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The Wrestling Action Figure Trios Tournament Of Triumph


Test Round  

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  1. 1. Test Round

    • Piper, Orton and Orndorff
    • Daivari Brothers and Hassan

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As a kid, I lived for wrestling figures and dropped out of it in 2003 when I became self conscious. I gave my collection away to my nephews over time; but I suffered some traumas over a few years. I lost my parents, finding my mother dead, coming to grips with childhood abuse and leaving a terrible relationship. I ended up finding some figures and it brought me some comfort and began collecting again. Life has not gotten easier and someone suggested sharing my collection in pictures. I like building teams and had an idea to do a fantasy trios tourney using figures I own as a challenge. I know others here collect and thought you guys might want to participate. All voting is in kayfabe, covering the matches like they are real. You can comment or just vote.  Feel free to share your collections too, especially if they are loose. Personally my money is on Bob Backlund, Jimmy Snuka and Mil Mascaras, the greatest trio in history.

The MC is Billionaire Mark Ivy, let him explain it. 


Hi, I'm running an action figure  tourney called 'Action League W*RE presents Holidaze Maximum Elimi-Nation Trios Tournament Of Triumph", more than sixteen teams of figures fight it out to declare, who is baddest in the toy bin and the people vote on it.

An example match we have the Daivari Brothers and Muhammad Hassan vs the unnamed yet iconic trio of Roddy Piper, "Ace Cowboy" Bob Orton and "Mr.Wonderful" Paul Orndorff. You vote on who wins.


Vote now, Vote Often

Vote now, Vote Often

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I like the use of the action figures, and I like the idea of using a poll to determine the winners. I'd guess that, for the most part, old school teams will be at an advantage here at PWO. You might get totally different results if you posted this elsewhere.

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Thanks, it is running at Instagram and my Facebook. 

If this does well, I was thinking other collectors could enter and we can do a draft or something. 

Its a very relaxing hobby for me. 

Thanks to anyone voting. 

The other places are voting the same as here mostly


16 teams


38 wrestling figures 


1 sad manchild.

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