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[2019-05-13-NJPW-Best of the Super Juniors: Night One] Shingo Takagi vs SHO

paul sosnowski

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Quite possibly the match of the tournament thus far. Proof that NJPW main events need to be kept below 30 minutes unless the wrestlers can get to work right away like they did for this one. From the lock-up onwards they really sold the competitive nature between SHO and Shingo. SHO was obsessed with beating the man he considers his "rival" while Shingo was determined to prove SHO wasn't on his level. Excellent back-and-forth bombs with both guys taking each other's best shots. You knew beforehand that Shingo was most likely going to win, but the question was how tough of a fight SHO could give him. And he gave him one hell of a fight.

Serious MOTYC. ****3/4

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The most built-up match of the year. And whilst it's not the main event, it felt on that level. Extremely strong match with both guys totally outdoing themselves and delivered on what they built up in the tag team matches. Sho looked great with his power moves and submission attempts, making Shingo looks the most vulnerable he has been since debuting. Shingo ruled as always but Sho was the standout here. ****1/4

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