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What comes to mind first is something I saw Tom Petty say in a documentary from about 20 years ago, comparing the state of rock music to wrestling in a way that made me think he held both in similar regard. On the other end of the spectrum I remember Roger Waters on a radio interview in the late 90’s, in tangent to what he felt about performers who don’t sing their own material, said it was like comparing sumo to “Wrestlemania”.

Elvis worked the mid-south Coliseum as did infamously The Beatles a decade later after the “Bigger than Jesus” scandal. Led Zeppelin’s manager Peter Grant was a wrestler before switching to the music industry. And Jimmy Hart is a one hit wonder. It would be honestly cool if he did an album now. 

In my teens I had a guitar magazine phase and one of them had an article on wrestling, primarily interviewed was Bob Mould who discussed his relationship with WCW at the time. That was a bit of an eye opener, that wrestling could be enjoyed as an adult for its own merits and value as entertainment, but also the appreciation of the craft.

Maybe the coolest episode of SNL is when the Rock hosted and AC/DC, Vince’s favorite band were the musical guests. The use of “Highway to Hell” to hype up that SummerSlam 98 main event is maybe the best sell for a match the company ever did. 

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Rick Rubin is another link. I saw a report of HHH and Steph at his house not too long ago, so I assume he is still into it.

The topic reminds me of a lot of rock gimmicks over the years. Shawn Michaels very similar to Bret Michaels from Poison. Van Hammer. Honky Tonk Man, Elvis spinoff. Demon Dale Torborg, KISS spinoff. More recently, Rick Boogs with his guitar.  

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The Rock was something of an Elvis clone, especially in his early success. The sideburns, slicked back hair. The swag and sunglasses. "Smackdown Hotel" and "Viva Rock Vegas".   Interestingly, Rock broke in with the Memphis territory (where Elvis died). Andy Kaufman, Jerry Lawler, Bill Dundee and Memphis as a promotion were hugely inspired by Elvis. 

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