvet McIntyre uses her interview time to predict a victory for Medusa Miceli in the main event. A commercial break then takes us to a match between two former world champions, with Wendi Richter taking on Misty Blue Simmes. The two women are on top form and – given the absence of Lisa Moretti – naturally assume a win here will translate into a spot in the main event on Saturday. The power advantage that Wendi Richter possesses is somewhat undermined by her paranoia that the enemies she’s recently made might come to scupper her chances of victory. The two wrestle a cautious and defensive style, allowing for brief flurries of excitement whenever either one spots an opportunity to go for the kill. The finish involves Peggy Lee Leather and KC Houston rushing down to the ring. Instead of trying to sabotage her, the pair immediately go after their target and beat her senseless. Wendi Richter defeats Misty Blue Simmes in 13:32 by disqualification after interference from Peggy Lee Leather and KC Houston The assault eats through the interview time as Wendi Richter struggles to lay a single punch in, her assailants know better than to let up and the beatdown is only concluded by the intervention of a horde of staff members. A second commercial break then takes us through to the main event. Babyface Nellie looks supremely nervous from the outset, in stark contrast to Medusa Miceli – sporting a whole new look, a red, white, and blue singlet and silver blocks of paint on her cheeks – who looks focused and composed. The result is a merciless offence from the challenger that has Babyface Nellie on the backfoot throughout. The champion does manage to get some big moves in and even secures a two count, but Medusa Miceli takes it all in stride and homes in on her opponent’s legs – holding a Boston crab for an excruciating amount of time – in order to neutralise the threat. Medusa Miceli defeats Babyface Nellie in 16:48 by pinfall with a bridging German suplex to win the WWW Fighting Spirit Championship and the NWA Texas Women’s Championship We end on a shot of the jubilant victor, cradling her two shiny title belts. * P.S. I have once again been swamped ... but I think I've got everything under control for now - we'll see come Saturday!
  15. Scarlet-Left

    Wonder Women Wrestling

    Wonder Women of Wrestling – Episode No. XXXXX – 17th of November 1986 – Airing Live! – Las Vegas, Nevada Advertised Match: Velvet McIntyre versus Medusa Miceli versus Mad Maxine versus Rhonda Singh versus Luna Vachon versus Reggie Bennett versus Leilani Kai versus Judy Martin versus Liz Chase versus Despina Montagas for the WWW Television Championship This week, the programme starts with a recap of the fallout from the previous main event. Pat Patterson then comes to take up a spot on the commentary desk during the opening match, answering – vaguely, evasively and sometimes unintelligibly – questions that people have had about the medical sate of Lisa Moretti. The in-ring action sees Candice Pardue take on Peggy Lee Leather. Both women are hungry for a victory, which makes for an awkward and violent encounter. Candice Pardue defeats Peggy Lee Leather in 11:30 by pinfall after a missile dropkick A brief video interlude then takes us to the interviews. Peggy Lee Leather becomes increasingly enraged during her interview time. Eventually the interviewer touches on a particularly sore subject – the breakup of her tag team with Wendi Richter – and she completely loses it, threatening the staff, throwing chairs around and promising bloody revenge on everyone she feels has wronged her. By contrast, Candice Pardue is pleased with herself and giddy with anticipation as to what a singles win can bring her. Misty Blue Simmes comes to join her and agrees that she deserves a shot at the television title. After a commercial break we come to a familiar match setup, with the world champion Debbie Combs taking on Wendi Richter in a tag team match. Respectively, their partners are Babyface Nellie and KC Houston. The resulting contest is fun and fast-paced, with a generally even balance of offence. Wendi Richter predictably hoards her team’s ring time, but she justifies it with a strong performance. The finish comes when Peggy Lee Leather runs down to ringside. KC Houston reacts by calling for the referee, but this backfires massively when her brief distraction gives the interloper enough time to interfere – Peggy Lee Leather trips Wendi Richter up and Debbie Combs takes full advantage. Debbie Combs & Babyface Nellie defeat Wendi Richter & KC Houston in 13:41 when Debbie Combs submits Wendi Richter with a camel clutch A video plays, advertising the VIP ticket experience and a new edition of the merchandise catalogue, before we get to the interviews. Instead of a sit-down interview, the camera follows Wendi Richter as she talks the corridors of the backstage area, hunting for her former tag team partner – KC Houston scurries after her. Unable to find her target and desperately needing to lash out, she turns on KC Houston and delivers a nasty powerbomb on the thinly carpeted floor. The faces talk up their victory – Babyface Nellie is a little less enthusiastic, but Debbie Combs is happy to feign ignorance about the interference – and chat away about their respective titles and prospective title challengers. A second commercial break then takes us to the main event. With the two large factions out for each other’s blood and both of them equally desperate to take out the champ herself, the main event has all the makings of a bloodbath and does not disappoint. Velvet McIntyre and Medusa Miceli demonstrate a keen strategic intelligence, picking off their opponents only when they’re sure it won’t seriously unbalance the dynamics of the match. Despina Montagas goes first, at which point the faces form a temporary alliance with the Glamour Girls, long enough to dump out Luna Vachon, before swinging the momentum back. The heels realise what’s happening far too late, by which time Liz Chase, Reggie Bennett, Judy Martin and Mad Maxine have all been dumped out. With four women left, the contest becomes more traditional, taking on the feeling of a tornado tag match. Leilani Kai can’t resist turning on her opponent at an opportune moment, however, and Rhonda Singh is dumped out. Knowing that she has to act quickly, Leilani Kai rushes to try pushing Velvet McIntyre out, but is scooped up and thrown out by Medusa Miceli. Velvet McIntyre and Medusa Miceli then shake hands before having a fair but fierce wrestling match. Both women are bruised, and the champion even has a busted lip, so each big move takes quite a bit out of them. It could go either way but, eventually, the champ proves why she’s the one with the strap. Velvet McIntyre defeats Despina Montagas & Luna Vachon & Liz Chase & Reggie Bennett & Judy Martin & Mad Maxine & Rhonda Singh & Leilani Kai & Medusa Miceli in 18:12 in a ten woman over-the-top-rope battle royal to retain the WWW Television Championship There are no hard feelings, and we end on a shot of Velvet McIntyre and Medusa Miceli with their arms around each other’s shoulders as they celebrate. * P.S. Sincere apologies for not getting any feedback up for other people! I've had a hell of a week!