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[1986-04-06-AJPW] Masa Fuchi vs Kuniaki Kobayashi

Superstar Sleeze

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Masa Fuchi vs Kuniaki Kobayashi - AJPW 4/6/86

I love unexpected bloody brawls! I saw this on paper was thinking oh this is a technical gem. Kobayashi bumrushes Fuchi at the bell and just beats him pillar to post like he found out he slept with his girlfriend. This was a mugging. He starts swinging the steel chair with all he has got. Relaxed rules Japanese pro wrestling is the best. He tears into Fuchi and they end up in the ring.  They spill back to the outside. FUCHI WHIPS KOBAYASHI THE HARDEST I HAVE EVER SEEN INTO A STEEL RAILING! That fucking railing most have went back 6 feet and really hurt some people's knees and shins. Wow! He wiped out! Then Fuchi took him a bulldog headlock and rammed his head hard into railing. OW! Then again slammed his head into the railing. Kobayashi ends up a bloody mess...brawling and juice! What a match! Fuchi kicks some major league ass while soaking in some jeers, he is clearly the heel as expected. Kobayashi chants start up. Kobayashi gets a tremendous finish run...amazing backslide...Fisherman's Suplex...bitchin' spinkick...SICK German Suplex! Wicked heat on all these nearfalls! The action spills to the outside again, it is raucous, a chair gets involved and FUCHI PILEDRIVES HIM ON THE CHAIR ON THE OUTSIDE! Fuchi beats the ever loving shit out of him in the ring with the chair and kicks the ref in the gut triggering the DQ. Kobayashi goes and gets a chair after the match. Hot Damn! My only complaint is they kind of ragdolled for each other. I would have liked their to be more struggle and fighting through offense, but regardless this was a badass, uptempo brawl. Doesnt look like they had any rematches which is a shame because this ruled! ****

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Just watched this, was real interesting because Fuchi hadn't really grown into his dickhead persona and style yet, and Kobayashi was always more on the aggressive heel side of things. The match starting with Kobayashi bum rushing Fuchi like a cheap heel, but then throughout the match everything turns and Fuchi is being the dick we'd come to love and Kobayashi is bleeding and getting big face heat. I don't know if it was a contextual thing or if it was something of a double turn for both going forward, but it was a real fun match and certainly a lot better than the Choshu/Hansen match the same night.

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