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AEW Rampage - January 28, 2022

Flyin' Brian

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8 hours ago, sek69 said:

The Acclaimed is growing on me, not gonna lie 

On me too, although this is their best version : Bowens (who really has gotten really good) in the ring and Caster as a manager. 

I also like this Andrade the best thus far. They have really struggled with him (totally screwed up his debut did not help), but Andrade vs Darby could be awesome. 

The Anderson double duck spot was really cool. Yeah, Brock is getting better. Lee Johnson is already there, hopefully he gets a bigger role soon (I mean, if the Gunn Club can...). Of course working against FTR helps looking really good.

Main event was a good spotfest orgy. Private Party have been kinda forgotten about despite being much better now, especially as heels. This company has just TOO MANY TALENTED PEOPLE. I mean, where is the Bunny ? After that great garbage match, you'd think she'd get some more TV time.

Jade Cargill getting the straight-up Goldy Count is exactly what she needs. Odds on her reaching, say, 50 before she loses a match ? I don't think they'll go to 100, especially since they won't cheat like WCW did.

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