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AEW Dynamite - July 21, 2021 - Fyter Fest Night 2


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That Kazarian beatdown was tanking hard until Hangman came out, and he saved the segment simply by drinking on the job and being mega-over as (cowboy) shit. God I hope he beats Omega at All Out, because I cannot take many more weeks of Omega and the Good Brothers being unbearable dweebs on TV 

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4 minutes ago, MoS said:

Really surprised she is not the main event. Love Mox but she is the star right now. She deserves it

Dave and Bryan were talking about that the other day and it came down to  yes Britt is the bigger star but Mox/Archer will almost assuredly  be a better match. Basically you don't want to risk someone like Nyla in the main event in case  things go sideways. 

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11 minutes ago, MoS said:

That Andrade segment tanked. As far as I am concerned, that was a sink or swim segment for Andrade and he sank. Wearing suits and glasses does not give you star power. It was a bad segment

He seems too unsure of himself when speaking English. He's pretty fluent but I suppose it's pretty nerve wracking to be on national TV speaking a language not your main one.

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