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Mad Dog Connelly


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It takes a lot to live up to the Mad Dog nickname in pro-wrestling but Connelly managed to earn the moniker before their 30th birthday. Connelly is a tremendous brawler who brings a genuine aura, authenticity, naturalism & sense of ferociousness to his matches. He has the timeless ability to make a 10 minute match feel like an epic war. A strong grappler on the mat & an ability to bump & sell while maintaining a dangerous aura makes Mad Dog a more well rounded performer than just a typical crazed brawler. The sky is the limit for this guy. 


vs Gary Jay 5/7/22

vs Manders Dog Collar Match 1/26/24

vs Demus Dog Collar Match 4/4/24

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Probably a bit early for him, but he is really coming out of the gate hard. He already has enough great matches on tape to give him a comparable record to a lot of guys on this list, and post DEAN he should be getting some bigger opportunities, including a spot in the Scenic City Invitational.


Would also recommend his Terminal Combat match against Max the Impaler and dog collar match against Jordan Blade.

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In a just world Mad Dog would have a modest case and the Demus match would be start of the meteoric rise to putting on a couple truly GREAT years to wrap the voting period up.

But we don't live in a just world. He had to work lesser talent in lesser promotions. Hopefully we are on the way to talking about him as a real DUDE for 2036 which is insane to start thinking about but that is where we are at.

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