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Abdullah The Butcher and The Sheik

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Hey guys.

So basically, I drafted both Abdullah The Butcher and The Sheik because they both have a long and storied history in Toronto.

However...even though they are on my roster, I do not plan on using them every week.  I actually kind of view both of them as a "Special Attraction" similar to Andre the Giant.  I think their act would get pretty damn stale if you saw them every week, week in and week out. Especially since neither of them ever did pinfall jobs, and while I found them both exciting to watch, the spectre of seeing a guy get repeatedly stabbed in the head with a pencil or fork can get old if you see it over and over.  Actually...that's what really happened with The Sheik in Toronto.  He pretty much killed the town for a while, because it was the same act all the time.

The other issue is, looking at the Maple Leaf Wrestling touring schedule in the late 70's and early 80's, they tended to run a lot of smaller towns and do rather inconsequential shows without a lot of their big name talent, and would only bring in the "big guns" for the major markets like Hamilton, Buffalo, Oshawa and of course the monthly shows at Maple Leaf Gardens. This was because they probably didn't draw a lot of money in those smaller markets and venues, and also because their big name talent was booked elsewhere, Japan,  Puerto Rico, The Carolinas, etc.

I am going to try and stick to that format as realistically as I can.

When creating my schedule, I classified all my shows as either Major Events (like Maple Leaf Gardens, Buffalo, Oshawa, etc.) or Arena Shows, which are places which hold over 1,000 fans and then Small Venue Shows.  I am only planning on using Abdullah and The Sheik on the Major Events and the occasional Arena Show.  I plan to be very judicious with how I use them because I want them to be special, not something you see all the time...once again, like Andre.

The whole point of my telling you all this, is that I am more than happy to share both of those guys with everybody else...provided I don't need them.

@BRobb123, I know Abby has a long history in Texas, and I figured you might want to bring him in against Brody since you have him.

@SirEdger I know Abdullah also worked Stampede and I can imagine how awesome it would be to bring him in against one of the Hart Boys or even Bad News.

@Dr. Dunk I can imagine either Abby or The Sheik coming in to face Wahoo, Lawler or Slater.

@LowBlowPodcast has so many guys on his roster that would tear the house down with either guy...Dusty, Hogan, Dr. D, Murdoch, Kevin Sullivan, Killer Khan...Mid South has a ton of guys who could match up with Abby or The Sheik.

I have posted my schedule here so if you want to book either guy, don't worry about it messing with my plans.  Just drop me a PM and hopefully we could work something out.

I don't want to hog all the bloodbaths to myself. :lol:


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18 hours ago, SirEdger said:

Considering that Andre isn't available for my 3/20 TV, I'll turn to Abdullah the Butcher instead, please!

 Do you have any flexibility around the date? I guess if it is for your TV you probably don’t. The problem is, March 20 is the date of that big show in Oshawa for me, with The Butcher and The Sheik against Blackjack and Bullwhip to decide who gets the last spot in the Final Four of my Tag Tournament.

I feel really bad, because I would love to accommodate you. I have barely used him since my last big show at Maple Leaf Gardens but this is one time I do need to use him.

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On 3/10/2021 at 3:17 PM, SirEdger said:

I could push it back to 3/21 instead just for that week, no problem.

Sorry I didn't reply...my bad.  Sure, you can use Abdullah on 3/21.  I don't need him again until 03/27 when he and The Sheik are fighting Paul Jones and The Masked Superstar in Niagara Falls for the NWA World Tag Team Titles. So if you want, you can have him that whole week from the Saturday the 21 up until Thursday the 26.

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