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  1. Shrike02

    Comic books and Manga Thread

    I dove into Marvel Unlimited in the last month and have been reading Doctor Strange, and have had loads of fun with the various runs (I collected Sorcerer Supreme back in the day). Diving into John Byrne's FF run now and will be exploring later iterations of FF soon.
  2. Shrike02

    Is the empire crumbling before our eyes?

    All I can say to this is I count my blessings that I live in BC - as does @Ricky Jackson - where our government basically told the NHL to take a hike when they wanted to soften some of our stringent public health measures so that we could have the privilege of hosting their ridiculous made-for-TV play-in tournament games. It's yet another reason our ranking public health officer, Dr. Bonnie Henry, has been nominated for Canada's highest civilian honour and had a profile in the NYT. And my mother and sister would tell you she has excellent taste in shoes and is getting her own tribute shoe made for charity by the designer.
  3. Shrike02

    RIP Howard Finkel

    Sad news. I would always mark out when there was a title change and he'd announce ... " and new [insert title belt name] champion [insert wrestler name] .... !".
  4. Shrike02

    The XFL is returning?

    Without diving into the potential issue of jurisdiction in a hypothetical lawsuit by shareholders against McMahon, speaking as another lawyer here on the board I too think the above discussion is spot on.
  5. Shrike02

    International House of Combat

    Having watched the Hayes vs. Robin match, I can't quite get over the fact that I can confidently say that Al Hayes held up his end in 1957 in a 30 minute singles match which I have no qualms rating 4* on first impressions.
  6. Shrike02

    International House of Combat

    What about a link to the podcast?
  7. Shrike02

    Greatest year ever by a wrestler

    Jumbo Tsuruta in '89 (a banner year for several all-time great wrestlers in several territories) should make the shortlist.
  8. Just watched this and was tremendously impressed. I really must see more of both guys.
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  12. Shrike02

    WWE TV 12/23 - 12/29 Holiday Season is Here

    Was at the last NXT house show with Ricky Jackson in Vancouver where the Street Profits closed the show with the announcement that they'd been called up to the main roster. They were hugely over during their match and the closing of the show, and had what seemed to me as genuine charisma. They were certainly able to improvise and deliver spontaneous promos from the middle of the ring. So I pretty much disagree with DMJ on every point. Of course I'm a middle-aged white Canadian guy so my opinion might be suspect?
  13. Shrike02

    NWA Powerrr

    Dear Lord I did not expect to see the de Vere theory mentioned here. Can we stay on topic. (The Roland Emmerich film is terrible.)
  14. Shrike02

    The Classic Arenas

    There are so many venues to cover. It's a neat topic. The three notable Canadian venues do suffer from a paucity of extant footage, but Toronto, Montreal and Calgary all have a long history of professional wrestling being held in those cities. The Forum and Maple Leaf Gardens are gone now of course but as Kelly mentioned the Victoria Pavilion still stands (and it's the one venue of the three I've not been to so I can still fix that!).