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The Tournament Bracket and Meet The Teams


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Bullet Club is AJ Styles, Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows

Outsiders is Nash, Hall and Syxx

Road Warriors are Hawk, Animal and Power Warrior

Midnight Express is Stan, Bobby and Bubba

Freebirds are Gordy, Buddy and Hayes

Wyatts are Bray, Harper and Rowan

Horsemen are Flair, Tully and Arn

Evolution is HHH, Orton and Batista

Dudleys are Bubba, D-Von and Spike

Brood are Edge, Christian and Gangrel

Russians are Nikita, Ivan and Volkoff

I will be posting in Kayfabe bios and maybe angles. 

Give your thoughts here.

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The Midnight Express of Stan Lane and Bobby Eaton under the leadership of Jim Cornette, are one of the best teams of all time, despite the fact none of them are founders of the team.
The Midnight Express began life as a trio of Randy Rose, Dennis Condrey and Norvell Austin in Alabama. Eventually Rose and Austin went away and Bobby Eaton and a young junior manager replaced the two.

This version of the Midnites was very successful, winning titles in the roughneck Mid South Territory and later the NWA World Tag Team championship.
Along the way, the increasingly hated Cornette, hired a bodyguard in the form of a former prison guard, known only as "Big Bubba Rogers". Who proved to be a dangerous fighter.

Eventually the last remaining founder, Dennis Condrey disappeared under mysterious circumstances, unknown to all but Condrey, Cornette and Eaton.
It was feared this would be the end of the team, even as Bubba proved a capable partner, he never quite gelled with Eaton.
This seemed to be the new status quo until another legendary team ended, leading to the creation of the most successful and famous version of the Midnight Express.

The Fabulous Ones of Stan Lane and Steve Keirn had been an incredibly popular team at one point, inspiring imitators of varying quality; the greatest of these imitations actually exceeded the success of the Fabs and became the greatest rival to the Midnight Express, in the form of the Rock and Roll Express.

But by 1987, Steve Keirn had briefly left the sport, leaving Stan with no partner. Thus creating a team greater than the previous two.
The Midnights along with Bubba, dominated the NWA, defeating almost every team in the promotion.
As the tournament goes, they have victories over The Horsemen, Freebirds and Road Warriors. They have a real chance at pulling off the upset. They are unmatched in teamwork and Bubba can match power with anyone, while Cornette is a wildcard at ringside.

Will they win the grand prize at the Action League W*RE Presents Holidaze Elimi-Nation Trios Tournament of Triumph? Only you can decide.


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Whether you call them the Bullet Club, The OC or simply The Club, this trio is a dark horse in this tournament, simply because of meeting the odds on favorite the Shield in round one.

But that really does not do this trio justice, in particular their leader, AJ Styles, who is arguably the greatest wrestler of his generation. He is the third man to ever hold the WWE and NWA title and the only to hold those two and the IWGP championship.

He took the Bullet Club to new heights and has had success in every promotion he has worked in, whether it was an abandoned school house in Cornelia, Georgia, the Impact Zone or the Tokyo Dome.

His teammates are Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson, who founded the original Bullet Club in Japan. The two have proven to be a very talented and dangerous tag team, their Magic Killer finisher has taken out top teams in New Japan and WWE.

But they have never beat Roman Reigns, they have never beat the Shield. For all of the success of AJ Styles and his cohorts; having defeated John Cena, Sting, Samoa Joe, New Day, Kurt Angle, The Usos, Dudleys Shinsuke Nakamura, but they have never defeated the Shield, many say they can't beat the Shield, will the Bullet Club prove everyone wrong.

If they do, the road will only get rougher.

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New Day go into Action League W*RE Presents Holidaze Elimi-Nation Trios Tournament of Triumph as one of the top seeded teams. Much like Demolition and the Freebirds, New Day are happy being an elite trio.
Their undisputed leader Kofi Kingston just had a long impressive World Title reign and had established a hall of fame career before New Day formed.

Big E had a good singles career before New Day, being a former NXT and Intercontinental champion, but he had began to stagnate before joining the team.

