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  1. Shrike02

    Master List of All Pre-70s Footage

    This does look like a pretty interesting find, it would be nice to see if we can help get this into circulation and available within the community.
  2. Shrike02

    AEW All Out 2021 - September 5, 2021

    I agree. Punk was nearly a broomstick in that match. Darby did all the work.
  3. Shrike02

    AEW All Out 2021 - September 5, 2021

    I agree with this. If you made me submit a GWE ballot now for the 2026 poll I may well be the high voter for Christian.
  4. Shrike02

    Comic books and Manga Thread

    There is a great homage by Hickman in modern FF towards the great relationship between Johnny Storm and Spidey when he makes a special appearance as the guest of honour at Franklin Richards' birthday party. I think it's FF #574. I read it last year. Really good story. Spider-Man: Blue is a great mini-series by Jeph Loeb which I re-read recently.
  5. Shrike02

    Comic books and Manga Thread

    I agree. A highlight for me in the Ditko run is ASM 25, which features the first appearance of Mary Jane Watson in a particularly clever way. I had a smile on my face the whole time (along with a great deal of sympathy for poor Betty Brant). Lee and Ditko use the fundamental tropes of situational comedy so well here. Misunderstandings, coincidences that aren't forced, narrative pacing and structure that keep the reader's attention and never letting it go ... brilliant stuff.
  6. Shrike02

    Comic books and Manga Thread

    Similar to Kelly I have been reading lots but have not felt the urge to post in this thread with reviews too much. I will say overall I liked Thor a bit more than than his last batch of reviews, although I broadly agree with much of it. I just found the run very fun overall even with its obvious flaws. Currently I am re-reading ASM from the beginning for the first time in ages and I'm not exaggerating, I think ASM is easily Marvel's best title of the 1960s and it's not close. Similarly I am about to re-read Doom Patrol and the 1970s Conan stuff. Then I am going to tackle Tomb of Dracula.
  7. Shrike02

    [1987-02-15-WWF-Toronto, ONT] Randy Savage vs Ricky Steamboat

    I guess I should say why, like another poster above, why I think this match is a top 5 match for the decade in WWF. First, this match is a great progression of a very heated feud, leading up to the famous WrestleMania climax. It has all the classic tropes of a babyface chasing the title who is equally desperate to get his revenge on the heel for the heinous injury angle that made this a blood feud on top of a title chase. Secondly, in this encounter, Steamboat alters his tactics and shows more fire and determination to get his revenge by ratcheting up the violence and trying to give Savage his comeuppance. It makes for a compelling spectacle. Thirdly, this match is structured so well with escalating violence, awesome selling by Savage, and the amazing spot where Steamboat is vulnerable draped on the barricade outside the ring and Savage tries for a devastating axe handle jump from the top turnbuckle, aimed yet again for Ricky's throat. Steamboat desperately evades! This transitions to a tremendous finishing stretch where some big moves are exchanged, Savage is busted open, the near falls are convincing and you get the heel win at the end as Savage snatches the win at the end by nefarious means. This is everything I want from pro wrestling, in 18 minutes of action that never loses momentum or overstays its welcome.
  8. Shrike02

    [1987-02-15-WWF-Toronto, ONT] Randy Savage vs Ricky Steamboat

    This is long overdue but I'll put my hand up as another hipster who loves this even more than the famous WM III match.
  9. Shrike02

    Pro Wrestling Love Is Now A PTBN Podcast Series

    How could you omit the best MLG match ... at least Marty didn't forget!
  10. Shrike02

    RIP Dominic DeNucci

    Those career highlights listed above in the twilight of his career are really fun. I particularly enjoyed the Hussein Arab TV match. A hidden gem if there ever was one. RIP.
  11. Shrike02

    Pro Wrestling Love Is Now A PTBN Podcast Series

    I wait with dreadful anticipation.
  12. Shrike02

    Pro Wrestling Love Is Now A PTBN Podcast Series

    ... which is the only reason I forgive you for omitting Valentine-Strongbow from '79 from your list.
  13. Shrike02

    Comic books and Manga Thread

    Glad to see others here voicing their appreciation what has always been one of my very favourite series. Easily in my top three all-time with Sandman & ASM and depending on the day I will say it's the best - and certainly the most consistently excellent - series I have ever read.
  14. Shrike02

    Greg Valentine vs William Regal

    A clash of the titans for me; but I find myself nodding along with the previous post. I also happen to think Valentine has a handful of epic matches on his resume that Regal simply doesn't, which helps the former's peak argument vs. Regal's longer and more consistent output on tape. One can only imagine what we'd find if more Carolina footage from the late 70s would do for Valentine's overall case ...
  15. Shrike02

    Jumbo Tsuruta vs Shinya Hashimoto

    I was a bit dubious at how this subforum would add value to the project but I've come around to the idea that these comparisons can be a valuable exercise. And I'm saying this as a person who thinks Jumbo is a strong #1 candidate and views Hash as really good but am unsure where to place. I need to reexamine my assumptions about the latter and perhaps this thread will help me do that.