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History of Pro Wrestling #30 (January-February 1959)

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History of Pro Wrestling #30 (04:49:56)
Matches from January-February 1959

  • PAUL VILLARS vs JUAN BOTANA (01/01/1959; French Catch; 00:17:13)
    Segunda Caida review of this match.

  • TONY OLIVER vs SERGE GENTILLY (01/01/1959; French Catch; 00:31:36)
    Segunda Caida review of this match.

  • JOSE TARRES vs DR. ADOLF KAISER (01/02/1959; French Catch; 00:32:32)
    Great bio of Kaiser from Phil Lions at Wrestling Classics, and a link to the Segunda Caida review of this match.


  • L’ANGE BLANC vs PAUL VILLARS (01/09/1959; French Catch; 00:36:33)
    Great bio of L’Ange Blanc, again from Phil Lions at Classics. Blanc had many advocates for the Wrestling Observer Newsletter Hall of Fame on last year’s ballot. Segunda Caida review of this match.


  • GORGEOUS GEORGE vs ILIO DIPAOLO (01/16/1959; Steel Belt Wrestling; Buffalo, NY; 00:07:32)
    Gorgeous George may or may not have been loaded here. An infamous match in Buffalo for ending so abruptly.

  • ILIO DIPAOLO vs BILL MILLER (01/23/1959; NWA Upstate; Buffalo Memorial Auditorium; 00:18:10)
    DiPaolo was a talented wrestler, and was also the son-in-law of the legendary Ed Don George, who preceded him by a generation.

  • DAN MILLER vs PAT FLANAGAN (01/30/1959; NWA Upstate; Buffalo Memorial Auditorium; 00:11:38)

  • DANNY MCSHAIN vs JERRY CHRISTY (01/31/1959; JCP MACW; 00:14:29)

  • HANS SCHABEL vs MIKE CLANCY (01/31/1959; JCP MACW; 00:07:23)

  • JERRY CHRISTY vs JOHN HEIDMAN (01/31/1959; JCP MACW; 00:11:54)

  • JUDY GRABLE vs RITA CORTEZ (01/31/1959; JCP MACW; 00:09:09)
    This and the previous three matches are from the very first episode ever of Mid Atlantic Championship Wrestling! This is a raw footage version with no commentary of the show that aired on WRAL in Raleigh, North Carolina. Incredible find!

  • DOC GALLAGHER & MIKE GALLAGHER vs DICK BEYER & BOBBY BROWN (01/30/1959; NWA Upstate; Buffalo Memorial Auditorium; 00:25:57)
    Our earliest look at the legendary Destroyer, wrestling here under his real name and without a mask, who went on to become one of the biggest foreign stars in the history of Japanese wrestling.

  • GUY MERCIER vs ROBERT LE BOULCH (02/05/1959; French Catch; 00:01:07)

  • LE BOURREAU DE BETHUNE vs GILBERT LEDUC (02/05/1959; French Catch; 00:24:51)
    Segunda Caida reviews of the above two matches.

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