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  1. strobogo

    All Elite Wrestling

    How have there been no updates at all on the MJF situation
  2. Women's MITB was real fucking ugly
  3. I don't think anyone except Vince McMahon has thought Kevin Dunn has been considered any good at his job for the past like....15-20 years.
  4. strobogo

    Is the empire crumbling before our eyes?

    That promo was solid, imo. A much different side of her personality than I've seen. Probably the best promo I've seem from her really. Actually one of Nattie's was one of her better ones too. Not really a fan of the actual verbiage, but deliveries were surprisingly solid to me.
  5. strobogo

    All Elite Wrestling

    Jericho is so bad at getting in place for spots. He's easily the worst part of all of these gimmick matches in AEW.
  6. strobogo

    AEW TV - 6/29 and 7/1 - Blood & Innards Is A Better Name

    I don't want to cast aspersions here, but Santana has put on about 50 pounds of muscle in the past couple of months. This was way better than the first B&G, picture in picture and ad breaks were bad, but not as awful as the first one was. I don't know what the fuck the JAS outfits were supposed to be. Like old timey ENTERTAINMENT strippers or some shit? Looked real stupid, and if they were going to bleed buckets, maybe wear a different color.
  7. strobogo

    All Elite Wrestling

    That's honestly completely baffling unless he's been just high as fuck the past however long he's been working with it.
  8. For what seemed like such a cursed show, with such futzy build up, it was pretty awesome. Jericho/Sammy/MiSu vs Eddie/Shooter/Yuta was delightful Three way tag was also delightful All Atlantic match was real good. I have no idea how Miro was functioning after absolutely eating shit on the ring post. Dudes with Atittudes vs Bullet Club was the most wonderful match of the night. Sting is the fucking man. Dude is 62, doing dives off entrance, legit no selling a double superkick that was brutally stiff, but also doing angry comedy spots. Sting and Shingo. What a timeline. Storm/Rosa was fine, crowd starting losing steam around this point in the show. I can not believe Toni hasn't fucked someone up with the running ass. That looks brutal. Ospreay vs OC was mostly fun, Ospreay seemed straight up cartoonish at a lot of points, though. Is OC the first person to kick out of the hidden blade? Shibata da gawd, what a surprise. Claudio's debut wasn't a surprise, as it was the immediate first thought when Bryan said he'd have a replacement that will leave no one let down. It was a cool moment, but the match itself felt pretty plodding and aimless most of the duration. IWGP started pretty slow and had that weird finish, but god damn Jay White is excellent at literally everything. Need them to run White-o vs Dax. I'm not sure how Cole got knocked loopy. The dropkick didn't seem like it hit him in the head, nor did Okada land on him weird, nor did he bump weird on it. As I said in the AEW thread, I am dubious that he has a torn labrum, because I don't believe he'd be able to even lift his arm over his head. There's no way a guy with a torn labrum could be bumping, posting, even running. Tana vs Mox wasn't good. They didn't seem to have much chemistry, but I can't tell if that's actually a lack of chemistry or Tana just being completely busted. I assume something happened in the crowd, which led to a lot of stalling and meandering, with Mox just kind of slowly walking around and Tana just staying on the mat doing nothing. No idea how Mox got busted open like that from a slingblade lmao
  9. strobogo

    All Elite Wrestling

    Having had a torn labrum before, I do not believe it would be possible for Adam Cole to be doing anything in a wrestling match. That alleged injury can not be accurate.
  10. Sting is the best booked talent in pro wrestling, anywhere. Always put in the position where his strengths are highlighted, weaknesses are hidden, always has memorable spots. The legit no sell of the double superkick that pushed his face in was amazing. Also wonderful was him getting back in the ring yelling HEY at ELP just to repay the titty twister and kick him in the nuts.
  11. strobogo

    Comments that don't warrant a thread - Part 4

    The American Brand of almost everything sucks these days
  12. strobogo

    Comments that don't warrant a thread - Part 4

    Shouldn't the government regulating body autonomy and medical decisions override that for libertarians
  13. strobogo

    AEW TV 06/22 - 06/24 Steph Curry is top 10 of all time

    I'm sure Ospreay vs OC will be very enjoyable, but Christian vs Ospreay sounds tremendous
  14. strobogo

    All Elite Wrestling

    Starting to think this pro wrestling thing is bad for you