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[2019-08-11-WWE-SummerSlam] Brock Lesnar vs Seth Rollins


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EDIT: re-watch from 2021.

Goddamn I didn't like Rollins at all in this. It isn't that surprising, but it's disappointing, because the elements for a potential great match were there. A taped up mid-section that Brock attacks in an awesome fashion? Uh hell yes please, but then Seth doesn't really sell it much at all & is on the offense with his weak looking arsenal for wayyy too long, for my liking. It's a great & definite way to put him over, no doubts about that, but a good match it is not. *3/4

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Rollins will never sell anything, even if the story of the match is based around him being too hurt to do his stuff (see him vs Owens at HiaC 2016, vs HHH at WM33), but on the other hand he had the intensity needed for a match like this. It really felt like his life depended on this victory over Lesnar, and it made for a spectacle.

Brock, of course, is one of the best bumpers ever. He's just not afraid of having his head bounce full force, and it made Rollins' offense look really damn good. Lesnar's offense was obviously great, to the point where a BEARHUG got the crowd invested.

Great, great stuff.

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