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Seeking Mid-South/UWF Help


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Was wondering if any one had any information on the show loop Watts used in 83,84 and 85.  Also was wondering what was his biggest towns.  Some said New Orleans but from the info I have found, New Orleans looked dead as it draw just over a thousand people.

Also when did Watts do his TV taping.

Any other info would be helpful!

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They did huge business in New Orleans in the early 80s, but Junkyard Dog dropping the North American title to Mr. Wrestling II in early 1984 pretty well killed the town. The big shows at the Superdome still drew well, but the regular shows never recovered. What made it even worse is that II's knee lift missed by a mile but JYD sold it anyway and totally exposed the business. Their biggest town in the mid-80s was most likely Houston. As for TV, they originally taped every other Wednesday at the Irish McNeil Boys Club in Shreveport. The tapings moved to the Tulsa Convention Center in 1986.

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13 minutes ago, Robert S said:

Was Houston the way Paul Boesch was running it a Mid South town per se or was it an independent town that heavily featured Mid South wrestlers?

Houston was an independent town, but featured a lot of Mid South since they were local and also it was a pretty hot promotion.

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