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[1986-10-07-WWF-Rochester, NY] Bret Hart vs Tom Magee

Ricky Jackson

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The Holy Grail

JIP. Good match for what it was and considering Magee's level of experience. Hart was great playing to what little strengths Megaman had (or would ever have) and the crowd was totally engaged. It really was a master class in broomstick work. The preceding doc was great

Now give me the Monsel's powder angle 

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  • GSR changed the title to [1986-10-07-WWF-Rochester, NY] Bret Hart vs Tom Magee

The documentary before the match is really fun.

The match itself is far from a masterpiece, but I still enjoyed it more than most matches I see on RAW or SD today. Its the little things you get here that I don't think we get today that make the difference. For example, Magee does two armdrags into an armbar and actually looks like he's putting some pressure and torque on the limb, Bret really sells the struggle and works out of the move slowly (telling the story that its not just about pulling his arm out of the hold, which could cost him his arm, but angling out of it so Magee can't just snap it in half with his strength or pull it out its socket). Its such basic offense, but who cares? It has logic that Seth Rollins' repeated suicide dives spot doesn't. Later, Magee backflips off the corner and then hits two dropkicks. They're not the prettiest dropkicks ever, but hey, at the time, you didn't see guys built like Ultimate Warrior leave their feet much. Today, nearly everybody does superkicks, planchas, and moonsaults so seeing a guy with Magee's physique do backflips wouldn't be impressive, but in this context, it popped the crowd huge. The lesson here, to me, is diversity in movesets is something the WWE should consider being a bit stricter on. After getting with the dropkicks, Bret leaves the ring and takes a breather with his manager, Jimmy Hart (whose incessant "C'mon, baby" and taunting of Magee as a "meathead" and "pretty boy" is terrific and sorely missed in today's product), and a fan gives him the bird and tells him to fuck off. Wow...today, there'd probably be a "This is Awesome" chant because audiences are "too smart" to actually boo or cheer characters. Back in the ring they go and Bret takes control. Magee seems out of position for a move here or there, but nothing I'd consider a real "botch" because perfect execution and choreography makes things look less real to me. So, even if Bret doesn't really catch him with all of his elbow from the 2nd rope because Magee sits up/rolls out of position somewhat, it still works because why on Earth would anyone just lie there and take an elbow drop if they had the will and energy to try to dodge it? The same can be said for Bret having to struggle a bit to get Magee up-and-over for an attempted suplex (that ends up leading to the finish). 

Worth watching for the doc and, because the doc is good, I was totally on-board to watch the match too and I like that they are compiled together so that you don't have to search for it separately.

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