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[2019-05-23-NJPW-Best of the Super Juniors: Night Eight] Will Ospreay vs Bandido

paul sosnowski

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I don't think I'm quite as high on this match as most (I thought their WrestleCon match was better), but this was still a really fun match. Lots of high-flying and big move offense, it just didn't really reach that next level for me. It's hard to explain, but it never felt like "Holy shit!" and was more like "Yeah, that was really cool."

Really entertaining match worth checking out, but there have been better this tournament. ****

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Awesome bombfest where there was a heightened sense of competitive struggle to everything. Felt less cooperative than the Ricochet matches but still with that same high-flying spectacular edge. Really enjoyed this piece of work, kept a breakneck pace, and everything looked fantastic. Hard to complain.


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For a spotfest to impress me at this point in my fandom, they really have to go for it and work as smooth as silk and these guys did all of that. This was an awesome spectacle that left my jaw firmly on the ground. Ospreay is the bigger man and takes control of his opponent to start. The only thing that could bring distract from his incredible athletism is his hilariously goofy facial expressions. Everything was going so-so until that insane shooting star plancha from Bandido made everyone in the building lose their shit. Bandido has some of the smoothest hurricanaranas that I've seen. Ospreay's backflipping out of Bandido's already impressive finish was the coolest thing I've seen in a wrestling ring in quite some time. ★★★★

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