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  1. Shrike02


    Christian was good at psychology. Discuss. If you want to discuss wrestling announcers, create a thread elsewhere.
  2. Shrike02

    Comic books and Manga Thread

    I don't listen to many comics podcasts at all but I gave this a try. Pretty fun listen; I try to stop myself from noticing a few errors of fact. I will continue to enjoy their banter I'm sure.
  3. Shrike02

    Comic books and Manga Thread

    You stole my thunder, Kelly. Thanks, try the veal, it's delicious. But yes, I have much the same thoughts as you do on this run of issues. I'm about to read the Asgard-Trolls War issues and then I'll have caught up.
  4. Shrike02

    Masa Saito

    As mentioned above there's a really good AWA match vs. Martel which is well worth checking out. Saito had a really long career and I think his talent merits a place in the top 100 but lack of footage may be an issue, as well as his lack of big runs as a main event worker. He's always consistently good in the ring, though.
  5. Shrike02

    Jumbo Tsuruta

    At least you recognize it's sacrilege. I know some people don't find Jumbo interesting, which I can (barely comprehend), but I don't follow the chain of logic from "I don't find Jumbo interesting" to "he won't make my top 100 list."
  6. Shrike02

    Jumbo Tsuruta

    You shouldn't be, it's way too low (he says half-jokingly).
  7. Shrike02

    Jun Akiyama

    Some may quibble about the peak but I doubt many would argue about the longevity. He has a real shot to be top 30 on my list, and might crack the top 15. And yes, he has to be one of the best rookie wrestlers ever.
  8. Shrike02

    Comic books and Manga Thread

    I'm reading Thor from the very beginning and it's been a slog even when Lee and Kirby take over. It should improve once Simonson takes over. From the get-go The Defenders is silly fun, though I may be biased because it features three of my all-time favourite Marvel characters in Namor, Silver Surfer and Doctor Strange. I'm also going back to my introduction to comics as a child with Amazing Spider-Man - from the very beginning - and it's reminded me that it really is my all-time favourite comic series.
  9. Shrike02

    Dan Kroffat

    Always been a huge fan of Kroffat but haven't explored his Puerto Rico footage. I'll make that a priority. Kroffat's drop kick and snap suplex I'd take against almost anyone. Fantastic tag worker. I could see him making my list in the 75-100 range if I find more evidence of his longevity as a worker whose timing and athletic tools have always impressed me.
  10. Shrike02

    Ted DiBiase

    My prediction is largely based on what I think will be two huge factors in the voting in 2026: recency bias and a conscious agenda by some voters to include workers they feel have been underrepresented in the past - namely women and luchadores. Add more time to judge workers from the post-2000 time period, and I think a lot of well-known incumbents will slide down or completely off the top 100. I myself do plan to really watch more Mid-South and Crockett because I didn't grow up watching those territories and have only cherry-picked some of the most highly-regarded matches to see over the past few years. I've never really done a systematic examination of either territory.
  11. Shrike02

    Ted DiBiase

    Thanks for this. I will go read the whole thread. I guess we'll see down the road whether my prediction holds true.
  12. Shrike02

    Ted DiBiase

    A point of comparison just popped into my head. My point above was that Ted had a lot of tools but didn't really maximize his in-ring output given what he could do. (This could well be a contentious point and I'm open to arguments to the contrary.) How does he compare to Barry Windham, who arguably had even more tools than Dibiase but again didn't really have a long career of great output either? I note that Windham did pretty well in the 2016 polling at 25 and Dibiase ranked at 42. I'd predict both are likely to fall in the rankings in 2026.
  13. Shrike02

    What is the Greatest Wrestling Ever?

    1989 was a pretty great year of wrestling in multiple promotions in North America and Japan. (I'll defer to lucha fans to say if 1989 features a lot of great work in Mexico.)
  14. Shrike02

    Ted DiBiase

    Ted is a favourite of mine but in my view his inputs are very good but the output (very few top-end classic matches) just isn't there to rank high on my list. Will probably end up in the top 150 somewhere; I could see him sneaking in on the back half of my list somewhere. He was a very good young babyface, which flies under the radar (I particularly love his 1979 series in New York against Pat Patterson). I plan on revisiting what's come out of the Houston footage to see him there.
  15. Shrike02

    GWE Non-Thread Worthy Comments

    Gouldie also has one of the very best wrestling promos I've ever seen - like, it's on my personal Mount Rushmore of promos - which is the famous empty arena Stampede father-son promo. It compares quite well to Bruno's equally transcendent empty arena interview promo in the Larry Z feud.