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WWE TV 11/16 - 11/22 Bolsonarismo got fucked

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10 hours ago, Jimmy Redman said:

INDI HARTWELL IS ON TV??? The kid from Melbourne I've been watching on the undercard of my rinky dink indy in Marayong... what a world. I missed seeing the first, and probably second generation of Aussie indy talent locally, I only started going to local indies in the last couple years. So Indi is the first local kid to make it that I feel a "I knew them before it was cool" connection to. Good for her.

Her in-ring work isn't close to where it needs to be. But she does have "it" and it has always been obvious to me.

Management is super high on her. But fortunately, COVID ruined plans as not only she can't work live events she was also meant to be sent to NXT UK (flying over monthly) to develop and grow there much like Rhea Ripley did very successfully. 

You have to go back a couple of episodes to track the genesis of Indi's relationship with the Garganos - the October 7th episode where Indi buys them a new plasma TV as Tegan Nox smashed it. The storyline got derailed a bit for a spell as Indi had to quarantine so they put "Indi" in a Halloween costume to cover for that.

8 hours ago, sek69 said:

I'm pretty sure she asked to go back to NXT. Her injury was so bad it was thought to be career ending for a while, and I seem to recall her wanting to go back to NXT to make sure she didn't go back to WWE Main Rosterland all rusty and out of timing in ring wise. 

Yeah didn't think Raw and Smackdown still wanted her or her old gimmick. Wants to be a new Ember Moon.

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