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  1. Cowboy Hats 4.0

    All Elite Wrestling

    Are you having a stroke?
  2. Cowboy Hats 4.0

    Comments that don't warrant a thread - Part 4

    Oh yeah, I could read hours of this
  3. Cowboy Hats 4.0

    WWE TV 05/31 - 06/06 Chelsea won

    Everyone complains about LeBron, so that would check out. I asked my father, a lifelong New Yorker who retired to Florida seven months ago, about the Knicks. Didn't have anything to say about them; no surprise, can't tell you the last time he watched an NBA game (the 1990s??), but...of course, he had to get in a crack about LeBron leaving game six before the end because I assume he clicked through on some New York Post outrage garbage.
  4. Last month during the Harry/Megan/Oprah interview, those in the UK who wanted to watch it live were forced to stream the American broadcast, including commercials. Thousands of tweets from people who have never in their lives seen an advertisement for medicine. Another nice window into how insane this country is.
  5. Cowboy Hats 4.0

    Wrestlemania 37

    Any hero online check to see what was the longest held camera shot during a match this weekend? Three seconds?
  6. That's a good idea. Here's Taker/Bray from the year before: (if the link directs to the first page, match-talk begins on page 11)
  7. I would have said it was the best match, but then remembered Lesnar/Goldberg in a meaty sprint.
  8. While it's...difficult to defend Shane at WM32, his return two months earlier was a big deal (or at least well received) and he has somehow stuck around for the next five years. Including having the best second-best match at the following years Wrestlemania. But yeah, WM32...good for you not attempting to describe the storyline going into the match and its stipulation.
  9. Cowboy Hats 4.0

    AEW Revolution

    And don't underestimate how using the announcement to sell a $50 ppv played into the expectations and reaction. Hyping a surprise for the following week on cable television would have played differently.
  10. Cowboy Hats 4.0

    AEW Dynamite - March 10, 2021

    As one of those suckers who dropped $50 for Sunday night, I was real happy with this episode of Dynamite. I was even ok with Christian coming out when he did, though yeah, I don't need a months-long program for the title with him. But: - Maki Itoh is channel changing stuff for me, folks. - All companies should stop with the spot of powerbombing someone off the stage onto heavily protected padding. I don't need something more violent, necessarily, just anything that doesn't look so lame.
  11. I suppose this is the inverse of another thread's topic - terrible matches enhanced by the finish. Best case for this match would have been to just be forgotten had Undertaker won. While it's certainly not fondly remembered now, the lack of heat and Undertaker's performance and look (even pre-concussion) all took a back seat to streak talk afterwards.
  12. Cowboy Hats 4.0

    AEW Revolution

    Yeah...I didn't want to prolong the Christian Top 5 convo here, but two questions did come to mind, in terms of starpower or importance to the Attitude Era: - Ranking the six competitors in the TLC matches - Christian v. The Godfather
  13. Cowboy Hats 4.0

    WWE Network... It's Here

    They do have Yellowstone, which will drive some subscriptions, but that's also another in the long line of confusing and infuriating things about our streaming culture. It's a Paramount show and yet it's not on Paramount+.
  14. Cowboy Hats 4.0

    AEW Revolution

    At the risk of continuing the negativity and being nitpicky (as always, much easier to note what I didn't like than what I did), why was Cody even in the ladder match? He has been kept pretty special for the last year and a half, but he came across as just another guy last night. Genuine questions about deathmatches: do they all have a time limit after which the ring is set to explode? Have any, before last night, ever finished before the time limit? If so, does the ring still explode even after a decisive result? Even before the dud, I was not clear on why the countdown was continuing. Omega's finisher on the chair was sick, but the finish was off to me because I figured the match was going through the thirty minute mark.
  15. Cowboy Hats 4.0

    AEW Revolution

    Oh yeah. Obviously, I regret dropping $50 and spending the night on this, but I'm lucky enough that I can take the $$ hit, and I would have still had FOMO following the show online had I not watched. And I'll keep watching Dynamite (or DVRing it and watching it over the following week), but unless the build to future ppvs is incredible (and the next one is already only two months ago), I'll be sitting these out for a while.