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[2019-02-10-Dragon Gate-Open The Truth Gate] PAC vs Kzy


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I knew a PAC vs Kzy match was going to be good, but it didn't hit me that this was going to be a classic until Kzy's entrance music chimed. Neither guy is your stereotypical big match DG wrestler, so of course this was going to be an instant classic. I loved the tension that built just in the flag ceremony with everyone wondering if PAC would attack during "God Save The Queen" again. As for the match itself, it was actual murder. Kzy and PAC absolutely killed each other with big move after big move in a wild spectacle of a match. Dragon Gate wanted to tear the house down with a final show at Star Lanes, and that's what they delivered with another impressive PAC performance, ****3/4.

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It's awesome to see PAC back on the scene and clearly motivated to have good matches. The first few minutes of this is fairly pedestrian stuff until Kzy hits a dive that sends he and PAC backwards about 5 feet into the crowd and then follows it with a flipping neckbreaker from the apron. From there, we get PAC hitting an obscenely high superplex where it, honest to god, looks like KZYs feet touch the ceiling and he transitions into heel control. PAC bulking up and adding some whip and drive into his stuff during the WWE heel run really was a welcome addition, especially with KZY throwing himself and bumping huge and hard on everything. Say what you will about NXT,  PAC is really a much more expressive wrestler having gone through the ringer. As said, when this goes, it stays gone; huge bombs thrown, the dives are hit with such smoothness and heft, all the big moves are hit such snap and torque that KZY really does look like he could have snapped his back at about 3 points and even the strike exchanges are done right. The shooting star to a standing KZY was one of the craziest killshots I can ever remember seeing. It looked like the kind of thing that would completely break both of your shoulders. Wild match with a lethal heel performance from PAC and a fantastic performance from underneath by KZY. 2019 PAC owns.

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I sort of wished they cut the first five minutes or so of this match, but everything else was great. Easily PAC's best post-WWE performance and Kzy once again delivers in a big match setting. The finishing stretch had some tremendous bombs, particularly the backslide driver by PAC. A bit too many big move kick-outs but the finishing stretch has some of the most exciting action of the year so far. ****1/4.

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