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[1986-08-23-NWA-Worldwide] Magnum T.A. vs Nikita Koloff


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This is #7 in the best of 7. This is a legendary feud and spawned many imitations. The crowd is amped for this. The heat is insane. TA is super over and to the fans in the crowd he's Captain America. TA to me is an incredible wrestler. He has good timing, incredible fire, big time charisma, and you believe in him. The crowd went bonkers on a cross body by TA. Magnum working the arm during his shine. He's dropping the knee on the arm. Love Magnum using the hammerlock, and his shine is really focused. TA post Nikita's arm. Flying AX handle gets 2. Nikita gives TA a few knees, but TA uses his speed and gets control back. Koloff uses his size, but TA takes back control. TA misses a cross body and Nikita is after the back of his opponent. Koloff selling of the arm is really strong here. Love Tony putting over the back work taking away Magnum's belly to belly. Nikita drops the elbow, but is consitant and sells it. Big bear hug by Nikita. TA trying to get seperation, but to no avail. Back to the bear hug. The crowd trying to get Magnum to rally. TA with a barrage of punches, and a big drop kick. The match feels likes it all Magnum, huge interferance and Nikita levels Magnum with the Russian Chain. 


The story, heat, drama made this match. We had outstanding story telling. Both guys match psychology and selling was aces. 4 1/4*

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