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[2019-02-17-OTT-Homecoming] WALTER vs PAC

paul sosnowski

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I'll admit there was some great chemistry here, but it was obvious they weren't going to give a full on classic here when the obvious finish was a DQ. WALTER working as a heel sounds picture perfect, but.. for some reason it also makes him work a bit more awkwardly. Like he's supposed to be a destroyer in the ring, yet immediately jets from the ring when he loses momentum. PAC's performance was pretty great too. Props for still putting on a more than solid effort even with a fucked finger, ****.

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This had such a great start with PAC going to work on WALTER's leg immediately w/ them kicks, and then using that as a set-up to bring on his flippy combinations. The finger dislocation looked disgusting & much props to PAC for continuing the match after that - I actually really liked how he seemed more grumpy than usual after he put it back in place, as he started angrily just stomping WALTER. WALTER on top working the arm & being the awesome big lad that he is was great as well, of course. The best moment of the match though was PAC dropping WALTER w/ those leg kicks - felt like a huge moment & the crowd certainly reacted like it was exactly that. Gave me some Danielson vs. Morishima 1 flashbacks, too - just absolutely loved it. Really good match & the best I've seen PAC in so far post-WWE. ***1/2

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