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[2019-02-17-OTT-Homecoming] Jordan Devlin vs David Starr


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Of all the opening matches this show could've had, I can't believe they started with this one. Starr coming out to the theme song of when Starr and Devlin were teaming as Killer Product WHILE wearing the team shirt was fucking amazing. Devlin was having none of that shit and immediately went at Starr to start an amazing brawl in the crowd. Kind of slowed down when it got back to the ring, but the heat never died down. The animosity was in the air that these guys needed to settle their differences, and in the end that is exactly what Devlin did FOR Starr. Even though Starr had no chance of winning this and was still humiliated in loss, I still don't think he came out of this looking worse because of how incredible the story was getting to here, ****1/2.

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Amazing. Devlin is just a fantastic babyface ace, coming out all business and no games. Meanwhile Starr decided to play /all/ the mind games, coming out to the tag theme song, wearing the Irish tights, and appropriating the Irish language too. That Devlin had none of it and just went after him was amazing. The crowd brawling was a little off but they made up for it with the moonsault and the initial visual of Devlin just tossing Starr into the chairs. Once they got into the ring, Starr was great in his heat segment as a smarmy heel with some great looking ground offense as well as striking. From there, they nicely escalated the action to the hot finish. Nice touches like Devlin kicking Starr to keep him down for the Moonsault or Starr constantly rolling outside to avoid the pin absolutely elevated this beyond just a spotfest. This was great.


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From the opening video package to the hot crowd you knew that this would be something special. Starr came out with the mind games and Devlin was having none of it. These two kicked it off with a wild brawl in the crowd culminating with Devlin delivering a sick moonsault from the top. Moving things to the ring they just went all go and no stop with great intensity. The finish to this was excellent and a perfect way to end this story for now. David Starr was perfect being the smarmy heel and Jordan Devin is a great babyface.

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The roles are reversed from their famous match that they had later in the year, with Starr playing the prick heel antagoniser to perfection. After betraying Delvin, Starr enters the arena with a smug look on his face and wearing the colors of the Irish flag on his trunks, complete with a t-shirt with a picture Delvin and Starr on it. This infuriates Delvin and they brawl around the arena. The crowd brawling looks decent for once, with some spots peppered in to keep things interesting. Once the match starts, Starr quickly takes control of the Irish Ace. This is much less melodramatic than their later match, but they harm it by doing too much and trying to get their shit in, making the big moments matter less. I enjoyed this more when the action slowed down and they slot in some organic storytelling, like the spot where Starr violently headbutts Devlin, or when he goes for his injured thumb. A potentially great match, harmed by the many tropes of modern indie wrestling. 


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