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The ALL PURPOSE Akitoshi Saito Thread


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He's been in a few good tag matches in NOAH. I haven't seen anything notable from him in singles. Folks have said his 10/04 GHC Match with Kobashi was good, but I haven't seen it.


- w/ Akiyama vs. Morshima/Rikio 9/23/02 (GHC Tag Titles)

- w/ Akiyama vs. Kobashi/Shiga 10/9/02 (GHC Tag Titles)

- w/ Akiyama vs. Honda/Sugiura 3/1/03

- w/ Akiyama/Izumida vs. Morishima/Rikio/Ikeda 3/16/03

- w/ Akiyama vs. Kobashi/Honda 6/6/03 (GHC Tag Titles)

- w/ Inoue vs. Misawa/Ogawa 9/10/04 (GHC Tag Titles)

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2003 was one of the shittiest years in recent memory for pro wrestling, and one of the very few places you were going to find solace was the NOAH midcard. Chief amongst their ranks were Wild II and the Akiyama/Saito team. Aside from the matches Mike already mentioned, there was also a defense against Rikio & Marufuji that I remember being pretty boss. In general, Akitoshi Saito is a stocky dude with awesome hair who isn't afraid to beat the fuck out of you, and that's really all I ask for from my pro wrestlers.

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