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  1. strobogo

    Chris Benoit

    This is a weird statement to me considering Benoit was about as much of a carbon copy of Dynamite as possible, and the Dynamite/Tiger Mask series really directly influenced the entire junior style in the West and East for generations. Of course, Benoit was a huge influence on the generation after him, but Benoit was directly being a Dynamite clone his entire career. It's not like he took the style and innovated, brought something new, or otherwise elevated work or style in any notable way.
  2. strobogo

    WWE TV 05/03 - 05/09 Big Roman made little Bryan humble.

    Good, they shouldn't call them that.
  3. strobogo

    Shawn Michaels

    What HBK's second run lacked in athleticism (which wasn't much, tbh) it more than made up for it with a large injection of old school storytelling. Now, of course he went way, way, way over the top with the "storytelling" aspect at times, a bad trait he's most definitely still working through with NXT talent today. Personally I think his second run was better than the first run, as I really dislike almost everything about face HBK into DX era HBK outside of a couple of matches. However, Rockers and early heel HBK eras are routinely the best matches on the card and I'd say he probably has the WWF MOTY in 1992 (the UK match with Randy Savage doing fucking Tiger Mask spots), Bret/HBK at Survivor Series is top 5 that year as well. He's just so unlikable and annoying as a face in 1995-1997. It's all very inauthentic and Vince's commentary is so over the top even for him at how he puts Shawn over that for me it borders on unwatchable. He's a top 100 for sure, I don't know that I'd put him top 30. There's a real overhype (to me) within the industry when it comes to him that annoys me more than makes me want to agree with them.
  4. strobogo

    Comments that don't warrant a thread - Part 4

    Was Baba kind of forced to push Hiroshi Wajima as a big deal due to his sumo career, or did he actually have high hopes for him as a Tenryu tier guy? Because he's...pretty not good. At all. But there's a huge presentation around him and even his excursion matches.
  5. strobogo

    Butch Reed

    I'll have to check out the RNR and Pillman/Z matches. Were they on Clash/PPV or regular TV? Shout out to Ron Simmons actually inventing the Stunner in the series with the Steiners.
  6. strobogo

    Butch Reed

    Really liked what I've seen of his Mid South work, but man his WWF run and pre and post Doom singles runs in WCW leave a very, very poor impression. Even as part of Doom, I can't think of anything worthwhile besides the two matches with Horsemen units and the Steiner matches which aren't really anything great but are fun hosses throwing bombs matches like Steiners vs Fire and Ice a few years later.
  7. strobogo

    Terry Funk

    Road Warriors vs Funks, 1986, AJPW. Hawk no sells Terry's piledriver. He then hits one on Terry. Terry then no sells it while also selling like Terry Funk while also selling like Terry Funk trying to no sell and it is the most delightful thing I've ever seen.
  8. strobogo

    Comments that don't warrant a thread - Part 4

    Has there ever been a more purely boring PPV than Battlebowl 1993? The only thing I can think of that could be duller is Survivor Series 1991.There are certainly worse PPVs in terms of awful wrestling or angles, but there can usually be some kind of entertainment value squeezed out of something like Uncensored 1995 or even Russo era WCW PPVs. The only thing remotely decent is Flair/Austin vs Scorp/Payne which is essentially a 15 minute handicap match of Flair/Austin as a bickering but pretty decent team in a handicap match with Scorp. I love the Lethal Lottery concept but man has it just never produced anything worth a shit.
  9. strobogo

    AEW Dynamite BLOOD AND GUTS - May 5, 2021

    The crash pad was unfortunate in how it came off, but that was the least of the issues involving Jericho in that match, which were pointed out in the moment as him being absolutely fucking terrible like he had completely forgotten how to wrestle in front of an audience or on TV despite being a 30 year vet. I can't imagine how much post production work he's forced upon the team in taped matches to make him not look like dogshit.
  10. strobogo

    AEW Dynamite BLOOD AND GUTS - May 5, 2021

    Moxley vs MJF and Moxley vs Kingston were PPV main events last year Surely Omega vs PAC/OC are on the level of those
  11. strobogo

    Comments that don't warrant a thread - Part 4

    KO isn't physically imposing and since when is he considered some tough guy shooter type?
  12. strobogo

    Ultimo Dragon

    I'm in the "Ultimo looked cool and did cool shit when I was a kid so I thought he was awesome" camp. Dude was so sloppy, matches never went anywhere. But he did do some cool movez and looked baller as hell with the J Crown.
  13. strobogo

    AEW Dynamite BLOOD AND GUTS - May 5, 2021

    Jericho came in as the final guy, the captain of his team, the guy with the true bloodfeud hatred, and he entered the ring with zero fire whatsoever as if it were a Dynamite match against Marko Stunt or something. The more I think about it the more I think that might have been the worst performance of Jericho's career. Just embarrassing.
  14. strobogo

    John Cena

    Very weirdly good match: Cena vs Rene Dupree from Judgement Day 2004. It's only about 10 minutes, it is for the US Championship, and it's John Cena vs Rene Dupree, but it's very clear someone in the back worked very hard to lay out a match to make still green Cena look like he could produce a late 70s/early 80s Mid Atlantic style match. Especially notable as I don't think Rene has anything worth watch in WWE besides this, and both guys were still very green, and this type of match just wasn't happening in WWE anymore/at all. It's really one of the very few really solid matches from the Thuganomics period.
  15. strobogo

    AEW Dynamite BLOOD AND GUTS - May 5, 2021

    What if Jericho is the problem all together, not production, not giant lolsy crash pads. Just Jericho seemingly having completely forgotten how to be a pro wrestler.