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Championship Wrestling from Florida Episode 1

Live from the Sportatorium in Tampa

Available on cable access channel 32


We open to Gordon Solie sitting at a desk set up inside the small arena, where a few hundred fans are in their seats, awaiting the rebirth of their beloved Florida Championship Wrestling promotion.


Solie: Ladies and gentleman, it gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the first show of a new era of Florida Championship Wrestling! We thank you for tuning in here in the sunshine state and we have a great show jam-packed with some of the most talented wrestlers in the world today! And we are going to get things started today with our preliminary round of our tournaments for our titles. We will be featuring a tag team title, heavyweight singles title, and a light heavyweight singles title. There will be an 8 team tournament for the tag title, and also an 8 man tournament for the heavyweight title, and we will feature a 4 man tournament for the light heavyweight title that will take place in it's entirety next week! As an added bonus, I will be conducting post-match interviews with each winner today. So without further ado, let's kick things off with our first tag title tournament preliminary round match!


Tag Team Title Preliminary Round match 1:


The Axis (Iron Sheik and Ivan Koloff) w/Classy Freddie Blassie vs. The Fantastics (Tommy Rogers and Bobby Fulton)


In a very competitive match, Sheik and Koloff wind up winning after a cane shot from Freddie Blassie. Sheik puts Fulton in the Camel Clutch and that is all she wrote.

Winners: The Axis!

Solie: I want to welcome The Axis up here to our interview area, victors over the high flying Fantastics, although there were some questionable tactics that went down towards the end of the match. Do you care to comment on that, Mr. Blassie?

Blassie: The only thing questionable I see in this arena is that suit you are wearing, Solie, did you get that at a thrift store? What was it, $1.99? You paid too much.


Solie: Freddie, The Axis, regardless of how it came about, is now advancing in the tournament. What will happen if your other team, The Heavenly Bodies is victorious later today and winds up meeting The Axis?


Blassie: I have a plan for that, and that is exactly what is going to happen, because they are the two best tag teams in Florida and they will be the two teams vying for the championship. And it's none of your business what's going to happen. Ivan, Sheik, let's get out of here.

Iron Sheik: Iran number one! Russia number one! America … (hocks and spits).

Solie: Well there you have it, wrestling fans, like them or hate them, The Axis is moving on.


Tag Team Title Preliminary Round match 2:


The Blackjacks (Mulligan and Kendall Windham) vs. Los Leones (Manny Fernandez and Al Perez)


In a sloppy, potato-filled brawl, the Blackjacks emerge victorious after a Mulligan lariat on Perez.


Winners: The Blackjacks!


Solie: Blackjack Windham, Blackjack Mulligan, welcome and congratulations on a big win tonight?


Mulligan: I don't know what the big deal is, we got in a fight, and we did what we do, we won it. We ain't here to wrestle, although we can do that, too, we're here to fight.


Windham: Let me correct you, partner, we're here to kick people's asses. Those two punks thought they were going to stand toe to toe with the Blackjacks. They thought wrong.


Solie: From my perspective, it certainly seemed like Los Leones was definitely in that fight …

Mulligan: They were in the fight, but they lost it. As will the rest of these so-called teams that are in our way to being the champions.

Solie: Pound for pound, the Blackjacks might be the two toughest hombres we have in Florida today. Let's head back to the ring for our first match in our tournament for our singles championship!



Florida Heavyweight Championship Preliminary Round match 1:


Junkyard Dog vs. Matt Borne


Matt Borne tries to instill a little workrate into this match, but only manages a few small offensive bursts as JYD stifles him with headbutts, basic power moves, and crowd pleasing antics. It's not a squash, but JYD is clearly positioned as a dominant force.

Winner: Junkyard Dog!


Solie: Junkyard Dog, welcome, and congratulations on your first win! A lot of people are saying you are a favorite to win the whole thing.

JYD: You got that right, people say I am a favorite, then I must be! Ol' Matt Borne out there put up a good little fight but just like everyone else, they ain't got what it takes to hang out in the junkyard with the dawwwggg!


Solie: Yes indeed, a man of just the right amount of words. JYD victorious here tonight.



Florida Heavyweight Championship Preliminary Round match 2:


Ken Patera vs. Adrian Adonis


This is Olympic hero Ken Patera, face to the nth power, working the afro like a champ. This is also biker tough guy Adrian Adonis, heel to the hilt. They have a good back and forth, Patera hits some clumsy power moves and Adonis fights back with brawling, but his fantastic selling is the highlight of the match. The story has Adonis hanging on to survive throughout the match, and he winds up winning with a spiked brass knuck shot when the ref's back was turned.

Winner: Adrian Adonis!


Solie: Adrian Adonis, welcome, and congratulations on your win tonight. Would you care to comment on the ending of the match?


Adonis: No, get out of my face.


Blassie: Who's hand was raised, Solie?


Solie: Well, it was Adrian's, but …


Blassie: Then that is all you need to know, you pencil necked geek. This interview is over.


Solie: Interesting that neither of them cared to comment on the ending of that match and the chicanery involved.


Florida Heavyweight Championship Preliminary Round match 3:


Billy Jack Haynes vs. Steve Keirn


This one is a pretty color-by-numbers heel/face exchange, Keirn playing the heel role well. The only significant thing worth mentioning is Keirn gets a little annoyed and clearly takes a quick liberty with Haynes while he has him locked in a slightly too real abdominal stretch. Haynes gets the submission win with the full nelson.


Winner: Billy Jack Haynes!


Solie: Welcome in here Billy Jack Haynes. On a night where we have seen some victories come through, shall we say, interesting circumstances, it was nice to see a nice, clean win against a game Steve Keirn tonight.

Haynes: You got that right, Gordon, the only way to win is the fair way, and Billy Jack Haynes stands for doing things the right way. Steve Keirn is one tough guy, no question about it, but he wasn't the best man in the ring tonight. That was me!

Solie: Nice to have a standup kind of guy here in Florida, Billy Jack. How do you plan to handle your next opponent if it happens to be someone with the propensity to bend the rules?


Haynes: Gordon, I will handle it the way I handle everything else. With respect, dignity, but also, I won't take anyone's guff! If they try to cheat, it won't work against me. And I won't be afraid to call them out!

Solie: Thanks for your time, Billy Jack, and good luck to you!



Tag Team Title Preliminary Round match 3:


Rock 'n' Soul Connection (Rocky Johnson and Tony Atlas) vs. The Heavenly Bodies (Jimmy Del Ray and Tom Pritchard) w/ Classy Freddie Blassie


The Heavenly Bodies get their offense in spurts, but this is clearly a showcase for Johnson and Atlas, who look like they are having the time of their lives, playing to the crowd and having fun. However, they also get a chance to show they can get busy when they have to, after Blassie tries an ill-fated cane shot to Johnson. After that, the Connection mops up the Bodies and we have our winner.


Winners: Rock 'n' Soul Connection!



Solie: Rocky Johnson, Tony Atlas, boy, you two looked astonishingly sharp in the ring tonight!


