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  1. Shrike02

    Comic books and Manga Thread

    I too am a big fan of 70s Marvel doing work with literary IPs such as Howard's Conan stories and Burroughs' Barsoom novels. I'm not sure the latter are available on Marvel Unlimited, however. I should go look. There are a couple of very famous cover illustrations featuring Dejah Thoris and John Carter from that period. Marv Wolfman was the writer.
  2. Shrike02

    Comic books and Manga Thread

    It's very good too, I'd have to re-read to say definitively which I prefer. By default I think Claremont's run (obvious warts and all) is the all-time best, followed by Morrrison, Gillen, and the current offerings.
  3. Shrike02

    Comic books and Manga Thread

    Marvel Unlimited is definitely worth it. Been subscribing for close to a year. Since my interest is primarily in older comics, it's a gold mine. I've been impressed with some modern stuff; the current X-Men titles as a whole are very very good. Probably the best overall since Grant Morrison's New X-Men run.
  4. Shrike02

    Is the empire crumbling before our eyes?

    The animal pelt dude has just been arrested.
  5. Allow me to agree, I've always really enjoyed it. I'd stipulate that WWE doesn't put on great steel cage matches all that often, but when they do succeed they are outstanding, like this one was. Since I'm an older fan I'd rate Hart over Bryan because I have way more emotional investment and familiarity with Bret's career, but there's no doubt that Bryan is a fantastic worker and has been for a long time. Most days of the week if you ask me what is the best match in WWE company history, I'll say Bret vs. Owen at WM X; Hart vs. Austin at WM 13 would be way up there too. That goes a long way with me.
  6. Shrike02

    Comic books and Manga Thread

    Same here, which is why the pandemic pushed me into reading lots of 60s, 70s, and post 2000s Marvel. I'd read and collected a ton of 80s and 90s Marvel in those decades.
  7. Shrike02

    Comic books and Manga Thread

    I've been reading Byrne on FF myself. And high on my docket in the new year is Simonson's Thor.
  8. Shrike02

    Comic books and Manga Thread

    I've been meaning to do a deep dive on the Starlin stuff from the 70s I have not yet read (Captain Marvel and Warlock) and I'm encouraged by the opinions voiced here. Will move that towards the top of my list.
  9. Shrike02

    RIP Pat Patterson

    He was truly a great performer whose contributions far exceeded his in-ring career. He will be missed.
  10. Shrike02

    Introduction to the Board as a wrestling fan

    Good luck with the project. Count me as a fellow fan of Jumbo. Welcome to the board.
  11. Shrike02

    Comic books and Manga Thread

    You are not the first person to say so in my experience. I read some of Jaka's Story twenty years ago, I should give it another go.
  12. Shrike02

    Comic books and Manga Thread

    Doctor Strange featured some great art and I believe there were delays and some back and forth because Frank Brunner put out great pages but balked at the deadlines. I have been meaning to look at the Chronicles but when I want to know history stuff I can just usually ask my comic store owner friend and he will just fill me in.
  13. Shrike02

    Comic books and Manga Thread

    Cerebus is definitely a lost classic and a very good friend of mine who ran a comic shop for close to twenty years is a big fan of it as well. I need to go back to it, I never collected the series and only read a few issues here and there.
  14. Shrike02

    Comic books and Manga Thread

    Sandman is my all-time favourite series; Astro City would be a close second. I've been reading tons of classic Marvel titles because of the pandemic and by far the most consistently good title for an extended period on re-reading now is Claremont's Uncanny X-Men. Since I drifted away from comics around the turn of the millennium, I'm diving into the Ultimates Marvel era; I've been liking it so far.
  15. Shrike02

    Comic books and Manga Thread

    I dove into Marvel Unlimited in the last month and have been reading Doctor Strange, and have had loads of fun with the various runs (I collected Sorcerer Supreme back in the day). Diving into John Byrne's FF run now and will be exploring later iterations of FF soon.