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Matt D said: "Ah, for what we don't have. From what we do have, it's a tale of two wrestlers, the young, defiant, indomitable babyface working in France just absolutely crushing guys like a mix between Bob Backlund and Brock Lesnar, and then the crafty and cruel heel wrestling Steve Veidor almost 20 years later, all punctuated by the manager vs manager match with Heenan where he's a de facto face that the crowd loved to hate or hated to love. Is it enough? Probably not for me but maybe for someone, because he's incredibly dynamic in the 50s footage and awesome and despicable in 75. His team with Ray Hunter felt like the best babyace team in the world from the few long matches we have of theirs. Unfortunately a lot of his 1970s was in Amarillo so we just don't have it, but I think people delving into the French footage will want to see everything we do have of him."

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The Guy Robin match is really good, but to be honest he doesn't stand out a ton among the legion of really great French babyfaces who throw one hell of a forearm and I wasn't super in love with the Hunter team (mostly due to Hunter). His later heel stuff is fun but didn't exactly produce much high end wrestling. I'll pass but it was cool discovering him in his young age.

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