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  1. strobogo

    All Elite Wrestling

    Lio is very talented but seems like he's going to cause headaches for those in charge no matter where he goes. For right or wrong reasons, it seems like there's always some kind of controversy or drama around him.
  2. strobogo

    AEW Dynamite - January 19, 2022

    The Sting/Flair formula match is super fun though, and stayed hot and enjoyable even into the late 90s. I don't think it inhibited Sting at all as a worker, as he was always game to work hard and make his opponents look good with their own styles. Sting vs Flair is very different from Sting vs Vader, or Cactus Jack, or DDP, or Lex, or the Steiners, or Giant, etc. The only guy I ever saw Sting sandbag and not do his best to make them look their best was Vampiro, and honestly fuck Vampiro he sucked.
  3. strobogo

    All Elite Wrestling

    Nitro also had an actual stage before Raw and most people had the same pre-planned and timed out entrance every week.
  4. strobogo

    All Elite Wrestling

    WCW had the real stage for PPVs in the late 80s with the logos and pyro and rehearsed entrances. Even prior to the real stages, most wrestlers did pretty much the same thing for every entrance anyway. I wouldn't put that on WWE or Raw having a stage, which it didn't even have until 1997.
  5. strobogo

    AEW Dynamite - January 19, 2022

    I don't think Sammy is likeable at all. Adam Cole and Britt Baker as heels are more likeable than Sammy as a face.
  6. strobogo

    AEW Dynamite - January 19, 2022

    Perhaps it's time for Sting and Darby to actually get a title shot
  7. strobogo

    Is the empire crumbling before our eyes?

    The COACHES have to look young? Lmao.
  8. strobogo

    Is the empire crumbling before our eyes?

    I don't understand why they'd change his name at all. He's known worldwide as WALTER. He's been with WWE for 3 years now, built as the unstoppable force known as WALTER. What is the point of waiting this long to change his name, and to something so stupid?
  9. strobogo

    Is the empire crumbling before our eyes?

    How about who the fuck thinks "Gunther Stark" is a good name for a pro wrestler in 2022
  10. strobogo

    Is the empire crumbling before our eyes?

    More likely for WALTER is a segment where Riddle calls him "Walt" and starts talking about Disney and then his name is officially changed to WALT and he grows a Disney mustache and then is back in Europe within 14 months.
  11. strobogo

    Kazuchika Okada

    Disagree. All the Okada/Shingo matches have been better than the Okada/Naito 2020 WK match and I'd say also the 2018 match.
  12. strobogo

    Is Impact the best promotion in wrestling history?

    They did do that for a while when sports were all shut down in 2020. Both old PPVs and the Best Of compilations aired on Fox Sports 1/2 and I think even mainline Fox a couple of times.
  13. strobogo

    AEW Rampage - January 14, 2022

    An apron bump should end a match from time to time. AEW is still very much in the WWE mold of only finishers or surprise roll ups win matches. To have matches end in the middle of the OHHHHH high spot segments might really open the house style up and allow for more drama when the audience knows one of these 20 high spots in a row might actually end a match at any time.
  14. Prediction: If Corey Graves returns as an in ring talent, he'll be cut within 14 months.
  15. strobogo

    AEW Dynamite - January 12, 2022

    Wrong. Dude's execution is far from excellent.