Johnson: We come prepared, Gordon Solie, prepared to do what we have to do to win every night. Ain't nothing Heavenly about those boys tonight, and that blowhard manager of theirs!

Atlas: We saw the rest of the matches tonight and we saw what kept happening, this is Florida, the wild west, and we ain't going to let anybody cheat to win against us.

Johnson: That's right we are going to go straight to the top and nobody better step in our way!


Solie: So much energy between these two stallions, so much power, and so much potential. Good luck next round, gentlemen! And that does it for our first episode of the return of Championship Wrestling from Florida! If you thought this show was great, wait until next week! We will have the rest of the first round matches in our tag team and heavyweight championship tournaments, as well as the entirety of the 4-man light heavyweight championship tournament! In addition to that, we'll be joined by our president Jack Brisco. Until then, so long from the sunshine state!

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I'm kinda rooting for Matt Borne to win the Florida Heavyweight title tournament. I think you can do a lot with him as your top heel to start. Great first show to get you set up and with Classy Freddie Blassie stirring the pot, we're in for a blast!

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Here we go Florida... I like all the action here - lots and lots of talent - that's for sure. I agree with you on the spacing... something that will take time and practice but I am sure you'll get it figured out soon enough. I think the big thing coming out of this for me is Billy Jack ad JYD as top tier guys along with Adonis as a heel. I think that you came out super strong and it will be interesting to watch the development of all these guys over the next couple of weeks/month in regards to how the tournaments shake out.

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Florida is launched, and a nice roster you have built for yourself there.  It looks like JYD is going to be a key player, and Adonis the top heel.  Interested to know what character Adonis is playing: Adorable Adrian or street thug Adrian.  Another developing tag division means a lot of action will be coming out of Florida.  Nice start.

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Championship Wrestling from Florida Episode 2

Live from the Sportatorium in Tampa

Available on cable access channel 32

Gordon Solie is once again sitting at the announcing position, awaiting his cue to begin. A slight miscommunication causes there to be a really pregnant pause before he begins speaking.

Solie: Welcome everyone to the second edition of Championship Wrestling from Florida! It's great to have you here for a night of great wrestling action, one in which you will witness history as we will crown our first Florida Light Heavyweight Champion.. The entire 4-man tournament for that belt will be decided in it's entirety right here tonight! Additional matches will feature the remaining bracket matches for our inaugural Tag Team and Heavyweight championships as well. And tonight we'll be joined by Florida Championship Wrestling president Jack Brisco with a few words on our present and future. So without further ado, let's get to the semi-final matches for our first Light Heavyweight Champion!

Light Heavyweight Semi-final Match 1:

Les Thornton vs. Brady Boone

The match is competitive as Boone gets a decent amount of offense in, but at no point does it look like he is going to win. After a lot of back and forth with not many nearfalls, Thornton delivers a devastatingly stiff backbreaker for the win. He clearly plays the heel by the end of the match.

Winner: Les Thornton!

Solie: Les Thornton, welcome and congratulations on making it to the finals! Do you have a favorite on who you would rather face between Mike Graham and Reno Riggins tonight?

Thornton: I don't have a favorite, but I sympathize with whoever wins the next match. They will forever be known as the man who failed to win the first Light Heavyweight Championship tournament. Relegated to a footnote in wrestling history.

Solie: Les Thornton certainly is a confident man. Let's head back to the ring to find out who his opponent will be in the finals, which we will see tonight as our main event of the evening.

Light Heavyweight Semi-final Match 2:

Mike Graham vs. Reno Riggins

Riggins job in this match is to make Mike Graham look like a million bucks while also remaining somewhat competitive, and he does a pro's pro job of it. It's not a squash, but Graham has an escape or counter for everything Riggins attempts, and wins it with a sudden cradle to exhibit how quickly he can pull a victory out as well.

Winner: Mike Graham!

Solie: We now have our finals set up for the main event this evening, we will be crowning our first champion in the light heavyweight division. It will be either Mike Graham or Les Thornton. Mike Graham is joining us now. Mike, Les Thornton stated that his opponent tonight will be relegated to a footnote as the loser of this tournament in wrestling history. How do you respond to his comments?

Graham: Gordon, I was listening backstage to that interview as I prepared for this match, and it was exactly the motivation I needed. My legacy with Championship Wrestling from Florida doesn't need any explanation, and someone like Thornton needs to use that to try to get ahead, saying he beat a Graham in their home territory. I can't wait to see the shocked expression on his face when the ref hits the mat for a third time and the referee raises my hand tonight! See you tonight for the interview in the winner's circle.

Solie: This is going to be a doozy of a main event, Les Thornton and Mike Graham are both ultra competitive and equally confident. And I will add that both men are capable of getting the job done tonight. Let's get back to the ring for our last match of the preliminary round of our Heavyweight Championship Tournament. To refresh, we have seen Junkyard Dog, Adrian Adonis, and Billy Jack Haynes advance to the semi-finals so far, and we're about to find out the final participant, who will be facing Billy Jack Haynes, right now!

Preliminary Match for the Heavyweight Championship:

Hillbilly Jim vs. David Schultz

While Hillbilly Jim plays to the crowd and is clearly the fan favorite, Dr. D. is highlighted here. He watches Hillbilly play to the crowd with disdain, and then is merciless as he takes him apart. Jim gets a few licks in here and there but this is Schultz's night and he ends things with a stiff piledriver.

Winner: David Schultz!

Solie: Welcome in here, Dr. D, what a …

Schultz (interrupting): Listen here, Solie, don't give me your compliments on a hard fought victory, don't patronize me with your predictions about what's going to happen next round. I'm here in Florida for one thing, and that is to be the champion. And to destroy anyone who gets in the way. This interview is over.

Solie (A little taken aback): Well … ladies and gentlemen, he may not be the most gracious competitor we have here in Florida, but would you want to be his next opponent? Time for our last preliminary bout for our Tag Team Championship!

Preliminary Match for the Tag Team Championship

Rock 'n' Roll Express (Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson) vs. The Great Kabuki and Killer Khan (w/ Mr. Fuji)

After getting off to a fast and hot start with slick double teams and quick maneuvering, the Khan and Kabuki get ahold of Gibson and he goes into face in peril mode, playing his beating off perfectly. This is very formulaic as the Express, after a couple false hope moments, get the hot tag done and finish things off. Afterwards, thanks to some salt in the eyes, Kabuki and Khan deliver a Fuji led beatdown.

Winners: The Rock 'n' Roll Express!

Solie: Folks, normally right now we would have the Rock 'n' Roll Express up here for a post-match interview, but due to the heinous activities that followed the match, we are going to allow them to seek medical attention. But you will still get an interview, as we have our founder and President, Jack Brisco, here to give us a brief state of the company address. Jack, thank you for joining us here.

Brisco: Gordon, it gives me nothing but pleasure to be here in front of all of these wonderful fans and the fans watching at home. I'd appreciate you referring to me as Mr. Brisco going forward.

Solie: Very well, let's get down to business, Mr. Brisco. We have seen a few of our matches ending with questionable tactics leading to victory in our tournaments, as well as what we just witnessed here after our last match. How would you like to ensure the integrity of our tournaments going forward?

