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[2019-02-02-ZERO1] Kohei Sato vs Fuminori Abe


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If you deeply care about concussions and wrestler's well being, I don't think you should watch this lol. This was basically 12 minutes of these two trying to concuss each other with punches and headbutts, as well as kicking the shit out of each other. Loved Abe as the feisty underdog, him getting busted open added to his fiery counters - which continue to be dope as fuck no matter how many times I see them - and the overall story. Wasn't that big of a fan of Sato just shrugging every bit of offense he took but he made it up by being a sadistic asshole and destroying Abe every chance he got.

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A Futen match in ZERO1, which of course, rules. Abe is such a good feisty underdog, Sato no sells as always and dishes things out twice as hard as anybody else. Them just taking turns straight punching each other in the head was gnarly, both are busted open by the end of it. Can't ask for much more in a hard-hitting 12-ish minute bout. 

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