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    AEW All Out 2020

    I watched the PPV the way God intended - in fits and starts at my in-laws over the course of a holiday weekend, right before I went to sleep and just as I would wake up (their house is small and they never replaced my wife's single bed, so I'm on a pullout couch when we stay over). The $50 price tag is absurd, but I'm fortunate enough to be able to indulge a few times a year (mercifully, they have not yet gone to a PPV per month model). I skipped the last one, as that was right as the pandemic began (I think?), and I was able to catch a few matches on youtube the next day. I went for this one, interested in at least four of the matches, and having seen everything but the eight man tag...I don't regret it. Can't add anything to the Hardy discourse. Real bad stuff and hopefully they learn from this. Not letting Hardy wrestle again this year would be the minimum. I hate botch culture, too, but the Sydal thing was a big time woofer and took me out of the battle royal. As silly as it sounds, it may not have been as bad for me had his entrance video not flashed 'SSP' in giant block letters moments earlier. I think I knew his name, but had never seen him before, but immediately promoting him as a presumed SSP specialist only to lead to...that was no bueno. I should keep reminding myself that it's nuts they've all been wrestling in the peak of terrible Florida humidity for months, Saturday night included, and judge some matches accordingly. I liked the FTR match, but didn't think it hit that extra level, and maybe it couldn't given the heat. Moxley/MJF was real solid. Not a classic and not something i'm likely to revisit, but they told a good story and I was fine with the fuck finish. Don't know what they do with Archer to make the result any more obvious than what they did with Moxley/Lee earlier this summer. Oh yeah...this has applied for real sports the last few years for me, too, where everyone bitches about announcing all the time, but unless it's really obvious and grating (Mauro ), I'm able to tune it out. Same with JR in AEW. I'm sure the product would be improved by just letting Excalibur and Tony handle things, with the occassional third voice thrown in (Taz has been solid, from what I pay attention to), but I'm really not hanging on every word and really even paying attention that much. I know that's not feedback the company should rely on, of course.
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    The Arn Anderson podcast

    Is there any market at all to hear anyone, even Arn Anderson, talk about Fatal 4 Way 2010 and Battleground 2015?
  3. Cowboy Hats 4.0

    [2012-08-19-WWE-Summerslam] Brock Lesnar vs Triple H