Brisco: Well first, Gordon, I am going to interject that I believe our tournaments integrity is holding strong. The referee's decisions are final in Florida Championship Wrestling, and what goes on between the ropes, well, frankly, unless it's blatant and obvious, then a win is a win is a win.

Solie: How would you respond, Mr. Brisco, to any fans who may see their favorites on the losing end of the purse due to, say, a foreign object being used?

Brisco: What did I just say, Gordon? The referee's decision is final, and we do not have any corrupt referee's here in Florida. Now what just happened to Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson after that last match was not acceptable, and fines will be issued. I am a busy man, Gordon, and I have to get going.

Solie: Thank you for your time, Mr. Brisco. (Pauses as Brisco leaves, waving to a mixed reaction from the fans.) Ladies and gentlemen, I don't wish to stir the pot but I certainly do hope our officiating staff and our management team is able to hold our competitors accountable for clean, fair competition. Now then, to reset, next week we will be bringing you our semi-final and tournament final matches to crown our Tag Team Champions and our Heavyweight Champion. At the end of the show, I will share those matchups with you. But now, we head to our main event to crown our first Florida Championship Wrestling Light Heavyweight Championship! Let's head to the ring!

Finals for the Florida Championship Wrestling Light Heavyweight Championship

Mike Graham vs. Les Thornton

Eager to make a good impression on management, these two put on a show. They work together fluidly and each man makes a great effort to make the other look good, thereby making themselves look good in the process. The storytelling is off the hook, as Thornton plays the talented heel that takes the shortcut and gets in cheap shots when he can, and Graham plays the stoic face, not backing down from Thornton's attacks. Thornton actually gets more offense in the match, about 60/40, but Graham gets his share in, too, so it doesn't look like a fluke when he gets the flash pin win with a schoolboy at almost the 24 minute mark. Then the capper is after the match, which the crowd is giving them a lot of love for, Graham and Thornton shake hands and Thornton reluctantly raises Graham's arm, only to, of course, level him with a clothesline. Thornton leaves as Graham recovers, staring him down, and Thornton slaps fans hands away from him as he heads to the locker room.

Winner and NEW Florida Championship Light Heavyweight Champion: Mike Graham!!

Solie: Welcome in here Mike Graham, and congratulations on being the first champion crowned in the rebirth of Championship Wrestling from Florida! Were he here today, your father would be beaming with pride, no question!

Graham: (breathing heavy, exhausted) You are right and wrong, Gordon, my dad is here, he is always here as long as Championship Wrestling from Florida exists! I could not be more humbled to be the first champion in this great wrestling organization and I intend to make the fans proud to …

Thornton: (stepping in, grabbing the microphone) Listen here, Graham. You got lucky. A schoolboy? You won a title with a schoolboy? Pathetic. Don't get used to that belt once you get it, because you are just keeping it warm for me.

Graham: (As Thornton storms away) I won a title with a schoolboy … that means someone had to LOSE a title to a schoolboy. Now who's pathetic?

Solie: I apologize for that, Mike, congratulations again, and enjoy savoring this huge victory!

Graham: Thank you so much Gordon, and just to let Les Thornton know, I'm not going to be a hard champion to find. Anytime he wants to take a crack at the title, let me know!

Solie: Mike Graham, our first ever Light Heavyweight Champion, and the crowd seems to love it! Folks, that is all the time we have for today, and what an appetizer for next week where we will crown two new champions! Our semi-final matches for the Heavyweight Championship will feature Junkyard Dog versus Adrian Adonis and Billy Jack Haynes versus David Schultz. And our Tag Team Championship semi-final matches, which will be our flagship championship in Championship Wrestling from Florida, will feature the Rock 'n' Soul Connection of Tony Atlas and Rocky Johnson taking on The Blackjacks Mulligan and Kendall Windham, and the Rock 'n' Roll Express against The Axis of Iron Sheik and Ivan Koloff. And we will see those tourneys finish up in their entirety! We'll see you next week folks, so long from the sunshine state!

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Interesting take with Jack Brisco as the on-air authority figure. Displaying a desire to leave leeway to the referees for matches but not necessarily wanting to avenge injustice in the ring at all costs. A bit of heel Jack Brisco in 1983 here and I like it. Mike Graham as the Light Heavyweight Champion makes sense here, considering the territory and having to built its reputation for the time being.

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Championship Wrestling from Florida Episode 3

Live from the Sportatorium in Tampa

Available on cable access channel 32


Solie: Welcome ladies and gentleman to what is going to prove to be a historical night in the annals of professional wrestling. We will be crowning not only our Florida Championship Wrestling Heavyweight Champion tonight, but in our main event, we will find out who our first Florida Championship Wrestling Tag Team Champions will be as well! The entire semi-finals and finals of both tournaments take place tonight. We will have Billy Jack Haynes taking on Dr. D., Junkyard Dog tangling with Adrian Adonis, The Rock 'n' Roll Express up against the Axis of the Iron Shiek and Ivan Koloff, and finally the Rock 'n' Soul Connection of Tony Atlas and Rocky Johnson facing The Blackjacks! We will also have our first championship title presentation as our Light Heavyweight championship tournament winner Mike Graham will receive his belt. History awaits, let's not waste any more time!

Heavyweight Championship Semi-finals

Billy Jack Haynes vs. David Schultz

Haynes and Schultz play up their face/heel roles to the extreme here, going formula, with Haynes off to a fast start with a couple nearfalls and then Schultz cheating to take over. Haynes spends most of the rest of the match playing face in peril, rallying the fans behind him and making them hate Schultz for being a sadistic bastard. Haynes in the end mounts a big comeback, with the crowd behind him, and manages to lock in the figure four but it's too close to the ropes! Schultz escapes, and catches Haynes with a low blow, followed by a stiff piledriver to get the win. He builds on his heel heat by delivering a few kicks to the shaken and fallen hero before he leaves, yelling at the crowd all the way back.

Winner: Dr. D. David Schultz!!

Solie: Dr. D., this win puts you in the finals to meet the winner of Junkyard Dog and Adrian Adonis, which we will see later tonight. Billy Jack Haynes fought valiantly but you really gave it to him out there. Your thoughts on the finals?

Schultz: Solie, it doesn't matter if Adonis or the Junkyard Mutt wins tonight, I am the man to beat. Valiantly? I let Billy Jerk Haynes stay in this match a lot longer than I should have because I was enjoying punishing him. Because that is what I do. I punish anyone stupid enough to step in the ring with me. One more match and you can start calling me Florida Heavyweight Champion Dr. D.

Solie: He may not be the friendliest sort, ladies and gentlemen, but if confidence is your thing, then Dr. D. is your man. Let's get back to the ring for our first semi-final tag team matchup!

