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Ed. said - 

One of my favourite wrestlers in the world today.  You can tell as early as the Kairi Sane match in the Mae Young Classic that Bianca was gonna be a star, and that was only her third televised match ever.  I thought she was a really good heel in NXT, but she's blown me away with her babyface run on the main roster.   She's been in the best two womens matches in Wrestlemania history so she ticks the box for big matches, but her case is strengthened by a load of good TV performances in the past 4 years and with the title back on her again I think she's got a great chance to add to her case in the coming years.   I think the beauty of her work is how many believable roles she can play; works well as either babyface or heel, incredibly athletic, good actor by WWE's standards when it comes to adding drama and emotion to her matches, she's freakishly strong to overpower any opponent she comes up against, but hardly the biggest girl on the roster so she can be overpowered and take a beating.  Best use of hair in wrestling history must be worth a bonus point too!   

Vs Kairi Sane (14/7/17)

Vs Sasha Banks (10/4/21)

Vs Becky Lynch  (2/4/22)

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Some would say it's too early for making a GWE case for her, but she's already 33, and has been active for six years. Right now I wouldn't rank her, but if she adds four excellent years to what she already has... By 2026 she could be a lock for a lot of people. She has all the tools, as explained above, and she's one of those young wrestlers who just seems to "get it", and is so satisfying to watch. She's a natural.

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I think, in the same vein as Sasha, she has knocked all of her big opportunities out of the park. Two huge 'mania matches, two MOTYCs. Plus, she's been really solid on TV, her stuff with Doudrop especially was very good. That being said, I can't say I was all that impressed with her NXT run, it wasn't bad, but I didn't love any of it either. I don't think she'll make my 2026 ballot, because even then she won't have a ton on her resume, but I'm not ruling her out either. 

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