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Action League W*RE News Flash, as reported earlier, The Young Bucks have agreed to compete in ALW, while not all competitors were happy about this, one group was livid. That group being Jim Cornette and his Midnight Express. Shortly after making an ominous comment to announcer Brad Goodman, the Bucks were slaughtered by the Midnights, Cornette and bodyguard the Big Bossman. The two Bullet Club members are now injured and their return is unknown. What is known is AJ Styles, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson are incensed and demand revenge.

Commissioner Krustavski has refused to grant the match before Action League W*RE Presents Holidaze Elimi-Nation Trios Tournament of Triumph, meaning their earliest chance for vengeance will be in the Action League W*RE Presents Holidaze Elimi-Nation Trios Tournament of Triumph finale. Upon hearing this, a boisterous Cornette crowed that "the same shallow grave holding the Bucks, could hold every member of The Ballet Club, even if the Vege-Matic is needed to slice them into pieces." These comments only give The Bullet Club more ammunition to destroy the Shield. F

AJ Styles swore he would go over Krustavski's head to get revenge.


W*RE Presents Holidaze Elimi-Nation Trios Tournament of Triumph.



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News Flash: Action League W*RE owner, Billionaire Mark Ivy has overruled AWL Commissioner Krustavski and announced the brackets will be changed. Now the Bullet Club will face the Midnight Express and Big Bubba Rogers in the first round of the Action League W*RE Presents Holidaze Elimi-Nation Trios tournament Of Triumph. Mark Ivy explained he had recently regained his billionaire status after regaining his #3 Nickel from a mysterious Man Witch named Voodoom. That he does not want his tournament torn apart by bad blood and wanted the two groups to settle their differences in round one.


Upon hearing the news, Jim Cornette and his Midnights cheered. Cornette explained to Brad Goodman "If I were a praying man, I would thank God, but I'm not, so I won't. Unlike those twerpy half men, the Bucks, I actually respect AJ Styles, Gallows and Anderson. But if this is the hill these idiots want to die on, The Midnights are happy to dig their graves.

AJ Styles mood was quite different. He told reporter Kent Brockman. "I don't have any cute quips to share. I respected Jim Cornette my entire life, in all honesty for being so vicious. But I failed my friends and damnit, me and the Good Sons are going to take it out of Cornette's hide." Strong words from angry men. They need to remember that win or lose, their night at Action League W*RE Presents Holidaze Elimi-Nation Trios Tournament of Triumph is just starting. 


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News Flash!!! Action League W*RE owner, Millionaire Mark Ivy has just presented the grand prize for the Action League W*RE Presents Holidaze Elimi-Nation Trios Tournament of Triumph; it the original Megazord aka Daizjujin, the ultimate instrument of teamwork!! Will the winners save the world or bury it!!! When reached for comment, Ric Flair is quoted as saying "Can you imagine the Nature Boy, looking good as only he can, sitting in the backseat of Daizyujin with some female admirers and drinks flowing, as the Enforcer Arn Anderson, pilots the ultimate instrument of destruction and allows the Horsemen to rule the earth, WHOOOOO!!!!" Demolition Smash was contacted, "When Demolition takes control of the Megazord, a billion pounds of American engineering and know how. We will take over the earth, knocking the teeth down the throats of stinking commies!!! In fact our first act, will be demolishing Mount Rushmore and breaking the faces of those ugly old geeks and putting our heads on it, then breaking that sissy Great Wall Of China!!!" Kevin Nash and Scott Hall were rumored to already be forming an auction for interested collectors. Billionaire Mark Ivy after selling the Fortress Of Solitude, was asked about the validity of offering such a prize to violent narcissistic brutes? Ivy was quoted as saying freedom is our most valuable commodity and the reason for the season. All eyes will be on Action League W*RE Presents Holidaze Elimi-Nation Trios Tournament of Triumph, as if our lives depend upon it. 


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The first round is over. 

Demolition defeated the Russians handily. The match came down to Ivan and Ax as generals commanding their troops, but Ax proved to be a superior strategist here, using Smash to anger his former teammates. Allowing the Demos to isolate Nikolai. It ended with Crush and Ax using the Demolition Decapitation to pin Volkoff. 

The Shield defeated The Dudleys in a match where the Shield were caught off guard initially. Bubba and D-Von proved to be better brawlers. They made sure to avoid working the Shield's match. But they knew their youngstest brother was a liability in the long run. The Shield had made Spike the center point of their strategy. They knew Bubba and Dvon would focus so much on protecting Spike, they would be vulnerable. The Hounds isolated and brutalized Bubba and forced a situation where Spike had to tag in. Soon they finished Spike with the Triple Bomb.

Wyatts vs New Day was a brutal fight that went all over the Ivy Dome and ended in a draw after thirty minutes. Commissioner Krustavski ordered a restart and soon there was a double DQ, as Big E and Harper flattened the referee. The match was again restarted and Bray was pinned by the rare Double Midnight Hour. Things will not get easier for the New Day. 

Road Warriors and Power Warrior thrashed the trio of Piper, Orton and Orndorff. Roddy's Rowdies were able to isolate Power Warrior for a time, but things fell apart quickly, when Piper accidentally hit Orndorff. Mr.Wonderful piledrived Piper and left, allowing a Doomsday Device to finish off a now alone Orton Jr.


Outsiders defeated the Brood in a surprisingly competitive match. The Brood kept The Outsiders off balance with teamwork and air attacks. 

But soon the cunning and power of Hall and Nash took root and Gangrel was finished by the power bomb. 

The Horsemen defeated the Rhodes Dynasty with controversy. Three hooded men with familiar builds ambushed the Rhodes on the way to the ring. Dusty's ankle was injured. 

Cody was distraught and was trying to help his father, leaving Goldust alone. 

Cody is tagged in and pinned after a double Gourdbuster from Arn and Tully.

The Freebirds defeated Evolution quickly with a backdrop into a powerbomb. Triple H was visibly upset and regretted not teaming with D-X. 

The Midnight Express and Big Bubba Rogers defeated the Bullet Club trio of Styles, Gallows and Anderson in a brutal match. 

The Bullets obsession with Cornette proved to be their undoing and Bubba pinned Gallows after the Bubba Slam. 

However there was a messure of revenge, when Styles locked Cornette in the calf crusher. 





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