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[2021-05-31-WWE-RAW] Drew McIntyre vs Kofi Kingston

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This is much better than their match from the previous week. It's a good big man vs. little man match. Drew uses his big power moves to try to putdown Kofi and Kofi uses his speed and agility to try and putdown Drew. We've gotten Drew vs. bigger guys for most of the year and the matches have been monster truck derbies for the most part, so it's cool seeing him face someone smaller and less physical that is willing to use his speed and agility. That doesn't mean Kofi doesn't bring the intensity though as he catches Drew with a dropkick on the side of his face that leaves a clear visible welt. We saw one of the nastiest bumps of the year here with Drew catching Kofi's trust dive off the top rope to the floor and then tossing him over the guard rail and Kofi landing spine first onto another barricade. Loved Drew catching Kofi and hitting a wild swinging Future Shock. The finish was somewhat odd as Kofi just dived off the top rope for some reason and got caught flush with a Claymore that looked great, but it felt weird seeing just Kofi dive for what seemed like the sake of diving. Good match regardless.

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