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[2019-02-15-Rev Pro-High Stakes] Will Ospreay vs PAC

paul sosnowski

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I was worried coming into this match. PAC can be a bore when he plays up his slow, methodical heel character and Ospreay in the main event can be over the top. That could've very easily been the case here but it surprisingly wasn't. Was it a classic? probably not. I'm sure some will like this a lot better than I did. The start of the match was pretty good. They did a few flips, showed off being all cute with it. PAC was aggressive with his offence and was super good with his facial expressions and mannerisms. There was a few cool spots where Ospreay jumped the guardrail after PAC attempted to throw him into it (which was a nice call back to a similar spot earlier in the match where Ospreay went rib first into the barricade). The middle was pretty forgettable though. And the closing stretch was a bit overbooked. CCK interfering, ref bumps low blow and time limit draw. It wasn't terrible but it  didn't leave me wanting more honestly . So it didn't do its job in that sense it still was a good enough end part of the match to make up for the middle part which was look at your phone territory. ***

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