He now thrives as the team enforcer.
Xavier Woods has really developed in the New Day, before the team formed, he was directionless in WWE, having had a fairly successful tenure in other leagues.
They will face old foes in the Wyatt Family/Bludgeon Brothers in the first round. They defeated a version of the Wyatts on ppv in 2015, but struggled greatly in their feud with Rowan and Harper. They eventually did defeat the team, even if it is believed Rowan was weakened by an injury.

New Day will be anxious to prove that win was not a fluke.

A loss New Day will want to avenge is to the Shield, a trio that New Day has been in the shadow of since day one.
But the most interesting potential matchup will be vs Demolition. The team New Day took the tag title longevity run from. Advocates for Demolition insist New Day do not hold the record; due to their use of the so call Freebird Rule, a rule that allows trios to defend duos titles. A rule that Demolition themselves exploited in their final reign.

In any case, New Day are determined to be named the Trio Of Triumph in Action League W*RE Presents Holidaze Elimi-Nation Trios Tournament Of Triumph.

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The Rhodes family do not have much experience as a team, but Cody and brother Goldust had excellent runs as tag team champions. Dusty himself has held multiple six man tag team titles and was a multi time World Champion. Beyond the Shield, The Horsemen and Evolution will be waiting to take out this dynasty and settle grudges.

Most worrisome for Dusty will be his former partners the Road Warriors, as the memory of their attempt to gouge his eye out is never far from the Dream's mind.

How will they fair in the Action League W*RE Presents Holidaze Elimi-Nation Trios Tourney Of Triumph.

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In the last decade there has been various factiond spring up seeking to dominate all of wrestling. Of all these units, three have risen head and shoulders above the others. They are New Day, The Shield and finally the Wyatt Family, named for their leader, Bray Wyatt.

While New Day and Shield concerned themselves with championships, accolades and awards, the Wyatts have other ambitions. These ambitions involve not simply breaking bodies, but shattering spirits.

In pursuit of these goals. They have made many enemies and their success is not reflect in wins and losses.

In the first round they face the New Day, a team they had a strange war with in 2016. Later New Day was brutalized by Erick Rowan and Luke Harper in several title matches.

But New Day are determined to prove they can definitively defeat the Wyatt Family in any form.

The Wyatts desire to win the tournament to spread their unique brand of misery and despair.

If they can defeat New Day, the path grows ever more dangerous with The Road Warriors, Demolition and their greatest enemies, the Shield.

Follow the vultures to Action League W*RE Presents Holidaze Elimi-Nation Trios Tournament of Triumph.

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The Shield are the number two seeds in this tournament behind the mythic Road Warriors. Which is striking some observers as controversial, as the Shield are the greatest team in the last decade; they went a year without losing a match, captured the world tag team titles and went onto incredible singles success, holding a combined nine world titles and each getting the still elusive WWE Triple Crown.

In the tournament they will need to look out for The New Day and the Wyatt Family, trios that came in the wake of the Shield's success; Bray Wyatt has engaged in brutal feuds with all three men. They will face the Bullet Club in the first round, AJ Styles has proven to be a great rival to both Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose. While Styles proved to be better than Ambrose, he never cracked the code of Roman Reigns. The Shield must also beware of the Rhodes Family, who ended the Shield's first title reign.

The Shield have also had difficulty recreating their original success in reunions, as if cursed by the wrestling gods.

Can they overcome the curse and win, that is up to you, as you vote in the Action League W*RE Presents Holidaze Elimi-Nation Trios Tournament Of Triumph.

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I forgot to add, the brackets were created randomly by accident. But me and some friends thought this looked fine. 

I initially had 32 trios and worked it down to 16. The Russians were the final team selected, as it came down to the Russians, The Samoans (Afa, Sika and Kokina), Abdullah, Kamala and Botswana Beast and the Colons. I went with the Russians since Nikita and Ivan were part of a dominant championship trio. That there is a personal conflict with Smash facing his former mentor and partner, was a happy coincidence. 

I think everyone knows, but assume every team is at peak power.

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