Tag Team Championship Semi-finals

Rock 'n' Soul Connection (Rocky Johnson and Tony Atlas) vs. The Blackjacks (Kendall Windham and Blackjack Mulligan)

This match begins with some feeling out, but seems to develop some actual heat between the two teams as they go along. Tony Atlas at one point seems to take a little offense at something Blackjack Mulligan does and they have some words. Both teams keep it professional but there is definitely some tension there. Windham and Johnson have an extended back and forth to keep the two hotheads on the apron as much as possible. They keep things at a pretty even back and forth, and do a good job of not tipping their cards as to who is going to win. In the end Rocky Johnson hits Windham with a backbreaker and steals the win with what amounts to a flash pin. The tension continues after the match as the Blackjacks, Mulligan especially, talk shit all the way to the back.

Winners: Rock 'n' Soul Connection!

Solie: Tony, Rocky, welcome up here to the winners circle and congratulations on advancing to the finals! Your potential opponents are the Rock 'n' Roll Express and The Axis, two completely different styles. Do you have a preference on who you would like to face, and how to you prepare for such contrasting teams?

Johnson: Gordon, it's simple, we are prepared for anyone and everyone at all times. It doesn't matter if we get the high flyers or the tough guys with the mean streak, we are walking out of here champions!

Atlas: One team down, one to go. If we get the Rock 'n' Roll Express, we'll shake their hands like gentlemen and let the best team, which is us, win. If we get Sheik and Koloff, then we'll punch them in the mouth and still win.

Solie: Gentleman, thank you and good luck to you. Let's head back to the ring and find out who will get the tough task of facing Dr. D. in tonight's World Heavyweight Championship final match!

Heavyweight Championship Semi-final Match

Junkyard Dog vs. Adrian Adonis

Adrian carries JYD to a watchable match, doing a masterful job of dictating the pace and to his credit, after his usual invincible start, JYD does a good job of playing face in peril. The fans are rallying behind him big time even before his comeback as he hints at it a couple times, before Adrian gracefully allows JYD to score a clean pin with a piledriver.

Winner: Junkyard Dog!

Solie: Junkyard Dog, welcome in here and congratulations! You now get the unenviable task of facing Dr. D., who earlier said anyone that steps in the ring with him is stupid for doing so. Your thoughts on your final match tonight for all the marbles?

JYD: It's like this, Gordon, he can do all the talkin' he wants, but you know dogs love going for walks, so I'm gonna do the walkin'. And when the night ends, I'm a be walkin' outta here as the Florida Championship Wrestling champion. And Dr. D. is gonna have his tail tucked.

Solie: Well good luck to you, we'll see you in the main event! Now for our last tag team tournament semi-final match, let's head back to the ring.

Tag Team Championship Semi-finals

Rock 'n' Roll Express vs. The Axis (Iron Sheik and Ivan Koloff) w/ Freddie Blassie

The Axis look hapless for the first few minutes of this match as the Express create havoc with their speed and rapid fire quick tags and slick double team maneuvers. Koloff finally catches Gibson, and we get a nice, deliberate heel beatdown segment. Morton eventually gets the hot tag and goes to work, but gets caught by a cane shot from Blassie, and one Camel Clutch later, we have our finalists.

Winners: The Axis!

Solie: Mr. Blassie, you got one of your teams to the finals. How do you feel about your chances against the Rock 'n' Soul Connection tonight?

Blassie: A better question is how do those idiots feel about their chances, Solie! Here's a formula for you. Take two pencil necked geeks, add a bunch of muscles, remove all brains from their heads, and you have the team that is going to lose to The Axis in the finals tonight.

Solie: Fair enough, although I would not underestimate the intelligence of Johnson and Atlas.
Blassie: Well now I feel like I over-estimated your intelligence, Solie. Get back to your announcing, we have work to do.

Sheik: Iran number one! Russia number one! America … (hocks and spits).

Solie: Before we get to our final two matches, in order to give our competitors enough time to rest, we are going to present Mike Graham with the Florida Championship Wrestling Light Heavyweight title belt! Let's head to the ring and Jack Brisco for our ceremony.

We head to the ring where Jack Brisco is standing in the middle with a little table setup with the belt sitting on it.

Brisco: Without further ado, I would like to introduce our first champion of the reborn Championship Wrestling from Florida. Light Heavyweight Champion and son of our founder Eddie, Mike Graham!

Mike Graham comes down to the ring from as much of an ovation as the small crowd can offer, which is enthusiastic if not Earth shattering. Brisco shakes his hand, steps to the side among a couple other important looking officials, and hands Mike the belt and the microphone. Graham holds the belt up, gets another good reaction, and speaks.

Graham: Thank you so much everyone, and thank you Mr. Brisco for this beautiful belt. I do most of my talking in the ring, so I will keep this short and sweet. I plan to do this belt and this company … and my dad … honor by defending it with the pride and dignity it deserves.

Suddenly, Les Thornton slides into the ring out of nowhere. He sizes up Graham, who puts the belt down and looks ready to defend himself while Brisco and the officials try to talk them out of it. Thornton approaches Graham slowly, and takes the microphone out of his hand. Graham listens to Brisco, and backs down.

Thornton: Pride? Dignity? The only thing you got right in your cute little speech is that you are short and sweet. Your fluke victory means you get a moment of glory before I take that belt away from you even faster than I took this microphone and your little celebration away. You are a marked man, Graham, so make daddy proud while you can.

At the flippant mention of his dad, Graham loses it and lunges for Thornton. He nearly gets ahold of him when Brisco gets him in a waistlock and pulls him back, the two officials stepping in between them and herding Thornton out of the ring. Graham escapes the waistlock and spins on Brisco with a fist raised. Brisco puts his hands up and cocks his head to say “Don't you dare.” Graham thinks about it, then takes his belt and heads back to the locker room.

Solie: My goodness, that escalated quickly. I do apologize for Les Thornton's actions, there is a time and place for him, he can always request interview time on any program with me, he had no business interrupting that ceremony. Now then, congratulations again to Mike Graham for becoming the man to carry the Light Heavyweight division into our brilliant future. But now it's time to crown our inaugual Florida Championship Heavyweight Champion! Will the durable and powerful Junkyard Dog be able to repel the viciousness of Dr. D. David Schultz? We find out now!

Finals for the Florida Championship Wrestling Heavyweight Championship

Junkyard Dog vs. David Schultz

This one is not pretty. These two go right into an all out brawl right from the bell. They trade blow after blow, and neither are selling much at first. Schultz finally gives in a little after JYD deposits him outside and we get a back and forth for awhile, each man having the advantage. This match is strictly power move after power move, with some rest holds mixed in from Schultz to JYD. Finally, Schultz hits a massive piledriver and goes for the pin. At the very last moment, JYD raises a shoulder. Or did he? Schultz is giving the business to the referee, which, natch, gives JYD time to recover, play to the crowd for a bit, get that adrenaline rush, and go on the attack. He decimates a surprised Schultz, hitting a few headbutts, and hits the big thump for the win.

Winner and new Florida Championship Wrestling Heavyweight Champion: Junkyard Dog!

Solie: I want to welcome in here the new Florida Championship Heavyweight Champion Junkyard Dog! Take a moment to soak this in, JYD, and tell me how you feel?

JYD: Gordon, my man, this is the greatest moment of my life. I did it! I made my mama and my family proud, and I will not take holding this great championship lightly. I will take on anyone and everyone that wants a shot. Y'all want it, come and get it!

