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[1989-02-02-WWA-International Bash] Rock 'n' Roll Express vs British Bulldogs

Wahoos Leg

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This is the only time these two teams wrestled each other and it happened as part of a cross-promotional event put on by the AWA, All Japan, and what was left of Central States Wrestling in front of a very sparse crowd in Kansas City. Given the historical significance of the match and the track record of the two teams, these four deserved better. 

There’s nothing amazing about this match but it’s still a very good tag match that is worth watching for nothing other than the novelty of the matchup. It’s definitely worth watching for current wrestlers, for some of the nuances and little things these four bring to the table to shake up the standard tag formula of shine/heat/hot tag/finish.

You can check out more of my thoughts on this match in Day 33 of my 365 Wrestling project.


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