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[2021-03-21-WWE Fastlane] Roman Reigns vs Daniel Bryan

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Roman Reigns defends the WWE Universal Title, Special Enforcer : Edge

Excellent stuff.

Daniel Bryan is such a magnificent worker, trying to be a tick that never says die, chipping away at Roman's limbs. When Roman did get him though, even the simples of takedowns looked brutal. Gotta love how they managed to build everything to the max, and the story of how Roman never tapping out made this match a nail biter.

Of course, there was some overbooked sections which may be a letdown to some, but even then that made sense within the context of the ongoing storyline, and it may lead us to another Daniel Bryan title reign which honestly rocks.

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I love the Fast Lane 2015 match. Back when I still had hopes that WWE was moving in the right direction. It was also a time when a lot of fans (wrongly imo) didn't think Reigns was up to much in the ring as a singles wrestler. That was the match when he really began to prove everyone wrong (granted, he was in there with one of the all time greats but in 2015 he continued to step up). I didn't think they'd be able to reach those heights again but they may have done just that. Bryan's such a master. It's all the little things with him and over the course of 30 minutes there was a lot of those. I was generally alright with the finish as well. I'd have preferred something different but I don't think it damaged my overall appreciation for the match. I've struggled to really get into matches that have taken place in the performance center and thunderdome. This was one of the very few where I got completely lost in the action and forgot about the distracting brightness, video screens and irritating camera work.

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