Solie: That was quite a rough match, Dr. D. put all he had into it. Do you have anything to say to him?

JYD: That's one tough man, there were times in that match I thought I might not have it tonight, but in the end, I showed him up. Two tough men went in that ring, one of 'em walked out champion.

Solie: JYD, congratulations, go celebrate!

JYD: I got an extra large bone back there to chew on Gordon!

Solie: And so now we have two champions folks, Mike Graham and Junkyard Dog. And we have one more title crowning to go! This is the big one, the Rock 'n Soul Connection facing The Axis to see who will be our first tag team titlists! Let's head to the ring!

Finals for the Florida Championship Wrestling Tag Team Championship

The Rock 'n' Soul Connection (Tony Atlas and Rocky Johnson) vs. The Axis (Iron Sheik and Ivan Koloff) w/ Freddie Blassie

These are the four men chosen to lead this promotion into it's young and bright future, and they bring it in what they know is a make or break main event. Both teams are very giving to each other, the heels dictate the pace but the faces are there for all of their comebacks, and both teams sell for the others. Blassie is active at ringside, engaging the fans and slipping in his occasional cheat spots. In essence, this is what a main event should be. Great storytelling, constant action, and both teams looking strong. In the end, we get a hot tag from a seemingly beaten Atlas to Johnson, he jukes and jives his way through Sheik and Koloff, adding a shot to Blassie in for good measure, and a discombobulated Koloff walks into a slick double suplex from Johnson and Atlas, followed by Atlas holding him up for a Johnson Shuffle and we have our new champions.

Winners and NEW Florida Championship Wrestling Tag Team Champions: The Rock 'n' Soul Connection!

Solie: Ladies and gentleman, what a match and what a night! I now bring you the flag bearers of the reborn Florida Championship Wrestling! Our new tag team champions, the Rock 'n' Soul Connection! Rocky, Tony, huge congratulations to you and welcome to the top of the mountain!

Johnson: Gordon, Gordon, Gordon! It is great to be on the top of the mountain, but let's get one thing clear, we are a team of the people, we ain't standing on top of the mountain lookin' down on anyone, we are holding out our hands and bringin' everyone that wants to join us on up here with us!

Atlas: That's right, we won this for us, for the fans that won't stop cheering us, and for all the boys back in the locker room that support us! We represent not just ourselves, but the whole company, the whole state of Florida, and wrestling everywhere!

Solie: The Axis gave you guys one heckuva match, if they ask for a rematch, as they most certainly are likely to, would you be willing to accept it?

Atlas: They can have their rematch, just bring us the contract and we'll sign on the dotted line.

Johnson: Anytime they want a shot at these belts, they can come and get them some. They want more of what they got tonight? Suit themselves, cause we got plenty left.

Solie: Gentleman, go enjoy your win. That does it for tonight's edition of Championship Wrestling from Florida! Congrats to the Junkyard Dog for becoming the world heavyweight champion and to the Rock 'n' Soul Connection for bringing home the tag team championship! We'll be back next week with all the action you can handle! For now, so long from the Sunshine State!


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Sorry I have not commented for a couple of weeks, I've been busy, but I have been enjoying the tournaments down here in Florida.  From last week, I must admit I was not totally surprised that Mike Graham won the light heavyweight title, but it looks as though the veteran Les Thornton wants it to be a short reign.  The this week we see JYD and Rock and Soul Connection capture the Florida and tag team titles.  The tournaments were great, and the company is dominated by the good guys.  Interested to see who lines up to be the early challengers for these titles.

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I'll admit I was surprised to see the Rock N' Roll Express not winning the tournament, as they were my odds-on favorite to win it but I think they'll eventually get their day. Nothing like massive heat for a team like Uncle Ivan & Sheiky Baby all the way to the finals.

But to me, your smartest move was to put JYD as your top babyface draw. Hell, JYD ANYWHERE is a top draw, especially in a territory like Florida. I'm looking forward to see who'll be his first official challenger.

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Championship Wrestling from Florida Episode 4

Live from the Sportatorium in Tampa

Available on cable access channel 32


Solie: Welcome to another edition of Championship Wrestling from Florida! We have a few exciting announcements to make today, a ton of great wrestling action, and the crowning of our two champions! Plus President Jack Brisco will be here to announce who the top contenders to our new titlists are going to be, and how that is going to go about. But let's jump right into the action!


Great Kabuki and Killer Khan (w/ Mr. Fuji) vs. Pez Whatley and Brady Boone

Whatley and Boone get literally about 30 seconds of offense in total in a 5 minute match, we see the sadistic side of Kabuki and Khan as they systematically dismantle their opposition, much to Mr. Fuji's delight.

Winners: Great Kabuki and Killer Khan!


Solie: What a win for Mr. Fuji's charges. They are certainly going to be one of the teams considered as contenders for the Rock 'n' Soul Connection's tag team titles. I'd like to take a moment before our next match to make two announcements regarding our broadcast positioning. First, I am honored and privileged to announce that starting next week, I will be focusing on play by play and directing the shows, while color commentary is going to be provided by my new partner, Big Cat Ernie Ladd, veteran of the squared circle and the gridiron. In addition, my usual interview segments will now be conducted by the unflappable Sean Mooney. I welcome both of these guys to our broadcast, and it's just another sign that big things are happening in Florida! Let's head to the ring for our next encounter.


Koko B. Ware vs. Jimmy Jack Funk

This is the debut for each of these wrestlers in reborn Florida. Koko gets off to a fast start, we get a pretty decent heel heat segment for Funk, and then he makes the mistake of trying to hit Koko's head into the turnbuckles, we get the wings flappin', and Frankie counts along to a Koko win after a brainbuster suplex. These two are both trying to impress the brass to move up the card some.

Winner: Koko B. Ware!


Solie: What a great contest between Koko B. Ware and Jimmy Jack Funk, as now that we have our champions, competitors across the board are jockeying for position on the ladder to greatness, that can only come by becoming the number one contender. It's time now for the revealing of the Florida Championship Wrestling Heavyweight championship belt with our champion, Junkyard Dog!


We go to the ring where a table is set up with the belt as the centerpiece. Jack Brisco and a handful of suits and officials are in the ring. Junkyard Dog is announced and the meager crowd does their version of exploding for him, he is clearly over with the Florida fans. But just as he gets to the ring and starts to climb in, with Jack Brisco golf clapping, David Schultz jumps him from behind and delivers a pretty good beatdown. No blood or anything like that, but it's a solid Pearl Harbor job. The officials are reluctant to get in the way, with Jack Brisco refusing to, while ordering the others to put a stop to it. Finally, Schultz grabs the belt amidst a rousing chorus of anger and booing from the fans, and holds it up, declares it is his, but then drops it on a prone JYD. They make a good show of medical officials coming out and carting JYD off, but just as they get him up and start to coax him to the stretcher, he waves them off, then pushes the insistent ones away and limps his proud ass back to the dressing room, with the crowd solidly behind his show of fortitude.


