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  1. Cowboy Hats 4.0

    WWE Network... It's Here

    Biggest takeaway from The Last Ride - McCool is a family name??
  2. Cowboy Hats 4.0

    WWE Network... It's Here

    I'm three episodes in to The Last Ride and am enjoying it, but I'm taken aback every time Michael Hayes appears in the background. He looks like a literal clown.
  3. Cowboy Hats 4.0

    [1998-08-08-WCW-Road Wild] Battle Royal

    WWE posted this match to their youtube page over the weekend. It's real dumb!
  4. Cowboy Hats 4.0

    WWE TV 06/15 - 06/23 Liv Morgan.

    So what was this about?
  5. Cowboy Hats 4.0


    AJ/Bryan lived up to the hype! And I couldn't/wouldn't have been upset had anyone here mentioned the finish, but getting to watch it days later without having been spoiled was a nice treat. I didn't realize Hulu puts up Smackdown immediately (or close to it). I had assumed it was still a one month delay, so I'm glad I checked. I have the basic Hulu subscription, with ads, so was shocked when no ads played during this match. The intros and outros to commercial breaks were still there, of course. I believe it was five in a match that had less than thirty minutes of airtime. That's a lot! But it was the ideal way to watch, as even off the DVR would have required a few seconds of fast forwarding.
  6. Cowboy Hats 4.0

    Backlash 2020 - The one with the GREATEST MATCH EVER

    They got me to watch Orton/Edge purely because of the absurd name of the match. It was fine, not bad by any means, but nothing anyone needs to go out of their way to see. Maybe it's not worse than their booking, and I know this isn't a new point, but this company's editing and camerawork makes it really difficult to watch a match. I really don't understand the thinking behind it. Is it just that a madman once thought his product should look like an action movie and he's never let go of it? And while bodies in the crowd is better than literally no one, this company can't help but be weird about it. I don't know the exact differences to explain why AEW feels so natural about it in comparison, but it may be that the AEW wrestlers in the crowd seem like they are just hanging out. The NXT interns seem to be in designated spots, dressed in company shirts, all chanting 'this is awesome'. Cringey stuff. And I feel for anyone in the NXT crowd that eventually turns into a star and there will be video of them chanting 'fight forever' during a 2020 Edge match.
  7. I’ve been reading you for way too long to feel this confident that Otis’ answer is Rock/Mankind at Royal Rumble ‘99?
  8. Cowboy Hats 4.0

    Chris Hyatte passes away

    Woah...haven’t thought of the name in over fifteen years, but was a reader and fan at the turn of the century. Thank you for the write up.
  9. Cowboy Hats 4.0

    AEW Double or Nothing 2020

    Lack of muscle mass? Have any body shamers gone after Chuck? If so, please direct me to those sources. I purchased the two PPVs since AEW started weekly television, but I really can’t justify fifty smackers on this one (as I just dropped...a lot on an Other Half ipa delivery order).
  10. Cowboy Hats 4.0

    Dark Side of the Ring: Viceland docu-series

    Would love the real scoop on Undertaker abducting Stephanie McMahon.
  11. Cowboy Hats 4.0

    The Wednesday Night War

    What has the ratings situation been, generally, during quarantine? Any bump in viewers?
  12. Cowboy Hats 4.0

    Comments that don't warrant a thread - Part 4

    An incredible story. Thank you.
  13. Cowboy Hats 4.0

    WWE TV 4/27-5/3 Whoops Forgot to Start a Thread Edition

    Did they really take away his first name?
  14. Cowboy Hats 4.0

    WrestleMania 36

    Not in favor of adding more matches to the mix. Both nights came in around three hours, right? And that's without a concert or mini-HOF ceremony. Skipping around a three hour show the night of or the next morning was reasonable. Anything more and we're back to it being a chore. Watched Flair/Ripley live, but couldn't get back to things until the show was over. Frustratingly, the network app took at least twenty minutes for the show to post (around 10:45 pm EST the live feed was on whatever they were showing next and there was no WM Part II link for a while). Once I got on, skipped to Lesnar/McIntyre (no matter the result, felt bad for Drew after watching the well done Chronicle of him earlier in the day) and then the Funhouse. I considered Orton/Edge, but my willingness continued to fade as I continued to rewind the feed and was coming to terms with just how long it was. Before then, even, I was checking out comments here and considering avoiding spoilers, I skipped a whole page of comments during this match. Two pages later and the comments were still going! I can probably handle a 15 minute trainwreck, but this just seems like too much.
  15. Cowboy Hats 4.0

    WrestleMania 36

    From a sad man's memory: WM 20: Orton, Batista and Flair v. Rock and Foley WM 21: Orton v. Undertaker WM 22: Orton v. Angle v. Mysterio WM 23: MITB? WM 24: Orton v. HHH v. Cena WM 25: Orton v. HHH (main event) WM 26: Orton v. Rhodes v. Dibiase WM 27: Orton v. Punk WM 28: Orton v. Kane WM 29: Orton, Big Show and Sheamus v. The Shield WM 30: Orton v. Batista v. Bryan (main event) WM 31: Orton v. Rollins WM 33: Orton v. Wyatt WM 34: Orton v. Rusev v. Mahal v. Roode (?) WM 35: Orton v. Styles WM 36: Orton v. Edge Can't hold all against him (Kane, Wyatt, US title four way, MITB), but yeah, not a great record. Offhand, would be willing to revisit the Evolution tag, Undertaker and Punk. Maybe Rollins.