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Can't say to be an expert on wrestling in 2022 having not watched a ton, but from what I have seen, and from a mainstream perspective you'd be hard pressed to look past Jon Moxley, who has been super consistent both on weekly TV and PPV and who has had to carry the AEW main event scene given everything that has gone on. I've enjoyed Danielson a lot at times - loved the Hangman Page matches - but between some injuries and times when he just seemed to be doing very little, I think Moxley has been more consistent. 

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I would say, in my viewing, 2022 was the worst year in the last 5 or so, and that even includes 2020 empty arena stuff. Nothing really grabbed me. That said, I thought Gunther, Templario, Roman, Soberano Jr all had strong years. Also Hiroyo Matsumoto ended up being in a ton of matches I liked. 

I never tracked it down, but from what I've read Naoya Nomura had a strong series of matches in CAPTURE, which combined with the strong stuff he had in AJPW, might put him in contention. 

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Moxley was clearly the most important wrestler to a promotion this year, but I just don’t think his wrestling is very good.

In terms of who had the best matches, overall, I might have to say Dax Harwood. Dude had both the best tag matches of the last decade this year and a bevy of well-regarded singles matches.


Gunther had a fantastic last half of the year, following his move to the main roster. He turned the IC title into a legit title for the first time in a while, and was big enough by the end of the year to be credible as an opponent for Brock, if rumors are to be believed.

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