Solie: Shades of Les Thornton last week as Dr. D. comes in and ruins Junkyard Dog's belt presentation as our champion, but what a show of spirit as JYD brushes off the help and makes his own way back. That, my friends, is what our champion is made out of. Seems like Jack Brisco was not keen to get involved in the fray, we'll keep an eye on that situation as well and see if any fines are levied for Schultz's actions. Right now, let's get back to the ring for some sanctioned action!


Furnas and Lafon vs. Steve Keirn and Pete Doherty

Not actually a jobber, Steve Keirn is thrown into this team with Doherty to help make Furnas and Lafon look good while he does the job. Furnas and Lafon are dominant, but Doherty, and especially Keirn, get a good deal of offense in, just in spurts. A double powerbomb finishes Doherty off.

Winners: Furnas and Lafon!


Solie: Furnas and Lafon, one of the great up and coming tag teams we have here in Florida, these guys will be making some noise in the future, you can count on that. Speaking of tag teams, it's time to crown our new champions! Let's head to the ring.

Once again, the rudimentary setup of the table with a cover over it and the handful of officials grace the ring. Before the Rock 'n' Soul Connection are announced, Jack Brisco takes the microphone to make an announcement.

Brisco: Before this ceremony begins, out of respect to our champions and to show we mean business, and due to the shenanigans that occurred during both our light heavyweight and heavyweight belt presentations, if any competitors other than the champions come down to this ring during this ceremony, they will be fined and suspended, and will go one year without being able to attain the status of title contender.

Gordon Solie applauds Brisco for bringing some law and order to Florida, and the Rock 'n' Soul Connection come down to the ring, playing it up big time for the fans, especially Rocky Johnson. Brisco shakes each guys hands and presents them with the belts, which gets another rousing ovation.

Johnson: Like our matches, we are going to make this short and sweet. We are the champions, baby! Bring on anyone you got, and we are going to take them on. This is the highlight of my career, and brother, we are going to carry these belts with pride everywhere we go!

Atlas: I'm not even thinking about any contenders or anything like that. We know what's ahead, the road is going to be rough, but we are going to be ready.

Johnson: Think of that tournament. We showed we can beat some high flyers in those Heavenly Bodies, we beat some rough brawlers in The Blackjacks, and we took out Kabuki and Khan, even with them cheating. Ain't nobody got a style we can't handle. We did it, brother!

Johnson and Atlas hug, and hold the belts high. And then some boos start, and at first Solie and the Rock 'n' Soul Connection are confused, but then we see the Blackjacks step into the aisle, being careful not to advance to the ring, as Brisco is verbally warning them.

Mulligan: Keep your panties on, Brisco, we ain't coming down to the ring to pick no fight. Because we can't afford to be suspended. We got a date with those two losers in the ring.

Windham: You boys got ahold of our belts, and we want them back. You didn't beat us, you got lucky. And next time we see you in the ring, your luck is going to run out.

Mulligan: Enjoy your moment boys, you earned it. Too bad it's going to be so short lived.

The Blackjacks drop their mics to a chorus of jeers, as Johnson and Atlas put on a good show of beckoning them down for a fight. Of course, Brisco scolds them for instigating. Gordon Solie begins to talk about the next match, but as Johnson and Atlas are about to head through the curtain, The Blackjacks plow through it, tearing it down, and each of the champs gets a Lariat. The Blackjacks make the point of saying they didn't go down to the ring. Brisco looks angry, but also almost a sense of admiration for The Blackjacks finding a go-around to his rule.


Solie: A despicable, cowardly act by The Blackjacks in ambushing our champions. I am sure they will soon pay for that in the ring, in a contest played under the rules. Let's head to the ring now and get a look at one of our feature bouts of the night!


Corporal Kirchner vs. Danny Davis

This is a sloppy, poorly worked match. Kirchner gets the crowd behind him with his patriotic rhetoric, but Davis has little heat and the two of them plod around the ring, exchanging basic moves, until Kirchner wins with a bodyslam. The fans don't exactly shit on it, but their reaction to Kirchner winning is lukewarm.

Winner: Corporal Kirchner!


Solie: I'd like to take this time to welcome in to the broadcast position, president of Florida Championship Wrestling, Jack Brisco. Now, Mr. Brisco, you are here to make official the top contenders to each of the titles. The floor is yours.

Brisco: Well now Gordon, normally there would be a process to this, and there was to some extent. But I feel like the natural thing to do is to go with what feels right. As we have seen, some men have made their intentions clear, and looking at who they are, I feel they all have a legitimate claim, so I am going to make this real easy. Les Thornton is the #1 contender for the light heavyweight championship, Dr. D. David Schultz is the #1 contender for the heavyweight championship, and The Blackjacks will be the #1 contenders for the tag team championship.

Solie: Now Mr. Brisco, don't you feel that is making things a little too easy?

Brisco: Why don't you clam up for a minute and let me finish. You get to do all the talking for this whole broadcast, let someone else say something for a change, willya? These guys are going to be the number one contenders, but only if they win their matches next week. Les Thornton will be wrestling Koko B. Ware, who we just saw in action earlier. Dr. D. will be facing strongman Ken Patera. And finally, The Blackjacks will be in the ring with The Fantastics. If any of them lose, then they will be in the back of the line. And this is the punishment for their actions during the ceremonies.

Solie: Wait a minute, Mr. Brisco, do you mean to tell me there are no fines, no suspensions, all they have to do is wrestle? Frankly, it seems like you are saying they just have to do their job as their punishment.

Brisco: I just told you their contender status is on the line. Isn't that enough for you? My decision is final. Call the rest of the show, Gordon.

Solie: President Brisco laying down the law. More or less. Let's head to the ring for our main event of the evening, featuring two of our top tag teams!


Rock 'n Roll Express vs. The Heavenly Bodies (w/Classy Freddie Blassie)

This is the main event for a reason, especially after the Kirchner/Davis shitshow. These four men put on Florida's version of a workrate classic. This match is 28 minutes of high energy with very few lulls. Lots of tags in and out, really solid heat segments on both Express members, who are particularly great sellers, and Blassie keeping the heat on the Bodies even as they put on an impressive show. This match is showcasing the tag team division as the bread and butter of Florida. This night belongs to the Express as they hit a double dropkick on Jimmy Del Ray for the win, but Solie gives hardcore credit to both teams, as all throughout he sold this match as if it was for the title.

Winners: The Rock 'n' Roll Express!


Solie: My goodness what an incredible matchup! And that about does it for us here for tonight.Just a reminder, we'll have a new format next week as I will be joined on commentary by Big Cat Ernie Ladd, and Sean Mooney will be taking over some of the interview process from the backstage area and act as a roving reporter on the evening's events. We have the number one contender matches next week, as Les Thornton, David Schultz, and The Blackjacks will have to win their matches in order to cement that status. And we'll have more great action and hear from some of our champions as well! For now, I'm Gordon Solie, so long from the Sunshine state!

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Another strong show.  Brisco's announcements of #1 contender matches gives a direction for each title.  I am interested to see who is going to be challenging for the tag titles, as the tag division is so stacked at the moment that a loss there puts a team at the back of a Loooooooooong line.

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Been sleeping for a while - great to jump back in with Florida here and a lot of good things going. I personally like the Big Cat and Mooney tandem. Very strong. The push of tag teams with the follow up of singles matches work well. I like that focus and how it can really differentiate your promotion from others. I also appreciate what is going on with Mr. Brisco... could spell trouble for many who decide to go in his path.

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Championship Wrestling from Florida Episode 5

Live from the Sportatorium in Tampa

Available on cable access channel 32


We open as usual on Gordon Solie at the announce desk.

Solie: Welcome to Florida Championship Wrestling! As promised last week, we are going to change up our format, so joining me now to add color commentary is the one and only Big Cat Ernie Ladd! Ernie, welcome on in here.

Ladd: Thanks Gordon, but wipe that smug look off your face. This ain't your broadcast anymore, I'm here to make sure that the commentary down here in Florida is legit, you understand?

Solie: Well, Ernie, I certainly do not feel smug towards you, and am glad to have you here.

Ladd: We'll see if you feel that way by the end of the night.

Solie: Nevertheless, we also will have Sean Mooney handling backstage and pre-recorded interview segments. Sean, welcome to Florida!


We switch to the backstage area where Sean Mooney is outside the locker room.

Mooney: Thank you Gordon, and I hope I can at least halfway fill your shoes. It's great to be here and I look forward to working with you both and all the great wrestlers here in Florida Championship Wrestling!

Ladd: Well if it isn't just a regular love fest around here.

Solie: Did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed this morning, Ernie? Let's dispense with the talk and head to the ring for our first bout!


Adrian Adonis vs. Brady Boone

Adonis seems to be in a foul mood here. Solie suggests it is due to his inability to get past JYD in the semi-finals of the title tournament, to which Ladd agrees and suggests Solie states the obvious. In the ring, Boone shows spirit but Adonis squashes that spirit in what turns into a pretty harsh beatdown.

Winner: Adrian Adonis!!


Solie and Ladd discuss the match, with Solie stating it's a big win to get Adonis back on track, and Ladd reluctantly agreeing with him. Ladd also lauds Adrian's aggression, while Solie refers to it as questionable tactics. Solie announces that we are going to have a major announcement next week regarding a commissioner joining Florida to help Brisco enforce the rules in light of the dirty tactics that tainted a few of the tournament matches. Both Solie and Ladd agree this man will not be one to be pushed around, with Ladd saying he better be fair down the line. We head to our next match.


Los Leones (Manny Fernandez and Al Perez) vs. Danny Davis and Steve Keirn

Davis and Keirn not being pure jobbers makes this match more competitive than it ought to be. Fernandez and Perez are faces that tend to be willing to be a little on the vicious side, and it comes out in this match. Keirn more than holds his own, but just like last week, comes up on the losing end as Davis submits to a Perez Boston Crab.

Winners: Los Leones!!


Solie and Ladd agree on one thing, Steve Keirn, for the second week in a row, held his end of the bargain for his team but got short shrift as his partner was unable to accomplish much. Ladd added that he saw Keirn getting a little frustrated on the apron. Solie announces we have one more tag match before we get to our three main events, the number one contender matches for each belt, but first, Sean Mooney is set to interview Classy Freddie Blassie.

We cut to Mooney and Blassie backstage.


Mooney: I'm here with Classy Freddie Blassie, manager extraordinairre. Freddie, you already have two very formidable tag teams under your tutelage in The Heavenly Bodies and The Axis, who made the finals for the tag team title in our recent tournament. But I have it on good authority that you have another team on the way. Care to shed any light on this?

Blassie: Sean Mooney, if that is indeed your name, yes I do have another team on the way. And soon the Blassie stable is going to be perfect. I have The Heavenly Bodies, agile and light on their feet, able to fly around with anyone. I have Sheik and Koloff, they are the two toughest men on the planet, able to wrestle classic style or square up with anyone. But soon, I will be bringing a tandem to Florida that will strike fear in the hearts of everyone. They will arrive, dominate, and take the gold from those two slick dancing ninnies, The Rock and Soul Connection. Mark my words, Mooney, Florida will never be the same.

Mooney: If ever there was a picture in the dictionary for confidence, it would feature this man.

Blassie: Also, class, Mooney.

Mooney: Thank you, Classy Freddie Blassie. Back to you, Gordon and Big Cat.


We cut back to Solie and Ladd, and they speculate on who this mysterious new team Blassie is bringing in might be. Ladd points out if Blassie says they are frightening, everyone better look out, including them. Solie takes us back to the ring for our next match.


The Axis (Iron Sheik and Ivan Koloff) w/ Classy Freddie Blassie vs. George Wells and Pez Watley

This is your basic squash, Wells and Watley get a little basic offense in but it's inconsequential and mostly no-sold as Sheik and Koloff cruise to an easy victory. Both men exhibit some actual wrestling moves, and Ladd sells them on the mic as not just bullies and strongmen, but talented grapplers, and Solie agrees and says adding Blassie to that equation makes for a formidable tag team.

Winners: The Axis!!


Solie and Ladd are selling The Axis as a major threat to the tag team division, and use it as a chance to hype up the mystery surrounding Blassie's new team. They switch gears to the three matches coming up to determine if the number one contenders get to keep their spots or lose them. Solie speculates that Brisco hand picked talented but beatable opponents (emphasizing all due respect to the competitors) for the three potential contenders, while Ladd insists they are top quality competition and Brisco did the right thing to make them earn their spots. Solie sends us to the ring for the first of the three matches.


Les Thornton vs. Koko B. Ware (if Thornton wins, he becomes #1 contender to Mike Graham for the FCW Light Heavyweight Title)

Solie pushes on the mic that unlike Thornton, Koko has nothing to lose in this match and can go all out, while Thornton has to win or he loses all. Echoing that in the ring, Koko is flying all around at first, stymieing Thornton, who slips outside to take a breather a few times, raising the ire of the crowd all while Ladd commends him for breaking up Koko's momentum. Koko finally misses on a move eerily similar to a Stinger splash, and Thornton takes over, choosing a limb (in this case, a left arm) and scientifically going to work on it. We get a long extended heat segment, as Ladd says Thornton is punishing Koko, while Solie says it's a mistake not to try to put him away quickly. Koko eventually gets riled up and makes the comeback, and is looking like a sure winner but when he goes for the brainbuster suplex, his arm can't support the weight and the two men collapse to the canvas, where Thornton expertly twists Koko into figure four leglock. Koko puts up a valiant fight but can't get to the ropes and taps.

Winner by submission: Les Thornton!!


Solie enters the ring for a few words with Thornton

Solie: Les, things looked sticky in there a couple times, but that was a great win. Do you feel you sent a message to Mike Graham?

Thornton: Absolutely, I do. I showed three things. I can withstand a slow start, I can dole out punishment better than anyone else in the world, and I can withstand a wild comeback. Koko B. Ware tried and failed. Mike Graham will try me and fail. You're looking at the next Light Heavyweight champion.

We cut to the back where Sean Mooney is with Mike Graham.


Mooney: Mike, that was certainly an impressive win for Les Thornton, and he took you to the limit once already in the finals of the tournament. How do you feel about locking up with him again after what we saw here tonight:

Graham: Sean, there is no question that Les Thornton is one hell of a wrestler. He can come at you from so many angles, wrap you up like a pretzel, and pin you when you least expect it. I don't take him lightly. But he is missing one thing … heart. He has plenty of ego, but he doesn't have what it takes to hold this belt. He'll give me a great match, I have no doubt, but at the end of the day, the man who wants it the most will win it. That man is Mike Graham.


We cut back to Solie and Ladd who agree that Thornton/Graham part two will be a phenomenal match. They are quite shocked to finally agree on something. Solie suggests that match may be taking place at a rumored supercard that Jack Brisco and the brass for Florida Championship Wrestling have on the drawing table. We go to the ring for our next matchup, with Ladd and Solie pushing it pretty hard.


Dr. D. David Schultz vs. Ken Patera (if Schultz wins, he becomes #1 contender to Junkyard Dog for the FCW Heavyweight Title)

This match is bowling shoe ugly. Which is not necessarily an insult. They start with a feeling out period as Ladd and Solie sell this as a big time confrontation. Ladd says Patera's lack of a mean streak will be his downfall, while Solie maintains a man with the strength of Patera is always one impact move away from victory. We get a slow start, a few lock-ups that end evenly. Finally, Patera gets an advantage as he forces Schultz to a corner, but of course, he breaks cleanly and Schultz gets dastardly with a sucker punch. We get a good heat segment and Schultz is particularly vicious, he stays on Patera and doesn't give him a chance to get into things. Finally, Patera powers his way out of a piledriver attempt with a back bodydrop, and with the fans rallying him, tosses Schultz around the ring and through the ring ropes. But then he turns his back to celebrate, and that is his fatal error. Schultz recovers quicker than Patera anticipates and grabs his ankles from outside the ring, causing a really brutal Patera faceplant. Patera is busted open, maybe a broken nose, and Schultz attacks the injury. He finally delivers on that piledriver and it is enough to put a discombobulated Patera away.

Winner: Dr. D. David Schultz!!


Gordon Solie enters the ring to interview Dr. D.

Solie: That was a pretty even matchup, Dr. D. Now that you are the number one contender for the heavyweight title, what do you have to say to Junkyard Dog, our current champion?

Schultz: I only have one thing to say to the Junkyard Mutt. I am coming for my title.

Schultz glares angrily at the camera as we cut to Sean Mooney in the back with JYD with the title draped over his shoulder.


Mooney: Champ, that is an angry and dangerous man that is coming for your title. How do you feel about your chances when you two finally meet?

JYD has a concerned look on his face.

JYD: Man, Sean Mooney, that Dr. D. is somethin' else. He's dead serious about this. (His expression changes to one of steely confidence.) What he don't seem to get, though, is that I am deadly serious about being champion, too. And these fans support me all the way, I won this for them, and I will defend it for them. He is a dangerous man, but I am a rottweiler about to take a bite out of him!

Mooney: Our champion certainly seems ready, back to you guys!


We cut back to Solie and Ladd who hype up our main event of The Blackjacks (Kendall Windham and Mulligan) vs. The Fantastics. Solie suggests the Blackjacks are taking The Fantastics lightly and might have a big surprise come their way, and alludes to a Fantastics win putting them in prime position to become a title contender. Ladd dismisses them as just some jumping fools and says they might catch a few licks in on the Blackjacks but there is no way they will take out the ornery cowboys.


The Blackjacks (Blackjack Mulligan and Kendall Windham) vs. The Fantastics (Bobby Fulton and Tommy Rogers) (if The Blackjacks win, they become #1 contender to The Rock 'n' Soul Connection (Tony Atlas and Rocky Johnson) for the FCW Tag Team Title)

Ladd isn't exactly wrong, as the story of this match is a cat and mouse game. The Fantastics employ a strategy of stick and move, and it works for a bit, frustrating The Blackjacks. Ladd points out on commentary they are putting on a good show but will have to do more than that to win this match, and Solie is in full agreement. The tide changes harshly as Fulton comes bounding off the ropes and gets caught by a Kendall Windham big boot. A systematic beat down occurs next, using the tag formula of not allowing Fulton anywhere near his own corner, complete with a few hope spots and the inevitable tag while the referee's back is turned that he doesn't allow. Finally, Rogers gets the hot tag and begins a comeback but it is surprisingly short as a reeling Mulligan catches him with a flash Lariat and almost takes his noggin off. That is all she wrote.

Winners: The Blackjacks!!

Gordon Solie joins The Blackjacks in the ring as they hoot and holler about their victory.


Solie: Blackjack Mulligan, you are now the top contenders to the tag team championship, currently held by Rocky Johnson and Tony Atlas.

Mulligan: (interrupting before Solie can ask his question) Actually, boy, we are now the tag team champions.

Solie: That remains to be seen, however …

Mulligan: I said we are the tag team champions. It's done. The match is just a technicality, we can't be beat. We showed that tonight.

Windham: What he is trying to say, Gordon, so you understand a little better, is that it doesn't matter that those other boys are holding our belts, by winning this match, which everyone knew we would, we now have a straight line to another match everyone knows we are going to win.

Solie: Gentleman, do you not think you might be taking the champs a little too lightly? After all, they did get past you in the tournament.

Mulligan: They got a fluke victory. We are taking them lightly. We take everyone lightly. You can do that when you are the best and most unbeatable team in professional wrestling.

Solie: Well, nevertheless, we'll find out who the officially sanctioned champions are after The Blackjacks meet up with the Rock 'n Soul Connection. Let's go to Sean Mooney for a word with those very men right now.

Cut to Mooney with Atlas and Johnson


Mooney: Champs, The Blackjacks just said they are taking you lightly. How do you react to that, and do you feel that you can use that against them?

Johnson: First of all Mooney, they are lying. We know they are just talking smack. In football, they call it bulletin board material. Because if those fools are taking us lightly, they will lose even worse than they are already gonna.

Atlas: Let them think they are champions. That gives us the edge. They think it's an automatic win for them, we think it's a hard fight. Who you gonna put your money on, the ones that come in all cocky or the ones that come in all ready.

Mooney: The Rock 'n' Soul Connection are clearly not rattled by the confidence … or is it over-confidence … of The Blackjacks. What a showdown this is going to be! Back to Gordon and The Big Cat for a few final words!

We cut back to Gordon Solie and Ernie Ladd.


Solie: Well, we have our three number one contenders. So next week we will find out when and where the big title matches are going to take place. Backstage rumors about a major event coming up is likely where they are going to be. We'll hopefully be hearing from our new commissioner next week regarding that.

Ladd: And there is going to be great wrestling action next week, we will see the debut of Classy Freddie Blassie's mysterious new team, and I have some insider information telling me that you do not want to miss these monsters! I have heard that Mr. Fuji has added someone to his stable as well and we will have a 6-man tag team match here in Florida for the first time to feature his new addition!

Solie: And a whole lot more, you do not want to miss next week's episode. Until then, so long from the Sunshine State!

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